MMA – It’s More Fun In The Philippines By Mark Sangiao

Photo Credit: Mr. Raul Landingin

Photo Credit: Mr. Raul Landingin

As the event is fast approaching, we become more excited. The ONE Fighting Championship 9: Rise to Power is scheduled tonight, May 31, 2013, 7:00 p.m. at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. This is going to be historic, since this is the biggest event in Philippine MMA yet.

Five of our Team Lakay Warriors will be proudly representing the Philippines. The ONE FC Featherweight Champion, Honorio “The Rock” Banario will be having his first title defense against Koji Oishi from Japan. Honorio, who is also the current URCC Lightweight Champion, has no plan of giving away his belt. He intends to take a hold of it for a long time.

Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon, the undefeated URCC Bantamweight Champion, is fighting another Japan’s pride, Masakatsu Ueda, for the finals of the ONE FC Bantamweight Grand Prix. Belingon has a goal to be the next Filipino to have a World Championship Belt around his waist and a win against Ueda is going to be a great stepping stone for him to reach that goal.

Eduard “The Landslide” Folayang, the reigning URCC Welterweight Champion, is undoubtedly the face of Filipino MMA. He will be battling against Iranian Kamal Shalorus, who also plans to give the Filipino fans a great fight. Eduard promised to bring a different game this time and we will be witnessing that on his fight tonight.

The current URCC Pinweight Champion, Rey “The Punisher” Docyogen, is going to give the never-say-die attitude and wants to redeem himself from his lost to Shinichi Kojima last April of this year in Malaysia by aiming to defeat the second Japanese fighter he has to face, Yasuhiro Urishitani. Both are fighting under the ONE FC Flyweight division, the most fast-paced and fast-moving division in MMA.

Another flyweight bout, Team Lakay’s Geje “Gravity” Eustaquio will be fighting Andrew Leone, an American who is fighting out of Phuket Top Team, one of the best gyms in Asia. This will be one of the most exciting fights of the night. They both expressed their desire to bring explosive fight, so we’ll see about that come fight night.

So there you go about the ONE FC event. The weigh-in is done. All the Team Lakay fighters made weight. Cutting weight is one of the most significant aspect in preparing for a fight. Besides fighting in the ring/cage, which of course is the most important thing during a fight; not everybody knows the importance of cutting weight. The effort, time, and sacrifices given to cutting weight are very essential factors to be considered. I think for a fighter to be called “professional”, he has to give his everything to make his weight to be fair with his opponent and to follow respectfully the rules of the promotion.

On the other hand, another event going on right now in Manila is the PNG-POC, Wushu National Championships, where most of our Wushu scholars and members from the Cordillera Admininstrative Region are also here for the competition. The event is on-going and ends on June 02, 2013.

Almost all Team Lakay members and supporters are now in Manila for the two events especially for the ONE FC event. Their families, relatives, friends, fans and supporters are here to show their love and support.

Another great thing here is that fans from the northern part of the Philippines, as well as from around the country, are now in Manila for the said event. Likewise, fans from other countries came to visit the Philippines to watch the biggest MMA event the ONE FC has ever had yet. For this reason, therefore, events such as these contribute to the tourism campaign of the country.

After the events local and international tourists can still go on other tourist destinations in the Philippines. While it’s still vacation time particularly in the Philippines, for the students who came to Manila for this event, , they also have the chance to go to some places around Metro Manila and its nearby tourist spots before the start of classes in the coming weeks.

The ONE FC: Rise to Power is going to be fun and exciting! Like that of the first ONE FC event last year in Manila, which was held at the Smart Araneta Colliseum, the deafening cheers from the fans will again fill up the Arena at the SM Mall of Asia. It’s going to be amazing since the fighters promised to give their best and the fight of the night thereby, giving the fans full entertainment and at the end of the night, we hope we all go home with fulfillment, enjoyment, and positive results that we all have been hoping and praying for. GOD Bless Team Lakay Pilipinas on this endeavor!

On behalf of our Team Lakay fighters, Thank you very much for your support and prayers!

Matago-tago tako am-in! Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Indeed, when it comes to MMA and other Combative sports, It’s also More Fun in the Philippines!

Mark Sangiao Is Preparing His Pupils For The Biggest Fights Of Their Careers

coach mark 2

In the past few years, Team Lakay has been a major force in Asian MMA scene, especially in Philippine MMA. They are one of the reasons why Philippines is the hot bed for MMA in Asia today.

Team Lakay is the home of MMA champs such as ONE FC featherweight world king Honorio “The Rock” Banario, who is also the current URCC lightweight title holder. The Baguio-based MMA fight team is also the residence of PXC world bantamweight champion Crisanto “The Slugger” Pitpitunge, URCC welterweight champion and Martial Combat Superfight title holder, Eduard “Landslide” Folayang, URCC flyweight champion, Kevin “Silencer” Belingon and the longtime URCC flyweight title holder, “The Punisher” Rey Docyogen.

If there is one man who is responsible for producing such great fighters, that would be none other than Team Lakay’s head coach, former URCC bantamweight champion, and former SEA Games Gold Medalist, Mark “The Machine” Sangiao.

Sangiao is a long-established martial arts practitioner. From kickboxing to taekwondo, judo to Brazilian jiu jitsu, Sangiao is truly, the pioneer of MMA in his home town Baguio City and arguably one of the people who brought MMA in the Philippines into a whole new level.

Sangiao knows how to build champions, he knows how exactly a fighter should train and eat because he is a former fighter himself; he understands the point of view of every fighter who trains at his gym.

mark sangiao 2

Team Lakay’s journey on top continues as they prepare for the biggest fights of their MMA careers. Mark Sangiao is getting his fighters ready for two of the most anticipated mixed martial arts events not only in the Philippines, but in whole Asia, as 8 of his best pupils will compete in PXC 37 and ONE FC 9 ‘Riste to Power’. Both events will be headlined by two Team Lakay world champions.

