World Sanshou Champ Rene Catalan To Face BJJ World Champ Alex Silva In One FC ‘Kings and Champions’

rene catalan

Four-time Wushu World champion Rene Catalan of the Philippines battles BJJ world champion Alex Silva of Brazil in One FC ‘Kings and Champions’ on April 5th in Singapore.

Although the fight hasn’t been yet officially announced by the One FC officials, reliable sources close to the situation that both fighters have already signed the contract and ready to showcase their skills in front of thousands of fans in April 5th.

The 35-year-old Catalan is a very accomplished Wushu Sanshou fighter. He is a two-time world champion (2003 and 2005), two-time winner of the Sanshou World Cup (2004 and 2006), Asian Games 2006 gold medalist, 2005 SEAGames gold medalist, and the 2004 Asian Wushu Championships gold medalist. So this guy is a deadly striker and a very dangerous on his feet. It will be interesting to see Catalan’s ground game as he is working with the former Iranian national wrestling coach at Full Contact International.

Catalan is facing a very tough opponent in Evolve MMA’s Alex “Little Rock” Silva. Silva is a BJJ World Champion and he has got a devastating ground game and an unbelievable physical strength. If you think that his game plan for this fight is to take Catalan down early in the fight, you might be wrong as he is honing his stand up skills at Evolve MMA, the most experienced fight camp in the world, the home of ton of world champions in muay thai, jiu-jitsu, boxing and wrestling.

This is a classic striker versus grappler match-up between Catalan and Silva. I’m stoked to see these two flyweights scrap inside the One FC cage. This will be a fast-paced fight as two of the best flyweights in Asia set to lock horns.


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