Interview with rising welterweight fighter, Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford

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Given the scenario there is nothing like that surge of adrenaline rushing through the body that makes one fully prepared to face any challenge placed in front of them. The desire for change is always a driving incentive that can motivate anyone to tackle any endeavor without fear of danger in hopes of fulfilling their personal goals.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford (19-4), before becoming an MMA fighter, was always involved into street fights. There were times where he finds himself locked up inside the cell, but those experiences made him a tough human being today.

Ford is one of the best welterweights in Canada behind his team mates at Tristar, UFC welterweight champ GSP and “The Waterboy” Rory Macdonald. Ryan is ultra-tough fighter physically and mentally and is one of the feared welterweights in the fight business today. He is the son of the former Canadian boxing lightweight champion, Al Ford, a guy who compiled a massive 55 wins and 19 losses during his boxing days (No wonder why his son, Ryan is such a talented fighter who as a brutal knockout power in both of his hands).

“The Real Deal” keeps climbing the Canadian Welterweight rankings (currently at no. 4 spot) on the heels of a three fight win streak. In his last bout, the Edmonton scrapper pounded on Kyle Baker at Bellator 79 for three rounds. Despite not finishing Baker with the usual Ryan Ford flair (see Luis Santos, Ricky Goodall for that), the win was Ford’s second consecutive in Bellator and his seventh win out of his last eight fights.

Ryan Ford Highlights

Ford, in the past weeks, has been tweeting about him wanting to fight in either PXC or One FC. He even calls out PXC fighters, Ryan Bigler and Boracay MMA’s Zebaztian Kadestam, and he wants to fight either of those guys in May 18th in Manila at PXC 37.

Personally, since PXC will sign Strikeforce vet Herman Terrado, I’d like to see him make his debut against Ryan Ford. It will be an insane fight as two heavy-handed welterweights will battle it out to knock each other out and to entertain the crowd.

Here’s our interview with heavy-handed fighter Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford.”

MMA Orient:  How did you get into the sport of MMA?


Well, I got in some trouble in my past was sitting in my cell watching the UFC on TV, said to myself I can do this shit, got out, went down to the gym where local UFC guys were training. I trained for 2 weeks and had my first fight won by TKO in the second round.

MMA Orient: Your nickname is “Real Deal” who gave you that name?


I was given the nickname The Real Deal from a few of the guys I hung around with. They saw how hard I trained and the focus I had on becoming a fighter and one day were like Ryan you are The Real Deal. 

MMA Orient: Have you always been ultra-competitive?


Always, Its in my blood. My dad was the boxing Canadian lightweight Champion at 18 years old and rank #3 in the world. I have played sports all my life always looking for a challenge.

MMA Orient: What would you say your biggest strengths are, and what’s the thing you need to work on the most? 


I would say my biggest strengths would be my work ethic, athleticism, strength & power. Not many things I need to work on the most I just focus on my overall fight game from top to bottom.

MMA Orient:  You’ve gotten a chance to train with the UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre. What was that experience like?


It don’t get no better! Being able to train with the best in the world and have him give you pointers on the fight game, when it comes time for the next scrap it’s not like I’m not gonna see anything better than what the Champ has to offer.

MMA Orient:  How much weight you cut from walking around weight to fight weight and how that affects your strength and stamina the day of the fight?


I usually walk around 195lbs – 200lbs. While in training camp, I clean the diet up and usually takes about 4 weeks to get to 185lbs and I will stay around that weight ’till weight cutting time to make 170lbs. The weight cut is easy work now I have my body down to a science now so I am 100% come fight night.

MMA Orient: Where do yo see yourself going, is it for the belt or to fame? or is it just about the fun of it?


For me I’m what you call a “Prize Fighter” I’m in this sport to make Money cause this is what I do to feed my family. Plus I love to fight like I said it’s in my blood and there is no better job in the world to do than something you love. If there is a belt to win then I’m down to take it and Keep it around my waist.

MMA Orient: Who is your toughest opponent so far and why?


Toughest as in durable, I would have to say Pat “Bam Bam” Healy. Toughest as in who has made the best come out of me, Luis “Sapo” Santos 50-7 now 50-8.

MMA Orient:  What do you think of the GSP vs. Nick Diaz fight this weekend in Canada?


I think it is going to be a really good scrap. I believe Diaz is the guy who will bring the Best out of GSP it should be very entertaining with George taking the win.

MMA Orient: Do you think Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal would make it in MMA? Do you think they would be nothing special in the cage?


The only one out of those names that I think would do good in the cage would be Bruce Lee. He was a true Martial artist.

MMA Orient: Who is your biggest inspiration?


My biggest inspiration would be my Mom. She’s a very strong woman. single mother that was able to provide for me, my brother and little sister at the hardest times. Always made sure we were taken care of whether it be food on our plate and sports to play.She made sure we had it.

MMA Orient:  What’s your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?


Don’t really have a favorite strike/submission as long as I get in there and put it all on the line and make it exciting fight for the fans, I’m good! At the end of the day, I like to scrap whether it’s giving a beat down knocking someone out or choking the sh*t out of them. I’m gonna get the job done!

MMA Orient: Do you like to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?


Well, all fights start standing so we can bang it out on the feet or I can pick you up slam your ass to the mat following it up with my vicious ground n pound; it really don’t matter.

MMA Orient: They say Grant Fuhr’s favorite sound in hockey was the puck hitting the post. What’s your favorite sound when your in a fight?


I would have to say the sound of the crowd going crazy when I’m throwing down nothing beats that!

MMA Orient: What does it mean for you to be a fighter?


Being a fighter is a Lifestyle. Not many people can do what we do. We are your modern day Gladiator/Warriors. I’ve always been a warrior. Stepping up to challenges and facing adversity right in the eye. Being able to prove to people that I can do it when they all doubt me.

MMA Orient: You’ve been tweeting about your intentions on fighting Ryan Bigler or Zebaztian Kadestam in PXC in the Philippines. What do you think of the PXC and its pool of talent?


Yeah, I have been tweeting about the guys that are the top contenders. I don’t know if they are but if they are, I would be glad to step in the cage with them and show them why they call me The Real Deal. I believe the PXC has a good pool of talent but if they were to bring in me they would see a different Breed of fighter. I’m just that guy that keeps it real and puts it on 100%.

MMA Orient: Your are ranked 4th in Canadian Welterweight rankings behind GSP , Rory Macdonald and Jordan Mein. How do you think you will do against international welterweight competition?


Well I have fought a lot of guys who are international being from the USA, Brazil and what not, it don’t matter to me where your from I will put it on your ass and let you know when I’m from! Its all good in the hood!

MMA Orient: What are your ultimate goals in MMA?


My ultimate goals in MMA is to win fights and get payed be the best in the world. If titles are offered well I’m down to take them. Most of all I want people to know when Ryan Ford fights, he fights it’s never a boring fight and to have you on your feet the whole time. 

MMA Orient: What separates you from any other fighters in your division?


The struggles that I have over come through out my life separates me from other fighters. It gives me that mental edge to overcome adversity in a fight. Also the way I do my JOB in and outside the cage. Im all about the hustle and keeping it G’D UP.

Follow Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford on Twitter: @RyanFordMMA

Also, follow me on Twitter: @zikeyorient


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