One FC BW Grand Prix Semifinalist Thanh Vu: ” I will be fighting with all I got and I’m sure Kevin will do the same.”

thanh vu

Life changing events alters many individuals in a significant way. Becoming involved in martial arts is a monumental event that can without question shape one’s life for the better.

The chronological events from the day he was born, until he made his first pro MMA debut, has made a profound impact on Thanh Vu (3-1) for it has given him a great deal of motivation for perfecting every aspect of his life. Inspired by his parents who worked hard to give him a better life, Vu’s decision to become an MMA fighter in 2011 showcased his willingness in creating his own lane for himself in life.

“My biggest inspiration would be my parents; they’ve come from a country where it was hard to survive and where hard work is the only way to get far in life. They have been through more than I could imagine that’s why they are my biggest inspiration.”

Vu is coming off a very convincing TKO win over Mohd Fouzein at One FC 7 ‘Return of Warriors’ last February. Vu, in that fight, proved to other fighters in his division that he is for real and he aims to get the belt in the future, which currently owns by the South Korean fighter, Soo Chul Kim.

At the age of 5, Thanh Vu learned his first-ever discipline in Kung Fu, “I first got into Kung Fu when I was the age of 5 but I only did it for about a year then I stopped after that. So really MMA was my first in my eyes.”

Vu is currently signed under One Fighting Championship, a Singapore-based MMA promotion that is slowly becoming the face of Asian MMA.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to be fighting in ONE FC, I couldn’t ask for more fighting for the biggest show in Asia. It means everything to me to be fighting on ONE FC.”

Even though he is slowly building his name in this tough sport, Vu still knows that he still has a long way to go and will do everything just to be at the top of the food chain.

“Life is still the same after my last fight; I came back to my full-time job and go to training afterwards everyday. What I can say is that it has made me more determined to make it as far as I can in ONE FC.”

“My ultimate goal in my fighting career is to succeed and be the best I can be and learn along the way and have a nice title belt around my waist one day.”, Vu added.

Vu’s next assignment is to get himself into the One FC’s Bantamweight Grand Prix Finals. But first, he must defeat a very tough opponent in Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon (10-2) on Friday, April 5th in Singapore.

“Kevin is an experienced fighter in the Phillipines and is the URCC flyweight champion. So he knows what he’s doing inside the cage, so this will be a tough fight. As far as what holes do I see in his game, I haven’t really paid attention to Kevin’s game as such. Whatever he does, I will surely have an answer for it.”

“ONE FC fans can definitely expect an exciting fight on April 5th. I will be fighting with all I got and I’m sure he will do the same, so it will be a good fight.” Vu added.

On the same night, another Bantamweight Semifinals matchup is set between two veterans of the sport as former UFC lightweight champ, Jens Pulver, looks to eliminate Japanese MMA icon, Masakatsu Ueda.

When asked on what are his thoughts on Pulver versus Ueda fight, “It’s a tough one to say between the two, both fighters have ton of experience and I really can’t pick one. I will just be grab my seat straight away to sit down and watch with the rest of the fans.”

Thanh Vu would like to thank the following:

Rockhard Supplements, MMA Factory, Plus Fitness 24/7. My coaches David and Glenn Taylor-Smith for all their time and effort into his training without them it would not be possible, his Muay Thai coach Khru Suriya and Khru Adam and of course, his training partners and the fight team. He would also like to thank all his friends and family for their awesome support and of course, ONE FC for giving me this opportunity.

One FC: Kings and Champions on 5 April 2013 will feature 10 explosive bouts of world-class MMA headlined by the most highly-anticipated bout in Asian MMA history – a title fight between One FC Lightweight Champion Kotetsu “No Face” Boku and probably the most famous name in Asian MMA, Shinya “Tobikan Judan: Aoki.

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