URCC 22: Eduard “Landslide” Folayang AimsTo Stay Unbeaten Inside The URCC Ring

tynanes vs folayang

Two explosive and exciting MMA fighters are set to clash when undefeated Filipino MMA icon Eduard “Landslide” Folayang (12-2-0) squares off against Lowen Tynanes (3-0) at URCC 22 “DEKADA” on Saturda, December 1, 2012 at the SM Arena in Manila, Philippines.

There’s no doubt that Eduard Folayang is one of the biggest MMA stars in Asia, while Lowen Tynanes is a hungry up-and-coming fighter whose slowly making his name in this awesome sport of mixed martial arts.

Both fighters are hoping to secure another victory and increase their stock on both the local and national scene.

Fighting out of one of the best MMA teams in Asia, Team Lakay,  Folayang has shown glimpses of stardom dating back to his days as a Sanshou fighter. Since turning professional in MMA in June of 207, Folayang has gone undefeated over the first five fights of his career.

Improving each and every time, Folayang displayed his best performance against Feilpe Enomoto at ONE FC 5 – Pride of a Nation. The strikes were pinpoint, the pressure was persistent, and the game plan was nearly perfect in unanimous decision win over Enomoto.

Folayang is on a tough challenge on Saturday as he takes on one of the best prospects to ever come out o Hawaii. Training out of Team Tynanes, Lowen has emerged as one of the most exciting and dangerous lightweights within the state.

Lowen has an impressive 15-0 record as an amateur, two-time National Highschool Wrestler All-American, two-time Hawaii Highschool State Wrestling Champion and he is the 808 Battleground Champion.

When Folayang and Tynanes collide at URCC “Dekada”, much will become known about both men’s talent and potential. The strategies that each fighter deploys should be telling towards their capabilities due to the challenges the other presents.

Striking and wrestling have been the bread and butter for Folayang in his previous bouts. However, Tynanes will have a slight height and reach advantage as well a dangerous submission game once the fight hits the ground.

URCC 22 “Dekada” will also feature a featherweight bout between undefeated MMA featherweight fighter Eric “The Natural” Kelly (8-0) and Bradd Terrey.

Two more Filipino fighters will try to get the W against their foreign foes as URCC middleweight champion Froilan Sarenas (3-1) will go up against Rodrigo Praxedes (1-1), while Reysaldo “Onyok” Transmonte (2-2) faces Hideo “Death from Tokyo” Morikawa (4-1).

Transmonte vs. Morikawa Primer 

Although URCC 22 may feature bouts with more nationally recognizable names, the Super Fight pitting of Folayang versus Tynanes may be one of the most exciting match-ups. Expect an unpredictable tangle that will shake out the SM  Arena.


Folayang Talks About His Win Over Enomoto, His Next Fight And Why Belingon Lost To Kim

Faith is a strong human characteristic that helps individuals through the countless trials life puts in front of them. Appearing in many forms faith has given many people including fighters a positive outlook on the rocky travels toward their goals.

Sponsored by a strong religious belief, faith has become a great asset for the Filipino MMA icon Eduard “Landslide” Folayang. Despite experiencing his own share of turbulence his positive assurance through it all has kept the 27-year-old grounded allowing him to see the many blessings life has offered him.

With a strong Christian upbringing combined with valuable life lessons from his parents these values would provide as a guiding navigation tool in Eduard’s days as a youth through his conversion into adulthood. The instruction would pay off handsomely in his sails as a teenager where he gained various accolades in his college athletics.

With his exceptional work ethic and superb striking, Folayang brought the Filipino MMA into a whole new level. His recent win over a highly decorated fighter Felipe Enomoto has brought him back to his winning ways.

Although his opponent is yet to be announced, Folayang is already back in the gym as he prepares for his up coming fight on November 17 in URCC 22.

MMA Orient: Before we start this interview, we at MMA Orient congratulate you for your impressive win against Felipe Enomoto at ONE FC 5. What do you think of that imipressive win of yours in front of thousands of Filipinos who watched that fight?


Thanks for the privilage to be interviewed. I think my prayer and preparations had helped me a lot to win that fight, with the help of my coach, trainers, teammates and the motivation of those people who believed in us and of course the divine provision of my Lord Jesus.

MMA Orient: A lot of fans cheered for you that night. Does fighting in front of your countrymen make you more confident?


