Train With The Best By Mark Sangiao


As we open another chapter of our life as fighters and as a team, we take advantage of this time of the year to start and learn new things to add up to our arsenal in continuing to become the best of what we can be. As we wait of our next endeavors and challenges, we use this time to start learning new techniques while continuing to develop what we already have and sharing it to others who are interested in learning them for themselves and at the same time gaining additional knowledge from those who are already experts in other fields. We take steps little by little and try to explore what is best for us.

 With the opening of some opportunities and invitations from some individuals to share and exchange knowledge with them, we do not hesitate to do so. First, one of our Team Lakay Champions, Honorio Banario, who is the former ONE FC Featherweight Champion and the current URCC Lightweight Champion, is now in Malaysia to cross-train with T-REX Muay Thai and MMA Studio located in Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Mr. Gavin Tan, the CEO of the said gym, invited him to cross-train along with their top caliber instructors of MMA, Muay Thai and Wrestling for one month. With this, we intend to gain, share and interact with different types of disciplines, different types of people and different kind of environment. We hope this move will be successful as we also want our other fighters to follow or do the same at other gyms or organizations, because we believe this is one way of learning – Exploration with sharing.

We are at a chapter where we try to see if what works best for us at our own limitations. We want to make moves one step at a time and hope to have the best results that we can have. Now, speaking of these steps, we are also welcoming this week a former Cyprus wrestling coach to come at our gym in Baguio City and La Trinidad to train and share with us his expertise in this discipline. We will have him train and teach our fighters every weekend for one month then we will see what’s going to happen next. We hope with all these, we will be able to be more developed, gain more knowledge, and add to our skills in becoming complete, well-rounded fighters.  Because we will never cease to learn, we hope to achieve more in life by continuing to learn more things.

 As we go on with the gaining of additional insights and techniques, one of our aims is also to share what we already have. We came up with a new program wherein our fans, students, and members have the chance to train with our Team Lakay champions. We have Eduard Folayang, Kevin Belingon, Rey Docyogen, Dave Galera, Crisanto Pitpitunge, Mark Eddiva and Geje Eustaquio available to train those who are willing to be taught by these fighters who are considered to be among the best MMA fighters in the Philippines. They are available to train and teach at any of our Team Lakay gyms. Our Central Gym is located at 3rd Floor of Auyong Bldg, Kayang Street, Baguio City and at our Lakay La Trinidad Gym located at 2nd floor of Caoili Building, at Pine Valley Plaza, Km. 4, La Trinidad, Benguet.

So if you are interested in training with the best and to experience high-altitude training, you are always welcome to visit us at any of our gyms. This is a great opportunity for the fans to have an experience to train with the champions, as well as our regular coaches who are also champions in the making. We hope to share with our fans and students the experiences, the techniques and the attitudes of how to become a champion and as we always share our team motto, we believe that a champion is not born, he is made by the right people such as the coaches and trainers with the proper knowledge and with the people who can teach the proper attitude, background, experience and motivation. Every day in the gym we live by this motto, because indeed, Champions are not born, they are made.


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