First up, PXC 37, happening on May 18th at The Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City, Philippines, as the current champion Crisanto “The Slugger” Pitpitunge makes his first-ever title defense against the undefeated and ground specialist from Japan, Michinori Tanaka. Also, two of Team Lakay’s young fighters, Troy “The Hunter” Bantiag and Jerome Wanawan will make their appearances at the said PXC event. Bantiag will go up against Guam’s Trevin Jones, while Jerome Wanawan looks to comeback to his winning ways against a very talented fighter from San Pedro, Laguna, Ernesto Montilla Jr.

After PXC 37, the mammoth ONE FC 9 ‘Rise to Power’ is up next for the Baguio-based fight team. The current ONE FC world featherweight champion from Team Lakay, Honorio “The Rock” Banario will also make his first title defense against a seasoned veteran in Koji Oishi of Japan.

Four more well-recognized Team Lakay fighters will make their toughest fights so far as Eduard “Landslide” Folayang faces WEC and UFC vet, Kamal “Prince of Persia” Shalorous, Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon battles grappling wizard Masakatsu Ueda for the Bantamweight GP Finals, Rey “The Punisher” Docyogen takes on former UFC fighter, Yasuhiro Urushitani and “The Gravity” Geje Eustaquio is finally back inside the ONE FC cage against his toughest opponent to date, Phuket Top Team’s Andrew Leone.

team lakay elites

Mark Sangiao’s pushing his fighters to the limit to prepare them for tough battles against some of the big names in Asian MMA today. Team lakay fighters are known for their excellent condition, power and rigorous training regimen. Mark is assured that his boys are ready come fight night due to a very much-improved training that his fighters are doing for the big events coming up,

“They are doing great. The training leveled up compared to the last ones because they are training together and they know that they have their own big fights to win.”

mark sangiao 3

Getting a fighter ready for a big event is a very difficult taks to do. But from Mark Sangiao’s standpoint, as long as you and your fighters work together, nothing is impossible,

“No, it’s not hard to train them because we really work as a team and brought in some additional coaches who specializes in boxing and Muay Thai. Also, we have our own Sanshou background that we can add well with some wrestling techniques. We also added some extra time on our grappling. But all in all, training our guys here isn’t too difficult.”

Aside from bringing in coaches who specializes in Boxing and Muay Thai, Sangiao also arranged additional outdoor training for his fighters and added extra hour to every practice just to make sure that they are well prepared when they go to battle,

team lakay

“We adjusted our time of practice; we extended our training hours. Also, in this training camp, we only not focused ourselves inside the gym and having uphill sprints, we also added some extra training at Teacher’s Camp here in Baguio City for strength and conditioning.  So those are some of the adjustments that we made for this camp.”

All of Team Lakay fighters that will compete at PXC 37 and ONE FC 9 are matched up against world-class grapplers. It is evident from their past fights that whenever a grappler fights a Lakay fighter, it is either that grappler’s going to give the Lakay fighter a tough fight or submit him.

But as we all know, the game is continuously evolving so as the fighters. Lakay fighters, through their setbacks against ground specialists, gave them a serious motivation to train harder and focus more on sharpening their grappling skills.

First on Mark Sangiao’s list is Crisanto Pitpitunge’s title defense against Michinori Tanaka, who we all aware of being such a deadly fighter whenever he’s on the ground. Sangiao has been working on improving Pitpitunge’s take down defense and how to escape from various submission holds. Also, in PXC 37, Troy Bantiag will face Trevin Jones, a fighter who has a very intimidating wrestling game and serious punching power. Jerome Wanawan will make his first appearance of the year as he comes off a humbling loss against Eugene Toquero last year,

“Crisanto’s training is great. We know that Tanaka’s well-trained on the ground and has very decent grappling skills. That’s why we trained Crisanto’s take down defense and focused more on his grappling because we know Tanaka will try to take him down, so we also practiced various submission escapes.”

“Troy and Jerome also are doing great. They are very positive the whole training because they really want to win their fights. Another great thing about this camp is that everyone is helping each other to improve. They are forcing everyone to sharpen their skills and aim to level their skills up together. They will be ready on May 18th for PXC 37.” Sangiao added.

After PXC 37, ONE FC 9 ‘Rise to Power’ is next as Honorio Banario defends his title against Oishi, Belingon battles Ueda for the GP finals, Docyogen faces former UFC fighter, Urushitani and Eustaquio to lock horns with Leone.

Banario captured the title against Eric Kelly on February 2, 2013, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now that he is going to defend his belt for the first time, fighting in front of his home crowd adds up to the pressure. It is a tough task to fight world-class fighters in your backyard, but Sangiao is confident that Banario and the rest of his fighters will be 110% ready on May 31,

“Honorio’s training is phenomenal, especially that Eduard is fresh from the U.S and has some great techniques with him that he can impart to his training partner, Honorio. He really wants to retain his title and I am happy to see him doing all his best in every training session we have.”

“With regards to Oishi’s ground skills, I saw some of his fights and the truth is, he is not really that fighter who loves to take the fight to the ground. I watched some videos of him and he also likes to strike. I am pretty sure that this fight is going to be electrifying. My prediction for this match up is that thousands of fans will be on the edge of their seats. But just in case Oishi will take Honorio down, we are ready for that; Honorio can beat Oishi at his own game.”

Fresh off his TKO victor over Thanh Vu last April 5th in ONE FC 8, Belingon’s next assignment is to beat a fellow GP finalist, Masakatsu Ueda.

belingon vs ueda

Belingon is an extraordinary fighter. He comes to every fight with a lot of surprises. Whenever he steps inside the cage, he is a different man, a much-improved fighter every time he fights. He will face another high-level grappler in Ueda for the ONE FC Bantamweight GP Finals,

“Ueda is very refined on the ground, but Kevin obviously has a significant advantage in the striking department. If Ueda will take Kevin down, I’m positive that with the much improved grappling skills of Kevin, he can keep up very well with the Japanese’s game. Kevin is getting better and better every fight. So I know he will soon be a contender to the ONE FC Bantamweight title.”

