Newly Signed PXC Fighter Is Ready To Shake The Lightweight Division

syafiq 2

Keep your eye on Syafiq “The Slasher” Bin Abdul Samad (1-0 of Juggernaut Fight Club in Singapore), a ultra talented kid with a very exciting style of fighting, and newly-signed PXC lightweight fighter. This young fighter is on his way up.

The 19-year-old Samad is turning 20 this July and currently taking up Diploma in Sports & Exercise Sciences at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. He is the youngest of three siblings. He has an eldest sister and a late middle sister who passed away before he was born.

All of us got some unforgettable moments during our younger years, but The Slasher, when he was 14, got into a very deadly situation where he and his friend almost died because of mistaken identity and soon changed his entire perspective on life,

“When I was 14 years old, I was walking home with my friend in my neighborhood  When suddenly 14-17 Chinese gangsters just surrounded us and attacked us, just because they mistook us as someone else. I got slashed on my left arm and leg and my friend ran away. After I recovered, I wanted to do something big with my life. 

One day, I watched the reality show, “The Contender Asia”, I saw the fighters on TV slugging it out in the ring and straight away I knew that, that was what I wanted, to be a fighter just like them. The first martial art that I practiced was Muay Thai.” 

Acquiring mass amounts of knowledge on the strand-up aspect of fighting, the Singapore native’s transition to MMA the following years displayed an eagerness for being molded into a complete fighter dangerous on all cylinders. According to Team Juggernaught’s Head Coach, Arvind Lalwani, Samad has over 22 amateur Boxing and Muay Thai fights and has been collected over 8 championships in his young career. He is also the first Singaporean to win an Asian Muay Thai Championship, and now the first Singaporean to sign a professional MMA deal with PXC. For Samad, to become a complete MMA fighter, you need to hone your skills in both striking and grappling department,

“I was only into Muay Thai and Boxing at first but after I was introduced to MMA by a friend and former wrestling & MMA coach of Juggernaut Fight Club, Andrew Leone, I competed in my first Amateur MMA tournament in Bangkok called ‘Naksu’ which I won, and from there I started to be more interested in MMA.

Also to me, I personally feel that MMA is a much tougher challenge as there are so many martial arts to train, improve and maintain and to incorporate and develop them. You can’t just train one martial art and expect to stand a chance in the cage.”

When asked on what are his thoughts on the MMA scene in Singapore,

“The MMA scene in Singapore is steadily rising to popularity. 3-4 years ago, most Singaporeans don’t even know MMA existed but now more people are being introduced to MMA through the television, advertisements, newspapers and internet or even by word of mouth. But even with more MMA shows being organised almost everywhere, some of us young Singaporeans still find it hard to compete due to lack of constant local MMA competitions at the low levels in Singapore.”

Syafiq is currently training at Juggernaut Fight Club in Singapore, a gym where he and some of the young up and coming fighters calls home,

I am currently training at Juggernaut Fight Club(JFC) which is located at 50B Boat Quay, Singapore. We have Arvind “The Juggernaut” Lalwani who is the head Boxing coach and the technical director at JFC, Wes Jaya, our head Muay Thai coach, Ali, another one of our senior Boxing coach, Danielle West a world ranked pro MMA female fighter who is the wrestling and MMA coach and we also have Tommy Yang, a super talented and awesome fighter who is 6-0 in MMA who is currently our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA coach. We also have Jun Hao is in the Singapore National Boxing team and he is one of the assistant coaches in Boxing and Muay Thai. The people at JFC is like my second family and JFC is my second home. I spend most of my time there if I’m not at home or school.

Samad, before making his pro MMA debut on September of last year, is making his name in the amateur leagues as one of the brightest MMA prospects Singapore has ever produced. At Dare ‘The Most Dangerous Gameshow’, the 18-year-old Samad defeated Donald Tong via 1st round submission and made a big statement that he is ready to face a much tougher challenge the professional league will offer him,

“I trained super hard for that fight and I was in pretty good shape. My plan was to stand and bang with him and keep the fight standing as I heard that he was a BJJ purple belt and that meant that there is a high possibility that he will take me to the ground and try to submit me. I did a lot of wrestling and BJJ defense in preparation for the fight and it paid off. I did not expect to submit him in the last few minutes of the last round though, he made a mistake and I simply took the opportunity that was handed to me. I went hysterical after I submitted him!”

Here’s the video:

The Slasher’s Pro Boxing Debut:

The young and insanely talented slugger from Singapore has recently signed with the biggest MMA promotion in the Philippines, Pacific Xtreme Combat (PXC). As one of Asia-Pacific’s premier MMA organizations, PXC has built a reputation as the most experienced promotion outside of Japan with 36 professional events, and since expanding to the Philippines in 2011, PXC shows have garnered some of the highest ratings of any MMA show in the region.

“I feel over the moon to have signed with the PXC! But now is not the time to be all excited and happy about it. It has only just begun and I have to step up my game and train hard so that I can prove everyone that I am no pushover.”

When asked on what are his thoughts on the PXC’s lightweight division,

 “I have watched some of the fighters in PXC’s lightweight division and they all are without a doubt pretty tough as nails. Most of them are very good strikers.”

Syafiq Abdul Samad is slated to make his PXC debut against Lightweight, Glen Ranillo, a strong Filipino veteran to PXC with a record of 2-2. Ranillo is coming off an impressive win in PXC-35 earlier this year, and hopes welcome Samad to PXC with a bang.

PXC-37 will take place on May 18, 2013 at The Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig-Manila, Philippines. The event will be broadcast nation-wide on AKTV via IBC-13 to millions of viewers in the Philippines, and will stream online via PXC’s Facebook page. Visit or for news and information.


8 thoughts on “Newly Signed PXC Fighter Is Ready To Shake The Lightweight Division

  1. LOL I hope this is not another overhyped fighter. Singaporeans fighters cant even beat Malaysians in ONE FC how much more Filipinos. Cannon fodder I guess

  2. Hahaha you guys don’t have a clue about sg fighters! Hey Pinoys, we’ll let our actions do the talking. Many of our fighters thrashed Malaysians anyway. Just watch Ultimate Beatdown and ALL our guys won!. ONE FC just take a look at EVOLVE! Mabuhay poondek!

    • LOL. Even tuktuk drivers from the Philippines can beat any trained Singaporean athlete. Singaporeanese will just lower the standard of PXC 😦

  3. LOL Singapore should just stick to studying. Bragging their schools all night long ha ha. Funny how come other first world countries have tougher MMA guys than Singapore ha ha. Maybe it brainwashed them to believe they can make it too since they are first world hahahahhahhaha

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