It makes you confident and nervous! (Laughs)

MMA Orient: You definitely outworked him in the first and second round. You gave your all to knock him out. But in the third round, it seemed like you slowed down a little bit and Enomoto knew it that’s why he connected some solid kicks and punches to you. Did you started to get tired in the third round?


Well, Enomoto is a good fighter and I think he just gave his best in the third round, that’s why he became more aggressive.

MMA Orient: Right after the fight, Victor Cui went up to the cage and announced that you’ll be fighting for the title on October 6for the ONE FC lightweight belt. But after a week, news starting to come out about you being not able to compete at ONE FC 6 ‘Rise of Kings’ because you are scheduled to fight on URCC’s tenth anniversary on November. Now, For the sake of your fans who are quite confused about the situation, we would like to hear it straight from you, are you still going to fight for the title in Singapore next month in ONE FC 6 or you will be fighting in URCC on November?


It will be better for me to fight in URCC on November due to the amount of time to prepare for it. It is good to fight Zoro for the title but we need to consider recovery and burn out.

MMA Orient: So this simply meant that you’ll not be making your appearance in ONE FC 6 ‘Rise of Kings’?


I don’t know yet if I will be there watching.

MMA Orient: You know what is right for your career and I’m sure that your fans will always be there for you no matter what decision you make. So did the URCC told you on who will be your next opponent for their November event?


My opponent is yet to be announced.

MMA Orient: I’m sure your supporters cannot wait to know who will be your next foe. Let’s go back on your last fight against Enomoto. Despite of your impressive win against him, in your opinion, what part of your game you still need to work on?


I’m working a lot on my grappling and also with my striking, if there’s something to work on, it will be on the whole area because MMA is not just on one area.

MMA Orient: Team Lakay fighters are making huge wins recently in local and as well as in international scene. What do you think is the key on why your team is very successful?


Hardwork, discipline and faith.

MMA Orient: You are obviously an MMA icon in the Philippines. Everybody wants to get a picture with you and you have been in the news headlines in the past weeks. Did you ever think that your MMA career will go as far as this?


My dream is to become a great fighter not a famous fighter; and as I continue to walk in this journey, there are still a lot of mountains to climb and I’m on my way there.

MMA Orient: You are indeed on your way there. Did you already started training in preparation for URCC 22 on November 17th?


I’m still helping Kevin and Honorio on their preparation, that’s why my training is continuous.

MMA Orient: Good to hear that. Speaking of Kevin, what do you think went wrong in his recent defeat aginst Kim? Because when take a look at the video, it is obvious that Kevin was very dangerous on his feet and Kim knows that, that is why early in the fight, he already implemented his gameplan and took Kevin down which repeatedly did until the third round.


Kim went there with a gameplan and he focused on that. Kevin suffered a cut two weeks prior to that fight which prevented him to train his ground and wrestling skills. I think that pulls Kevin’s focus on the ground game.

MMA Orient: You’ve been fighting in MMA for five years now. This sport is obviously harder than Sanshou. You’re a multiple Asian games medalist and SEA games gold medalist. What are your family have to say about you fighting professionally in MMA?


My family is very supportive in my career and they are always there to motivate and pray for me.

MMA Orient: Are you still going to compete in Sanshou?


For now, my focus is in MMA.

MMA Orient: It seems like being a fighter runs in your family. Mark Eddiva is your cousin, he is a very talented kid who is also an accomplished sanshou fighter like you and he has an undefeated record in MMA. When is he fighting again inside the cage?


I don’t know when will Mark be fighting in MMA again. I believe in his capabilities to be a great fighter.

MMA Orient: What is your ultimate goal in your fighting career?


To glorify my Lord Jesus Christ.

MMA Orient: What do you love to do aside from fighting?


Hiking, fellowship with my friends and watching movies.

MMA Orient: Have you ever been through hard time cutting down to 155 lbs.?


It’s hard to cut weight but I managed it well.

MMA Orient: From all the guys that you already defeated, who do you think is the toughest among them?


Everyone has their own toughness in different area and they gave me lessons to learn.

MMA Orient: Any people/sponsors you would like to thank?


I thank you for this interview. I would like to thank tomy sponsors who supported me on my last fight; Hayabusa, Loco Frio, Havokk Clothing, Infotxt, ON Supplement and Bagsan’s Law Office.

Also, thanks to our coach, Mark Sangiao, trainers, Julio Agalateo and Allen Gonzalez, to URCC president, Alvin Aguilar who helped me in my ground game, my teammates who are very supportive in Team Lakay, to my brethren and family and to all my countrymen who believes in us.