After 7 weeks of refining his ground game in the U.S, the poster boy of Team Lakay, Eduard “Landslide” Folayang is back and hopes to beat Kamal Shalorous using his much-improved ground game. Sangiao believes that Folayang’s U.S trip was a huge eye-opener for the reigning URCC welterweight champion to train harder to improve his wrestling and jiu jitsu game,

Photo Credit: Anton Tabuena

Photo Credit: Anton Tabuena

“We cannot say that in just 7 weeks of his training in the U.S, we can see a well-versed Eduard Folayang on the ground. But at least, he absorbed some important techniques that he can use in his future fights. His U.S trip was a great eye-opener for him to work harder to refine his grappling.”

Shalorous has been in the UFC and fought some of the best in the world, which makes him a real threat to Eduard Folayang. But Mark saw something about Shalarous game that Eduard can take advantage of and he believes that his pupil will win the fight,

“We watched some of Shalarous fights and we saw something that Eduard can capitalize on. I cannot reveal what it is, but I think Eduard is much faster and technical than him. I know he can beat Shalorous. But if Eduard can do it via KO or TKO, much better.”

When asked if his boys are ready for PXC 37 and ONE FC 9,

“Of course, they are good to go. But as of now, we are very cautious about them not getting any injuries as the fight day approaches very fast. That’s the only concern we have right now.”

Being a coach, adviser, provider and a second father to his fighters, aside from making their dreams come true; one great thing about handling these fighters in Sangiao’s assessment is changing those fighters to become a better person,

“That’s one of the great things about this sport. We’re dealing different personalities and change them for the better. For me, even if sometimes I am not around during practices, I know they will do their part as a fighter. I know they will do what is right whenever they’re in the gym, even though sometimes my eyes are not monitoring them. Because I am always telling them that you will not be a champion unless you train like one.”

When asked on who are the naughtiest Team Lakay fighters,

“I would say Rey (Docyogen) and Honorio (Banario). (Laughs) Unlike their other team mates, those two are the loudest people everytime we train; they always make their team mates laugh. Also, Troy (Bantiag), maybe it’s because of his age, but he sometimes doesn’t take things seriously, but I understand that. He still got a long way to go.”

Last year, through his personal Facebook account, Sangiao asked a question to his fans on whether they like to see him back in action inside the ring/cage. It was obvious in the comment thread that a lot of fans and friends want him to go back and fight. But due to his tight schedule preparing his fighters to various gigantic MMA events around Asia, it seems like he really hang up his gloves and focused himself on handling his fighters and setting up local MMA and grappling tournaments,

“We already discussed about that matter, but as much as I’d like to go back into fighting, with the tasks I have as the head coach of the team; organizing some local shows like Team Lakay Championship and Team Lakay Grapplers’ Cup, it is really rational for me to not fight anymore. It’s not that my body cannot do it anymore, it’s just my schedule is so tight that I cannot train hard because I have more important things to do like those I’ve mentioned a while ago. So right now, that is my focus, coaching and organizing our events.”

When asked on what advice he can give to those coaches who look up to him,

“For me, to be able to stay hungry in the sport, is they need to check their passion for this sport. Then they need to look at the future of MMA in our country. If they want to be successful in this sport, all they need to do is focus and get real serious about it.”

“I am always saying about this to other coaches – we need to have healthy competitions among us. If we have events here in Baguio, they are welcome to join us. If they do have events in their own provinces, we are glad to join and help them. Let us just take away that traditional mentality of comparing each other’s abilities; we need to have a healthy competition. We need to learn from each other for the benefit of the sport. Here at Team Lakay, we are willing to invite them to join our events. We set aside our pride because we know that we also need the knowledge of Muay Thai practictioners, Wrestlers and Jiu Jitsu, for us to be a well-rounded.” Sangiao added.


5 team lakay

Here’s the official release:

08 April 2013 – Singapore: ONE Fighting Championship™ (ONE FC), presented by Casino Filipino and in association with Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC), announced today three undercard bouts for ONE FC: RISE TO POWER. Up and coming Lowen Tynanes will battle the seasoned Felipe Enomoto while MMA veteran Tim Sylvia is back in action against Tony Johnson and fan favorite Ryan Diaz will take on Russian ace Yusup Saadulaev. All the action takes place live on 31 May from the MOA Arena in Manila, Philippines.

As a young MMA fighter, Lowen Tynanes has already made a big impression by winning fights against top opponents in the Philippines, Japan and Malaysia. The high school wrestling champion silenced the home-crowd in Manila by incapacitating crowd-favorite Eduard Folayang with a vicious elbow which caused the doctor to instantly stop the fight. In his last outing at ONE FC, Tynanes also defeated Hong Kong-based South African fighter Vuyisile Colossa via rear naked choke. A proud American, he loves nothing better than to travel to Asia to take on the best local fighters in their own back yards. Tynanes is once again looking forward to showcasing his skills when he takes on Swiss-Japanese fighter Felipe Enomoto.

Each time Felipe Enomoto has entered into the ONE FC cage, he has been the underdog. This time, it is no different. Having established a reputation as being one of the toughest and most durable fighters in Asia who always leaves it all in the cage, Enomoto will undoubtedly be looking to silence the crowd with a decisive victory in the early rounds. Any fight which involves Enomoto is going to be a treat for MMA fans because this fighter never backs down no matter who the opponent is or which round he’s in.

One of the most frightening figures the MMA world has ever witnessed in combat sports action is Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia. Towering at over two meters tall, this brute of a man poses a serious threat to every heavyweight fighter in the world. Sylvia has fought over 30 times, won numerous championships and knocked out countless opponents. Sylvia’s unusual combination of size and quickness has ushered in a new era of monstrous, weight cutting heavyweights who seek total domination of their smaller counterparts. Sylvia is looking for a spectacular KO when he squares off against Tony Johnson on 31 May.

