Check Out Our Interview With The Man Who Put The Current Bellator Bantamweight Champion To Sleep

After winning the biggest fight of his MMA career over Bellator champ Eduardo Dantas, Filipino-Hawaiian, Tyson Nam has put an incredible impression to MMA fans around the world.

Before facing Dantas last month, Nam is already making his way to stardom by showing his skills to local MMA promotions in the US.

After smashing Bellator’s bantamweight champ in an incredible fashion, Nam’s fan base has insanely increased over a week and he was also made an impression to some of the biggest MMA promotions in the states.

His determination, skills and athelticism brought Tyson Nam’s career into a whole new level. There’s no doubt this kid is an absolute threat to whoever he faces in the future.

Although Bellator has put a lawsuit on Nam, he has been very optimistic amidst of this test on his career and he looks to fight by the end of the year and prove to his haters that he is a fighter that deserves your respect.

Nam vs. Dantas Fight Video:

Check out our interview with Tyson Nam:

MMA Orient: Can you tell us a bit about yourself, when did you start training and what’s the first martial arts that you’ve learned?

Tyson Nam:

I started training to fight in 2005. But since I was 6 years old, I was off and on doing judo as a recreational martial art.

MMA Orient: How did you get into the sport?

Tyson Nam:

I got into the sport from a few friends that were older than me. They would grapple twice a week at my old high school that they were alumni too. After a few weeks they introduced me to my first boxing coach and that is when it took off.

MMA Orient: How did your very first MMA fight go?

Tyson Nam:

I won my first MMA match by TKO in the 3rd round. There was a lot of hype about me leading up to the fight because I was beating a lot of MMA fighters in kickboxing matches. So they wanted to see if I would be able to handle the other aspects of the game. I proved myself with that performance.

MMA Orient: So we heard that you have a Filipino blood in your veins. Can you tell us more about your Filipino roots?

Tyson Nam:

My Filipino roots don’t go too far. I’ve lived my entire life in Hawaii and for past three years lived in Portland, OR. Never have I been able to visit the Philippines, but I do know that I have Ilocano and Visayan blood.

MMA Orient: Does being a half Filipino gives you more pride whenever you fight? Because Filipino fighters are natural born warriors.

Tyson Nam:

If Filipinos are natural born warriors, then I know now where I get it from. I have always been feisty growing up so I guess I can thank my Filipino ancestors.

MMA Orient: Let’s talk about your very impressive win over Bellator champ, Eduardo Dantas. Give us your thoughts on that fight. 

Tyson Nam:

My previous fight with Eduardo Dantas was an experience to remember. I felt that I had executed a game plan perfectly. I stayed loose, moved around the ring well, and countered when needed. As the end result I came out victorious with a KO.

MMA Orient: Do you think that win over Dantas has put your name into the list of the best bantamweights in the business? Because before that fight against Dantas, it seems like nobody knows who Tyson Nam is.

Tyson Nam:

I would sure hope that after this win over Dantas I would be ranked amongst the best bantamweights in MMA. Not only did I win, but KO’d him in exciting fashion. Dantas had never been KO’d before. So by the fashion in how I won, that should put me up there in the rankings.

MMA Orient: I know you don’t want to talk about this topic, but for the sake of some of our readers who didn’t know what happened after you smashed the Bellator champion, can you tell us why Bellator has a plan on putting a lawsuit on you?

Tyson Nam:

They brought up a matching rights clause in the contract that they had released me from. This means that for 18 months after I am released from their production, they have the right to match any offer that is given to me. I think that is a bunch of baloney just because I had never once fought for them. Even though I signed with them back in march, they promised me fights not once, but twice and didn’t come through. And after that they released me to do whatever I wanted to do. Only after knocking out their champ did they want me back on their roster.

MMA Orient: Are you still under Bellator’s control?

Tyson Nam:

I have a few more days to workout legal matters to see if I am under Bellator’s control or not. My agent has been putting in countless hours handling the business at hand.

MMA Orient: Your KO win over Bellator champion has drawn interest from major promotions. Did the UFC or other MMA promotions contacted you after that win over Dantas?

Tyson Nam:

I’ve had an offer from a brand new production that I am leaning towards. If all goes well name to be revealed in a few days.

MMA Orient: When’s your next fight?

Tyson Nam:

I’m hoping my next fight is before the end of the year. I just came off of my biggest win of my career and I’m hoping to add to that streak before 2013.

MMA Orient: If you were given a chance to fight in Asia, would you accept it?

Tyson Nam:

I’ve tried to contact a couple promotions to fight in Asia, but their funds didn’t permit me to travel over from the US. But I would have loved to put on a good performance for the Asian crowd.

MMA Orient: If you weren’t a pro fighter, what do you think you’ll be doing for a living?

Tyson Nam:

Exercise and being healthy is my life. I have a BS in exercise science and currently work as a master trainer at 24 hour fitness in Portland. So everything and anything in that field is what I love I do and will continue to do even when I am done with MMA.

MMA Orient: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Tyson Nam:

My biggest inspiration would be my older brother Jason who is no longer with us anymore. He was my biggest supporter when I started MMA and I know he is still rooting for me standing next to God. Jason was someone that I definitely looked up to as well as my eldest brother Aaron while I was growing up.

MMA Orient: What is your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?

Tyson Nam:

My favorite move in a fight would be “Punch Your Face” striking. Lol! I love punching people and that is how I like ending fights.

MMA Orient: Do you like to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?

Tyson Nam:

I started boxing and kickboxing so I would rather the fight be a striking match then a grappling match. It’s more exciting for the fans when matches end with a knockout anyways. I always look to please the fans.

MMA Orient: What’s your ultimate goal in your fighting career?

Tyson Nam:

My ultimate goal is to be the UFC bantamweight champ someday. That would be an achievement not too many people could say they accomplished. So until then, I will be working hard at sharpening up my skills.

MMA Orient: We all know that all fighters have a busy schedule but for sure there are things you love outside the gym and cage. What does Tyson Nam do in his free time? 

Tyson Nam:

I love hanging out with family and friends! Whether it be at the beach, watching a movie, bbq at the house, or riding bikes. As long as I’m in good company.

MMA Orient: If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?

Tyson Nam:

I just had my first dream fight with Eduardo Dantas. He was ranked top ten when I fought him. My next opponent will probably be top ten as well, so that will be my next dream fight. I just want to challenge myself against world class opponents. I feel they bring the best out of me. I train and fight like there is no tomorrow when I am matched up with world class opponents.

MMA Orient: What are your favorite Filipino cuisines?

Tyson Nam:

My favorite Filipino cuisines would be everything with meat. Pork and peas, lumpia, etc. etc. Not too fond of vegetables but when it comes to the meat dishes, I’m all over it!

MMA Orient: Do you have any people/sponsors to thank?

Tyson Nam:

I would like to thank the guys at Sports Lab in Portland, Virus, Conca, Training Mask, Nutrition4U, my agents at Iridium Sports, my girlfriend Mel, and all of my Pinoy fans! Thank you for all the support! 

Follow him on Twitter: @tysonnam