Team Work and Hard Work Really Pay Off – By Mark “The Machine” Sangiao


It all paid off! After all the hard work in training; the sacrifices of time and effort; the pain, injury, sweat and tears; and even the hunger during the weight cutting…was all worth it.

This time of the year is the hardest part of the year to train since it is the rainy season here in the Philippines. Training outside the gym is limited. We can not have our high-altitude training, we do it then at the gym. This is one of the challenges of training for a fight.

Two of our Team Lakay fighters, Roldan “The Executioner” Sangcha-an and Harold Banario won their respective fights at PXC 39 which was on September 14th at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City.

Harold Banario, a BS in Architecture student at the University of the Cordilleras (UC), was a young fellow who were once just one of the fans of Team Lakay particularly of his older brother Honorio Banario, the current URCC Lightweight Champion and the former ONE FC Featherweight Champion. He once dreamt of joining Team Lakay and fight in the ring or cage.

harold banario 2

Harold Banario caught Adamson Torbiso with a deep armbar (Photo by PXC)

PXC 39 was the moment for Harold especially that it was his first time to set foot at international stage. He had fought in the ring in his previous MMA and Wushu Sanshou fights, but this one was different. I can see it in his eyes. The mixed emotions of eagerness for him to realize his dream, the nervousness and excitement, and the pressure to win since he was the first one to step in the cage after a series of defeats suffered by his team mates – he has to win this fight.

Harold is a young student who always follow what his teacher tells him. By this, he followed every instruction given to him.

He won his bout against his opponent Adamson Torbiso in a very impressive manner. He submitted his opponent via an armbar in the first round. He was so delighted. The plan was executed very well; It was a success.

The second Team Lakay fighter is Roldan Sanghca-an. He is a graduating student of BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of the Cordilleras in Baguio City. He is not a newbie in this stage. His memorable bout with Adam Cacay in URCC Baguio V is still in the minds of those who have watched it. He has proven the real warrior in him. Like what his seniors always do, he showed the heart and might of an Igorot warrior; the heart of being a Champion, the heart of being a Team Lakay fighter.

(Photo by PXC)

(Photo by PXC)

Another moment in Roldan’s MMA career which is remarkable, is his fight with the undefeated champion of Kazakhstan, Assulan Toktarbaev. Roldan defeated him and gave him the first loss after his 40 wins in his pro MMA career.

As Roldan stepped inside the PXC cage, the excitement to rumble with his opponent was burning in his eyes. As what I’ve seen in his previous fights, the true heart of a fighter never faded.

Roldan amazed a lot of fight fans that night. It was a good exchange of kicks and punches. At some point of the first round, he was at the defensive side, carefully measuring what his opponent can give. Measuring the strength and capability of his opponent, a great fighter from Laguna, Ernesto Montilla, Jr.

Then came the second round, he gave Montilla a double-leg takedown then he got his back and executed a very deep rear naked choke. It was the moment where Montilla can not do anything but to tap.

Immediately after the tap, Roldan did the Igorot dance, a sign of celebration,  gesture of being so proud to be an Igorot…in an international stage.

This is the beginning of another chapter of Team Lakay’s book. After all the great fight history, the rise and fall, we are proud of what we have achieved. And we plan to keep it going.

At this point, we would like to thank those who have helped us in training such as our teammates, training partners and trainers.






Likewise, thank you to those who have assisted us in Manila, Cacay Baltazar, Perci Diego and Jethro Chungalao.

We want to thank those who have sponsored these two Team Lakay fighters in this particular endeavor: Dante Bagsan Law Office, Vicious Circle, Head Hunting Heritage, Potato Grill, Tiong San Department Store and Supermart, 50’s Diner, Tatak Maharlikano, Dr. John Harold Hiyadan and Dr. Dave Taclobao.

Indeed, with everyone helping and supporting us, we made it.


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