Tony Johnson is an imposing heavyweight fighter. Considered a top prospect in the heavyweight division, Johnson is famed for being one of the fastest strikers in the division and is currently on a two fight win streak. At ONE FC: RISE TO POWER, he will be looking to make an impressive debut in the famed ONE FC cage.

Ryan Diaz has been training in MMA for over ten years and already has thirteen professional wins to his name. Over a long career, Diaz continues to perfect his background in BJJ, Muay Thai and boxing. He possesses incredible power and strength. Diaz is much more experienced of the two fighters and will be looking to use his strength to overpower his Russian opponent and return to the USA victorious. After 2 outings in the ONE FC cage, Russian wrestler Saadulaev is still searching for his first ONE FC victory and will enter the cage for the third time with the determination to prevent a Diaz win at all costs.

Tickets for ONE FC: RISE TO POWER on 31 May are exclusively available at Casino Filipino outlets nationwide. Refer to for details.

Fans from around the world can witness the action online via live streaming

The first three undercard fights are available for viewing free-of-charge and the main card fights will be available for purchase at just US$9.99.

ONE FC: RISE TO POWER is headlined  by a ONE FC Featherweight World Championship bout between reigning champion Honorio “The Rock” Banario against number one contender Koji Oishi and pound-for-pound king Bibiano Fernandes taking on Koetsu Okazaki for the ONE FC Bantamweight Interim Title.  All the action takes place live from the MOA Arena in Manila, Philippines.


For more updates on ONE Fighting Championship™, please visit and follow on Twitter @ONEFCMMA and Facebook at

ONE FC 9 ‘Rise to Power’ Adds Docyogen vs. Urushitani and Eustaquio vs. Leone

one fc

Here’s the official press release:

ONE Fighting Championship™ (ONE FC), presented by Casino Filipino and in association with Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC), announced today the final two main card bouts for ONE FC: RISE TO POWER. Rey Docyogen will battle Yasuhiro Urushitani and Geje Eustaquio will take on Andrew Leone. All the action takes place live on 31 May from the 20,000-seat MOA Arena in Manila, Philippines.

CEO of ONE Fighting Championship™ Victor Cui stated, “ONE FC: RISE TO POWER is one of the most stacked cards in MMA history. We are bringing out the biggest names in Asian MMA as we return to the fight capital of Asia, Manila. Having these four warriors compete in front of 20,000 screaming fans inside the state-of-the-art MOA Arena is going to be incredible. Fans have been waiting for the return of Geje Eustaquio and the debut of Andrew Leone. Adding a fight between Rey Docyogen and Yasuhiro Urushitani is icing on the cake. I know that the millions of ONE FC fans around the world can’t wait to watch these modern day gladiators collide on 31 May.”


Rey Docyogen is one of the most exciting prospects to have ever emerged from the Philippines and has smashed his way through the flyweight and pinweight divisions in his home country. What Docyogen lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in strength and determination and he is renowned for his devastating ground and pound. He has four wins by stoppage due to strikes and four wins by submission, which is testament to how well-rounded he is. On 31 May, he will be making his second appearance inside the famed ONE FC cage against Japan’s Yasuhiro Urushitani.


Urushitani is the latest top Japanese fighter to sign with ONE FC and is one of the most experienced fighters in the featherweight division. He is a Shooto practitioner who made his MMA debut over a decade ago and has 31 fights to his name. He is a tenacious competitor who is no stranger to a tough fight. A stand up specialist, Urushitani is firmly established as one of the most dangerous fighters Japan has ever produced.


Geje Eustaquio was last seen in the ONE FC cage at ONE FC: BATTLE OF HEROES in Jakarta, Indonesia. Eustaquio shocked the MMA world by defeating Alex Silva by decision in his first ONE FC outing. He trains alongside ONE FC Featherweight Champion Honorio “The Rock” Banario at Team Lakay in Baguio, Philippines. Eustaquio will be looking to do his nation proud when he battles American Andrew Leone at ONE FC: RISE TO POWER.


Leone is an accomplished wrestler who has been working tirelessly on his Muay Thai and BJJ since joining the renowned Phuket Top Team. As a young MMA fighter, Leone has already made a big impression by winning fights against Soo Chul Kim and Min Jung Song. He is in the best fighting form of his life and is determined to make an impression in his highly-anticipated ONE FC debut come 31 May.

ONE FC: RISE TO POWER is headlined by the ONE FC Featherweight World Championship bout between reigning champion Honorio “The Rock” Banario and the number one contender Koji Oishi, plus the ONE FC Bantamweight Interim Title bout between pound-for-pound king Bibiano Fernandes and Koetsu Okazaki. All the action takes place live from the MOA Arena in Manila, Philippines.

Tickets for ONE FC: RISE TO POWER on 31 May are exclusively available at Casino Filipino outlets nationwide. Refer for details.

Fans from around the world can witness the action online via live streaming at

The first three undercard fights are available for viewing free-of-charge and the main card fights will be available for purchase at just US$9.99.

For more updates on ONE Fighting Championship™, please visit and follow on Twitter @ONEFCMMA and Facebook

Team Lakay’s Geje Eustaquio Faces Phuket Top Team’s Andrew Leone On May 31st in Manila!

Photo by:

Photo by:

Two very skilled flyweight fighters are set to face each other in front of thousands of fight fans and will surely give us a heck of a fight as Team Lakay’s Geje “The Gravity” Eustaquio (4-1) scraps with Phuket Top Team’s Andrew Leone (5-2) on  May 31st for One FC 9 ‘Rise to Power’ at SM MOA Arena in the Philippines and will try to get themselves closer to the One FC flyweight title picture.

One FC 9 ‘Rise to Power’ will be headlined by One FC world featherweight championship as Team Lakay’s Honorio “The Rock” Banario (8-1) defends his world title against a highly skilled veteran Koji Oishi (23-9-10).

Brazilian bantamweight phenom Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes (13-3) looks for his second One FC win as he takes on Koetsu Okazaki (8-2) for the One FC Interim Bantamweight Title.

