PXC Suspends Contract With Ricardo Sapno And Delays His Debut Bout


The much-awaited debut of ‘El Matador’ gets postponed due to pending issues.

Here’s the official release:

Manila, Philippines –

PXC announced today that they have elected to suspend Ricardo Sapno’s PXC contract and delay his debut fight on national television in the Philippines until a future date. PXC CEO & Promoter, E.J. Calvo, stated, “It is unfortunate, but we hope to see Sapno in PXC competition in the near future once he has worked out his issues with his former promotion.”

As a former Champion from Davao, Ricardo “El Matador” Sapno recently signed with PXC to make his debut at PXC-37 on May 18th in Manila against Japanese veteran and current Pancrase Champion, Takumi Nakayama. Sapno, holds a professional MMA record of 6 wins – 1 loss and is proud to represent Davao and the Philippines against international competition, but must wait a little longer to join the PXC rankings.

Sapno signed with PXC recently after relinquishing his URCC Title and completing his 3-fight agreement with the URCC organization. However, URCC subsequently protested the move and has publicly claimed that Sapno has further obligations to their organization.

According to Sapno, “I had a 3 fight contract with URCC which I completed last year. I have fulfilled all the contractual obligations required of me. In fact, I was slated to compete in Baguio this past February, but Bubbles Aguilar of URCC scrapped all negotiations completely and I was removed from the card and a new contract or extension was not issued. We understand the fight game here and I am excited about moving on to greener pastures and stiffer competition in PXC, who has grown quickly as the top MMA league in the Philippines.”

Calvo added, “We are happy to welcome Ricardo to our PXC roster of rising stars from the Philippines. Although it is quite clear that his previous contract is expired, we prefer that he settle his contract matters professionally with URCC before making his PXC debut, which will hopefully take place soon.”

Acording to Bambi Posadas, long-time coach of Sapno, “The fuss about Ricardo’s decision to fight for PXC is simply a case of misunderstanding between him and the URCC. Sapno just wants to fight some of the best from Asia and he thinks PXC has the best international flavor, although we feel both promotions helped Philippine MMA to where it is today. He doesn’t care about the money or who’s gonna pay the big bucks for him. We thougt it was OK since he has already fulfilled his 3 fight plus 1 title defense obligation to URCC. Simple as that. Sapno is a good kid and his work ethic is incredible and he hopes to fight in PXC soon. Still, we apologize to both organizations.”

With 37 professional events in a decade, PXC has encouraged the development of hundreds of local and regional fighters to compete among the best in the world and a track record that can’t be disputed. Along with partners at TV5, they have escalated television ratings in the Philippines for MMA and packed arenas show after show, clearly establishing PXC as the premier MMA league in the Philippines and one of the top promotions in Asia-Pacific.

PXC-37 will feature 8 professional bouts on May 18th at the Ynares Sports Arena in Manila, and will be nationally televised LIVE on AKTV via IBC-13 on Saturday night. The event will features some of the region’s best fighters from Japan, South Korea, Guam, Hawaii, and the Philippines.


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