ONE FC Continues To Produce Powerful Influence Through ONE Asia MMA Summit 2013

one asia mma summit

This past weekend, ONE Fighting Championship, assembled 500 of the most prominent people in Asian MMA for the momentous ONE Asian MMA Summit 2013 at the word’s most expensive hotel, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Many considered this important event as “gathering of the elite” in Asian MMA as promoters around Asia, gym owners, blue chip sponsors and the media were in one place for the furtherance of the sport in Asia.  Unlike last year’s summit, who attended by over 200 people, last weekend’s conference was way bigger because  500 “game changers” in Asian MMA today were present to discuss how to strengthen the One FC Network.


Victor Cui stated, “Winning means we al rise together. And together means sometimes you have to put away your own skillsets and egot to work together to accomplish something great. “

With only two years active and have staged 8 jam-packed shows in Asia, ONE FC, Cui, stated, “One FC has risen to become a superpower in global MMA with 90% market share in Asian MMA and the greatest fighters in the world on our roster. Our dominating and phenomenal growth over the last year has formed a global duopoly of power in the world of MMA and much of it has been made possible with the united power of the ONE FC Network.”

rich franklin

One Asia MMA Summit 2013 also featured one of the greatest fighters UFC has ever had, the former UFC middleweight champion, Rich “Ace” Franklin, who told his MMA journey from the day he stepped inside an Okinawan Karate Dojo to becoming the UFC middlweight world champion.


Also, one of the keynote speakers is the legendary Renzo Gracie. For those of you who are not familiar with this very popular MMA legend, Renzo is the grandnephew of Helio Gracie – the man who is credited with inventing one of the most popular martial arts today, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A sixth degree BJJ black belt and ADCC champion, Renzo is a veteran in the world of MMA.

Renzo talked about the topic “The Global Duopoly of MMA”. From the day he saw One FC was established, Renzo immediately felt that this organization is different than the others and he is willing to give them his help,

“When I saw ONE FC being created, I wanted to help out. The passion from the Asian people is amazing. Whatever they (ONE FC) need, they know I’m a phone call away. Because one day I elieve that my son will fight here for ONE FC.”

Renzo gave his thoughts about Pride FC and when he started fighting for them.

“The first contract they have me was for three fights in a year, but they only made me fight twice during that year.”

Renzo is one of the most passionate people in MMA. He is a true martial artist and a champion. That is why he felt unhappy at the time Pride FC was sold and reflects on the owner of Pride FC.

“The day Pride FC was sold was one of the saddest days of my life. The owner did not have the values and love for MMA to run the company.”

Renzo predicted that in years to come, mixed martial arts will be the no. 1 sport in Asia through ONE Fighting Chapionship.

The Summit also presented the siblings of the legendary Bruce Lee, Rober and Phoebe Lee, who gave their insights into what it was like to grow up with their brother who is tagged by many as “The Father of MMA”.

robert lee

Robert said, “He (Bruce Lee) was always the star of the party, catching everyone’s attention, I’m always left out, but I don’t mind. That’s how he is. He’s got the charisma.” (Laugh)

Rober also stated that if Bruce is still alive, he would support MMA 1,000 percent. “It is what he came up with originally and believed in.” Robert added.

The One Asia MMA Summit 2013 was also attended by major companies like, FOX, Youtube, Google, Motortrader, Tune Talk, New York Post, Yahoo!, MSN and FHM.

It is really good to see such high profile people gathering in one place for the improvement of Asian MMA. With ONE FC being the biggest MMA brand in Asia, you can expect more exciting MMA events in the future and fighters who will become a global mixed martial arts icon.

The next event for ONE FC: Rise to Power, which takes place on May 31 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines.

Check out ONEFC.COM for the latest updates!


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