Andrew Leone is a natural flyweight fighter and is quite a massive fighter for the said weight class. He is a wrestling coach at PTT and got some wicked ground game. It will be an interesting to see how good Leone’s striking is as he currently trains with some of the best strikers in Asia in Phuket, Thailand.

Leone has a notable wins over UFC bantamweight fighter, Kong Hyo Kang and the current One FC world bantamweight champ, Soo Chul Kim. It has been almost a year since we saw Leone in action, that’s why I’m pretty sure that he is pumped for this fight and looks to win his One FC debut against the super tough fighter from the Phililppines, Geje Eustaquio in front of thousands of Filipino fight fans in Manila.

Andrew Leone is probably Eustaquio’s toughest opponent to date, but one thing I like about this warrior is that he never get intimidated by his foe. Like what I’ve said before, Eustaquio is a tactician, he fights hard and smart. He is one of the well-rounded fighters at Team Lakay. He works hard everyday to be the best because he knows that fighting in a world-class fighter in a world-class MMA promotion requires a lot of sacrifices just to get on top.

This will be Eustaquio’s second One FC appearance. He made his One FC debut last February 11 of 2012 against world-class BJJ champion, Alex Silva. Geje won that fight via unanimous decision and showed that he is one of the most feared flyweights in Asia today. Eustaquio is famous for his striking abilities and a very relaxed but deadly style of fighting. He will once again, go up against a superb grappler in Leone. Although he has fought and beaten some of the best grapplers in Asian MMA, Eustaquio never underestimates Leone and he will fight like it is a world championship fight.

This match-up is probably one of the most anticipated at One FC 9 in Manila.

One FC 9 will also feature Filipino MMA icon Eduard Folayang (12-3) versus WEC and UFC vet Kamal Shalorus (7-3-2).

Another Team Lakay fighter will be seen live in action on May 31st as Kevin Belingon (11-2) will make the most important fight of his MMA career as he will go up against Japanese submission specialist, Masakatsu Ueda (17-2) for the One FC Bantamweight Grand Prix Finals.

Also, Former UFC flyweight fighter, Yasuhiro Urushitani (19-6-6) looks to end his losing skid against Rey “The Punisher” Docyogen (10-1), who looks to redeem himself after a devastating 3rd round submission defeat at the hands of Shinichi Kojima at One FC ‘Return of Warriors’ last February.

Check out for the latest updates.

WXME 6 Results: Geje “The Gravity” Eustaquio Submits Rabin Catalan, Troy “The Hunter” Bantiag Overpowers Juanito Gutib

wxme 6

Team Lakay’s Wushu Xanda and MMA Eliminations 6 just proved why fighters from the highlands are some of the strongest and fiercest fighters in the region.

In the main event of the evening, one of Philippines’ brightest prospects, Geje “The Gravity” Eustaquio, after not fighting for 10 months, showed no evidence of “ring rust” as he scored a first round submission victory over Ilo-Ilo’s own, Rabin Catalan.

Photo by: Tristan Rebuyaco

Eustaquio flexes after locking a leg triangle choke over Rabin Catalan.  Photo by: Tristan Rebuyaco

In the co-main event of the evening, another Team Lakay standout Troy “The Hunter” Bantiag scored a quick finish as he defeated Juanito Gutib via first round submission.

Troy getting his hands wrapped by his teammate Jerome Wanawan. Photo by Stiff Bhani for Team Lakay

Troy getting his hands wrapped by his teammate Jerome Wanawan. Photo by Stiff Bhani for Team Lakay

Honorio Banario’s  youngest brother, Harold Banario made his second MMA fight against a crafty veteran in Ereneo “Toro” Galindez.


Galindez’ striking gave Banario a very tough time on their feet. But Harold fought smart as he scored some decent take downs and managed to control Galindez on the ground. Banario won the match via unanimous decision.

Dave “The Scarecrow” Galera One of Team Lakay’s rising prospect and arguably one of the best unsigned featherweights in the region, quick work of Gerald Carreon of Punch-out Gym. Galera is a huge and talented fighter who has a very intimidating ground game. We might see this guy fight in one of the biggest MMA promotions in the Philippines next year.

WXME 6 also showcased two exciting Sanda matches which set the tone of the entire event.

Konnery Algen, a fighter from Honorio Banario’s gym in La Trinidad, Benguet displayed his more dangerous striking compared to his veteran foe, Romeo Sinakay of Red Lion.

The last fight under Sanda rules was one of the event’s best match-ups as 16-year-old Joshua Pacio from Team Lakay, La Union Gym fought a veteran foe, Felixander Bagayao.

Pacio (red short) and Bagayao (yellow short) in action. Photo by Stiff Bhani for Team Lakay

Pacio (red short) and Bagayao (yellow short) in action. Photo by Stiff Bhani for Team Lakay

Pacio and Bagayao went toe-to-toe for four rounds as both warriors displayed their skills. Although, Pacio lost the fight via split decision, everyone saw that this kid has a big potential and that he has a bright future ahead of him in the sport as he looked very composed and technical the whole fight.

WXME 6 Results:

MMA Rules:

Geje Eustaquio def. Rabin Catalan via 1st rd. submission (triangle choke)

Troy Bantiag def. Juanito Gutib via 1st rd. submission (Americana lock)

Harold Banario def. Ereneo Galindez via UD

Ramie Crisostomo def. Jonathan Corton via 1st rd. TKO (punches)

Dave Galera def. Gerald Carreon via 1st rd. submission (armbar)

Delfin Nawen def. Franklin Dunglay via 3rd rd. submission (guillotine choke)

Patrick Rilloraza def. Allan Rivera via 1st rd. TKO (punches)

Stephen Loman def. Raffy Lim via 1st rd. TKO (punches)

Sanda Rules:

Felixander Bagayao def. Joshu Pacio via split decision

Konnery Algen def. Romeo Sinakay via 4th rd. TKO (retirement)

WXME 6 Features Some Of The Brightest Young MMA Prospects In The Philippines

wxme 6

LAKAY MMA, home of Team Lakay, is organizing another Wushu-Xanda and Mixed Martial Arts Elimination on December 15, 2012 at the La Trinidad Municipal Gym.

