Kevin Bleingon Starts Climbing Up The BW Ladder Tomorrow Night Against Vu

kevin havokk

After suffering a two consecutive losses in March and August of 2012 against Masakazu Imanari and the current One FC bantamweight champ, Soo Chul Kim, the fighting pride of the Philippines, Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon, promised that he will comeback stronger and better; which he exactly did when he put the top ranked bantamweight fighter Yusup Saadulaev to sleep in October at One FC 6 ‘Rise of Kings’.

Belingon is slowly climbing up the bantamweight ladder and aims to get the belt in the near future. The URCC flyweight champion is scheduled to fight Thanh Vu on Friday night in Singapore for the One FC Bantamweight Grand Prix Sem Finals.

Though he knows that he is heavily favored to win against Vu, the always humble fighter from Baguio City, Philippines, is not going to lax against Vu. He treats every fight as his last and he always act like a predator which is ready to slay his prey in an unexpected moment. If Belingon gets through this round, he will face the winner between Jens Pulver and Masakatsu Ueda, two of the heavy fovrites to win the said tourney on May 31st in Manila for the Grand Prix Finals.

If Belingon wins the tournament, he plans to have a rematch against Masakazu Imanari and Soo Chul Kim, because he knew that he can beat those two fighters who gave him the first two losses of his pro MMA career. The truth is that two weeks before his fight with Kim, he sustained a nasty cut on his forehead that forced him not to train grappling or wrestling. They didn’t bring out the news because his camp does not want to make the fans think that they are just making excuses, but it is the truth and they learned from it. All of those defeats are in Belingon’s rear view now and he is looking ahead on his goal – to become a MMA world champion.

Team Lakay head coach,  Mark Sangiao, said, “Kevin really trained hard for this fight against Vu. His ground game is phenomenal, his timing is perfect and he is more powerful compared to his previous fights.”

As part of his preparations against Thanh Vu, Belingon joined the 2013 Philippne BJJ No Gi International Open last February and bagged the gold medal in Men’s Intermediate Absolute (open weight catergory), by beating way heavier guys than him.

Tomorrow night, he will face Thanh Vu for the One FC BW Grand Prix Semi Finals. His arsenal is full of new tricks that will shock thousands of fans in Singapore. Expect a more deadly Kevin Belingon tomorrow night at One FC 8 in Singapore.


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