MMA Gyms In The Philippines

Team Lakay


Fight Corps MMA

Tribal Submission

Biagtan Muay Thai/MMA

Submission Sport Philippines

Full Contact International (World Team USA)

Fightworks MMA

Klub Konstriktor Fight Camp

D’elements Gym

Legacy Gym Boracay

Full Contact International (WORLD TEAM USA)


Hybrid Yaw-Yan

Beefit Pythons Pit


9 thoughts on “MMA Gyms In The Philippines

  1. JMC MMA in Bacoor Cavite, There’s a lot of fighter training on that gym. Pro fighters like Sunshine Facto (Pro MMA) , Prince Lloyd Soledad (Pro MMA) and Dennis Domingo (Pro Muay Thai). Also theres a lot of Amateur fighters who actively participate on local tourneys. The gym is under Muay Association of the Philippines (MAP Cavite head Kru Prince Soledad) Wrestling under Wrestling Association of the Philippines (National Coach Prince Lloyd Soledad / WAP Cavite Head) also with credible assistant coaches.

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