Some of the up-and-coming fighters from the Mountain Province are set to compete in the said event. There are also speculations that several officials from local and international mixed martial arts promotions are expected to show up to scout possible prospects.

The amateur mixed martial arts and Xanda card is stacked with great talents not only from Team Lakay but also from several local gyms in the Philippines.

Headlining the said event is one of the most exciting flyweight fighters in the Philippines, Geje  “Gravity” Eustaquio will go up against Rabin Catalan from Tricks MMA , who is coming off from a submission victory over former URCC pinweight challenger, Geronimo “Daredevil” Etac in the very first round RNC at  Mindanao Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts’ (MUMMA) “The Proving Ground” last August.

geje eustaquio

This will be a tough match for  “Gravity” as he faces a dangerous fighter who has very decent striking as well as ground game in his arsenal.

Last time we saw Eustaquio in action was against Evolve MMA’s Alex Silva at ONE FC 2 – Battle of Champions 10 months ago, which he won via unanimous decision. Since then, we heard nothing about this talented kid from Baguio City, Philippines.

“Gravity” is now back to show his fans and to MMA promoters that he is back and he will surely give his hundred and ten percent to prove that he belongs to the elite flyweight fighters in the country.

Co-headlining the WXME 6 card is a scrap between Team Lakay’s Troy “The Hunter” Bantiag (3-1) and Francis “Rod” Romero.

Some of you may know Bantiag as he is fighting under the Pacific Xtreme Combat banner and compiles a 2-1 record inside the Guam-based MMA organization.

troy bantiag

The 19-year-old Bantiag started learning Wushu at the age of 14, joined the prestigious Asian Wushu championship at the age of 16 and won several gold medals some of the local grappling tournaments at the age of 17.

Bantiag’s a very skilled fighter who loves to throw bombs out of his hands and shins. He also got some good take down defense, wicked ground and pound and he works real hard to improve his ground game to become a more complete MMA fighter.

Although Bantiag is coming off a submission loss against Jon Delos Reyes at PXC 33 last September, he is fired up to get back inside the ring to make a statement that he learned from his recent stumble and wants to get back in the winning column by beating a very durable fighter in Francis Romero.

Roldan “The Executioner” Sangchaan will also be on this fight card as he will fight a veteran fighter in Ereneo “Toro” Galindez.


Sangcha-an is probably one of the best young fighters Team Lakay has ever had. He has won several gold medals in Wushu Sanshou both in Regional and National level. This kid from Baguio is definitely a hard worker, a very fervent to get to the top and is working his butt off to improve his grappling skills. Roldan has all the qualities to become a future mixed martial arts champion. Roldan is ready to face the veteran fighter, Ereneo Galindez.

Galindez began his combat sports career in Boxing before being discovered by the coach for the Philippines National Wushu Team. Primarily known for his aggressive, crisp striking, Galindez has adapted his stand-up to MMA, and has developed an impressive array of grappling skills. His motivation is simple: he fights for his family. He wants to provide a better future for his children, and he also seeks to inspire the next generation of young Filipino athletes to pursue a career in MMA.

wxme 6

WXME 6 Full Fight Card

MMA Rules:

Geje Eustaquio vs. Rabin Catalan – 129 lbs.

Troy Bantiag vs. Francis Romero – 139 lbs.

Roldan Sancha-an vs. Ereneo Galindez – 130 lbs.

Harold Banario vs. Alvin Velasco – 130 lbs.

Jonathan Corton vs. Carls John De Tomas – 129 lbs.

Dave Galera vs. Gerald Carreon – 139 lbs.

Delfin Nawen vs. Franklin Dunglay – 129 lbs.

Stephen Loman vs. Raffy Lim – 129 lbs.

Sanda Rules:

Joshua Pacio vs. Felixander Bagayao – 54 kg

Patrick Rilloraza vs. Allan Rivera – 75 kg

Connery Algen vs. Romero Sinakay – 56 kg

Gina Inion vs. Shirley Yeh – 54 kg

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ONE Fighting Championship Will Once Again Make History On October 6th In Singapore!

Looks like ONE FC 6 ‘Rise of Kings’ will make history on 6 October 2012 as the Singapore based MMA promotion will once again showcase some of the biggest names and arguably the most anticipated match-ups in Asian MMA history.

It has been a year since ONE FC begun its Asian MMA domination and for their sixth installment, they want to prove that they are the biggest and the most prestigous MMA promotion in Asia by setting up a very explosive fight card.

ONE Fighting Championship 6 ‘Rise of Kings’ will showcase three world title fights in one night, plus a super fight between Japanese MMA sensation, Shinya Aoki (30-6-1) taking on a heavy-handed French fighter, Arnaud Lepont (9-1-0) and a very interesting bantamweight GP.

The first-ever bantamweight championship is set between Evolve MMA standout, Leandro “Brodinho” Issa (10-2-0) and South Korea’s Soo Chul Kim (6-4-0).

When Issa and Kim first met inside the cage, it was a one sided decision in favor of the Brazilian as he showcased a more complete game than Kim. That fight happened a year ago and we all saw the improvement of Kim on his recent fights including his unanimous decision win over Belingon in ONE FC ‘Pride of a nation’ last month.

We saw a more dangerous, powerful and complete Soo Chul Kim against Belingon. It simply means that the Soo Chul Kim who Issa has faced and beaten a year a go was a completely different fighter in this rematch. Issa should also expect a motivated Kim as this fight will be the biggest one in his young MMA career as he aims to become the first-ever bantamweight champion of ONE FC.

Another title fight is set between Zorobabel “Zoro” Moreira (7-1-0) taking on Japanese lightweight champion, Kotetsu Boku (19-7-2) for the inaugural lightweight belt.

I think Moreira is the more complete fighter in this match-up. We’ve seen his evolution from a one dimensional fighter to a dangerous striker which made him a legit threat to his division. This guy looks unstoppable right now; he is on a five-fight win streak including his soccer kick KO against former UFC fighter Roger “El Matador” Huerta. We will see more of his submissions and improved striking game as he takes on a very dangerous opponent in Boku.

If you are fan of Moreira and believe that this fight will be an easy one for the  Brazilian, I will tell you that you are completely wrong. Kotetsu Boku is a very durable fighter with a granite chin. He has a notable wins over Hermes Franca, Yutaka Ueda and Shin Kochiwa.

Boku’s advantage will surely be his experience as he has been in the business for 11 years and fought some of the best lightweights in the world. The 35-year-old wants to add another strap on his collection as he will try to put his name in the history of Asian MMA as the first-ever ONE FC lightweight champion.

‘Rise of Kings’ will also the very first ONE FC featherweight title fight.

As of this writing, only one fighter is confirmed for the initial featherweight championship and that is Team Lakay’s Honorio “The Rock” Banario 7-1-0).

But there are speculations that he’ll be facing the man who stamped a first loss in his pro MMA career and the man who gave Eric Kelly a tough fight, Bae Young “Serial Killer” Kwon (7-3-0).

I know Banario is motivated to train hard for this fight because this fight will be a huge opportunity for him to avenge his first career loss to the South Korean, Kwon.

Kwon vs. Banario is one of the most exciting fights in this fight card. Both guys are very athletic and powerful. But I think the man who has the better game plan will surely win the fight. I cannot wait to see this epic battle between two of the best featherweights in Asia.

Melvin “No Mercy” Manhoef (25-9-1-1) will make his second appearance in the ONE FC cage as he takes on a fellow heavy-handed fighter in Ryo “Rambo” Kawamura (15-6-4).

Manhoef vs. Kawamura is guaranteed fireworks as two hard-hitting dudes will try to impress thousands of fans on October 6.

Rise of Kings’ will also showcase the first-ever ONE FC bantamweight GP which will feature a scrap between former UFC lightweight champion Jens “lil evil” Pulver (26-17-1) going up against the Chinese bantamweight fighter Zhao Ya Fei (0-2-0), exciting Japanese fighter Masakatsu Ueda (15-2-2) will battle it out against South Korea’s Ming Jung Song (3-4-0).

Another bantamweight GP is set between Filipino bantamweight champion Kevin “Silencer”Belingon (9-2-0) taking on a submission artist from Russia, Yusup “Maestro” Saadulaev (9-1-1).

Belingon’s first two fights in ONE FC has been a nightmare for him and his fans. There is no doubt about Belingon’s striking abilities and his punching power; but it’s quite obvious that his weakness is his grappling as his recent two defeats showed that he has a lot to work on when it comes to his ground game.

He will be facing another guy who loves to put his opponent on the ground and looks to submit them. I’m sure Belingon is training like a mad man in the gym as he is motivated to stamp his first win inside the ONE FC cage against Saadulaev.

A lot of Singaporean fans are disappointed because their very own, Rahdeem Rahman was pulled from the fight card due to an injury he sustained in training. Rahman is preparing for his fight against Malaysia’s flyweight prospect Giani Subba when the accident happen.

We don’t know if Subba will also be scratched or ONE FC will find him a match.

I would love to see Geje “Gravity” Eustaquio go up against Subba or his teammate, Roy “Punisher” Docyogen making his debut against Subba.

Singapore fans will surely be cheering on October 6th as their very own Radeem Rahman (1-0), the very first Pro MMA of Singapore will be making his second appearance in ONE FC. He will be facing Giani Subba, a top flyweight prospect in Malaysia.

After a very controversial fight with Shannon Wiratchai last month in the Philippines, Evolve MMA’s Mitch “The Dragon” Chilson (3-1-1) is back to erase that “no contest” fight against Wiratchai. Chilson will go up against Ngabdi Mulyadi (5-4) of Indonesia.

ONE FC: RISE OF KINGS will ignite the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 6 Oct with an explosive night of world-class MMA action on the largest stage in Asian MMA! History will be made as the first ONE FC World Champions are crowned in the ONE FC Cage. You don’t want to miss this!

Tickets are selling out fast at  Global MMA fans can catch all the action LIVE

MMA Orient’s Top 10 flyweight fighters in Asia

The flyweight division is arguably the most exciting, fast-paced and action-packed weight division in any MMA promotions in the world; maybe due to its nature of having small, explosive and very athletic guys who kicks and punches faster compared to any fighters in other weight classes.

Asia is known for having some of the best flyweight fighters in the world; but some of them don’t have the chance to be recognized by the big leagues because of lack of media attention. We made this list of the best flyweights in Asia because we think they are the best and they deserved to be on it.

MMA Orient’s top 10 Flyweights in Asia:

1. Mamuro “The Illest afro in Asia” Yamaguchi

Pro MMA Record: 26-6-3

Country: Japan

Born: May 29, 1977

Style: Kickboxing

Height: 5’4


Yamaguchi’s an experienced fighter, a former SHOOTO Bantamweight and Featherweight champion known for his very solid counter punching style and of course, his afro. He has been consistently ranked as one of the top flyweights in the world.

2. Yasuhiro Urushitani

Pro MMA Record: 19-5-6

Country: Japan

Born: September 8, 1976

Style: Kickboxing,Grappling

Height: 5’5

Club: Wajutsu Keisyukai RJW

Urushitani is a former SHOOTO flyweight champion. He has notable wins over TUF 14 bantamweight winner, John “The Magician” Dodson, Mamoru “The Illest afro in Asia” Yamaguchi and Daniel Lima. He made his UFC debut on March 3, 2012 against Joseph Benavidez. Urushitani lost to Benavidez via 2nd round TKO.

Urushitani’s next fight will be against John Lineker on September 1st for UFC 151 – Jones vs. Henderson.

3. Rey “The Punisher” Docyogen

Pro MMA Record: 10-0-0

Country: Philippines

Born: –

Style: MMA

Height: 5’4

Club: Team Lakay

Docyogen started his MMA career as a pinweight (110-119 lbs.) in the longest running MMA show in the Philippines, Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC). He is unstoppable in his weight division to the point where URCC couldn’t find a perfect opponent for him anymore. Docyogen and his camp decided to up move to flyweight (120-129 lbs.) to be able to find opponents who can give Docyogen a headache.

On February 12, 2012, Docyogen made his flyweight debut against an undefeated fighter, Rodel “Kid” Orais. Docyogen impressively defeated the much bigger Orais via submission (kimura) in the very first round.

4. Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon

Pro MMA Record: 9-1-0

Country: Philippines

Born: October 30, 1987

Style: MMA

Height: 5’5

Club: Team Lakay

Docyogen’s team mate, Belingon is no stranger to Asian MMA fans. Before fighting outside his home country, this warrior from Baguio City is already an mma icon in URCC in the Philippines. He believes that it was his hard work that put him in the position he is right now.

Although Belingon’s last two fights was at the bantamweight division, he still made it in our list because he’s the reigning URCC flyweight king.

According to some reliable sources, Belingon will be making his second appearance in ONE FC on August 31, 2012 in Manila. There’s no named opponent for him yet, but I want to see him fight Soo Chul Kim of South Korea. It’ll be a very exciting fight for sure!

5. Shinichi “BJ” Kojima

Pro MMA Record: 12-4-5

Country: Japan

Born: February 6, 1978

Style: Shooto, Grappling

Height: 5’4

Club: Katsumura Dojo

Kojima is widely considered as one of the most dangerous flyweights in the world due to his grappling prowess and very aggressive fighting style. Kojima is also known for his feud with Mamoru Yamaguchi.

6. Andrew Leone

Pro MMA Record: 5-2

Country: United States


Style: Grappling, Muay Thai

Height: 5’7

Club: Phuket Top Team

Andrew Leone’s claim to fame used to be being the younger brother of WEC and Bellator featherweight Anthony Leone but 2011 has been a breakout year for the Singapore based New Yorker.

In mixed martial arts he put in one of the most impressive and emphatic performances of the year in Asia to choke out unbeaten Korean prospect Soo Chul Kim in less than 30 seconds. In BJJ the blue belt excelled himself by not only finishing first in the >65kg blue belt category at the recent ADCC trials in China but also winning the >76.9kg advanced category in no-gi grappling.

Amongst the opponents which Leone, who normally fights at 125 lbs, defeated that day was Andy Wang a BJJ black belt and TUF veteran who normally competes in the lightweight division. It was a remarkable achievement for someone who only received their blue belt, awarded by Professor Adam Kayoom, last year.

7. Allamurad “Pretty Boy” Karayev

Pro MMA Record: 9-0-0

Country: Turkmenistan

Born: September 21, 1991

Style: Muay Thai

Height: 5’8

Club: MuayFit

Karayev is a flyweight knockout artist with a very remarkable mma record of 9-0 (6 KO/TKO and 3 by submissions). He is a striker who loves to throw punches and kicks to his opponent’s face. Karayev was already set to make his ONE FC debut last June 23rd against Roldan “The Executioner” Sancha-an when the doctor said he can’t fight due to a serious injury.

We are praying for a fast and safe recovery for Karayev. But when the injury is all healed up, I’d like to see this phenom go up against a very promising opponent to put his skills to test.

8. Ale “The Young Gun” Cali

Pro MMA Record: 4-1

Country: Phililpines

Born: November 20, 1991

Style: Boxing, Wrestling

Height: 5’4

Club: Beefit Pythons Pit

(low quality video)

Cali is the reigning Pacific Xtreme Combat’s (PXC) Flyweight Champion. Cali comes from a boxing background. His fighting style is very unique, he loves to use his footwork, superb boxing skills and loves to entertain the crowd. He currently trains alongside former URCC lightweight champ Angelito “The Saint” Manguray and Ricardo Sapno at Beefit Pythons Pit in Davao, Philippines.

I won’t be surprised if the UFC will ink a deal with this kid, I mean, he has a bright future ahead of him. He fights very relaxed and composed like Anderson Silva.

Cali will be making his first title defense against an explosive fighter who is known for being a fearless fighter inside the cage, Erwin Tagle on September for PXC 33 in the Philippines.

9. Geje “Gravity” Eustaquio

Pro MMA Record: 3-1

Country: Philippines

Born: April 6, 1988

Style: MMA

Height: 5’5

Club: Team Lakay

(Geje’s fight is at 1:06:47 mark)

Geje “Gravity” Eustaquio is a young and exciting fighter from the famed Team Lakay gym in Baguio City. Eustaquio is known for his very methodical way of fighting and his never-ending cardio. Eustaquio’s a brilliant tactician.

Eustaquio made his ONE FC debut against a very dangerous BJJ world champion, Alex Silva on February 11, 2012. Eustaquio won via unanimous decision.

Eustaquio is said to compete in the highly anticipated ONE FC 5: Pride of a Nation on August 31, 2012 in a 16,500 seating capacity, Smart Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines. The said event will be the biggest MMA event in the Philippines as some of the top Filipino fighters will be defending their backyard against their foreign foes.

10. Alex “Little Rock”  Silva

Pro MMA Record: 1-1

Country: Brazil


Style: BJJ, MuayThai

Height: 5’4

Club: Evolve MMA

A very accomplished BJJ practictioner, Alex Silva trains out of Evolve MMA in Singapore, the no.1 MMA gym in Asia, under the tutelage of Kru Chatri Sityodtong. Silva is undoubtedly, a very talented fighter with a bright future ahead of him. He diligently hones his striking skills with the help of Muay Thai world champions training and teaching at Evolve MMA in Singapore.

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