Renewed MMA Rivalry In PXC 36

pxc 36 poster

Trevin Jones has been one of Guam’s top Bantamweights for the last 2 years, with only 1 loss by decision to PXC’s former Champ, Justin Cruz, over that span. In PXC-36’s Main Event, Jones will be tested by another up and coming Spike-22 fighter, Kyle Aguon, who many feel has the potential to become Guam’s top contender for the Bantamweight Title. Jones versus Aguon shouldn’t dissapoint, as both fighters are well-rounded and have what it takes to go the distance.

The Pacific Xtreme Combat-36 fight card is stacked with fighters from around the world gathering under one roof to throw down. Guam has been hosting the best Mixed Martial Arts events in the region for over a decade, and for a Main Event bout, PXC didn’t have to go scouring the world to find two fighters who will put on an exciting show. PXC found what they were looking for at the island’s 2 top MMA gyms, as Spike-22’s Kyle Agoun takes on Trevin Jones from Underworld X-treme in the Rivalry Match. Spike 22 and Underworld Xtreme have the reputations of producing some of the best fighters in the region and have had a strong rivalry for years. Jones and Agoun are training partners with former rivals, Joe Taimanglo and Alex Castro, who put on great fights for PXC fans throughout their careers. Any time these two gyms match up in the PXC cage, it is sure to bring fireworks.

Fighting out of Spike 22, Kyle Agoun is mentored by Melchor Manibusan and has a professional record of 4-3. Manibusan is one of Guam’s pioneering mixed martial artists and now veteran coach. Wrestling being the strongest part of his game Kyle is sure to display some great takedowns. According to Agoun, “I took off from work for my last hard weeks of training to focus more on the fight. Training two a days six times a week. Strength and conditioning mornings and MMA in the evenings. As a freestyle striker and fighter, I am focusing on every aspect of the game sharpening up all my skills for the fight.” Although Agoun has not changed any aspects of his fighting in preparation for the fight he also recently took his training camp to Washington to get a feel of different sparring partners. Aguon trained with new PXC fighter and cousin Josh Calvo, training at combat sport and fitness with Jeff Houghland and Foster in Brazillian Jui Jitsu.

This will be Agoun’s second time challenging Jones. The last time Agoun faced off against Jones the fight did not go in his favor and Jones took home the win. Wanting to redeem his loss Agoun says, “I feel motivated and I get to get to show the fans what was suppose to happen the first time.” Already having a feel of his opponent Agoun says, “Trevin is tough but I feel that he lacks a lot of technique, and toughness can only take too far.” Eager for the win, Kyle has these last word for his opponent, “This fight is not going to end up in the judges hands because I am going to be looking for the finish.”

Underworld Xtreme’s Trevin Jones has trained under veteran PXC fighters Alex Castro and Chris Brub, and alongside Featherweight Kyle Reyes. Jones has a professional record of 4-1, his only loss was to Justin “Shocker” Cruz in what he says was a win he was cheated out of. Jones says, “At first I wasn’t going to take the fight my team mate was suppose to fight him but he got hurt. I think Kyle is pretty tough, so I said why not fight him again and get some payback against Spike-22.” Jones wants to make sure there is no shadow of a doubt that his win against Agoun in their last bout was the right decision. Jones has been working hard as well, training six days a week and focusing on all aspects of his training, switching it up between sparring, vale tudo, grappling, muy thai, and judo. Jones says, “ I still have a good amount of weight to cut but my gas is good and I’ll be ready. I am feeling really good and strong.” Jones has been studying his previous match up against Agoun very closely. Jones says of this fight, “ I am planning on taking it to the ground. We will stand up at first, but I want to see how he handles me while on his back.”

The winner of this bout will determine who is Guam’s top contender for the PXC Bantamweight title shot, featuring two of Guam’s best young up and coming fighters. Both fighters have dreams of holding the title. According to Agoun, “A shot at the title is great it would be awesome to be the PXC 135 champ. A win over Trevin would be a big step in that direction for me.” Trevin Jones added, “I am gunning for the title, and Kyle is in my way.”

PXC CEO and Promoter, Ej Calvo said, “As PXC’s first show of the year in Guam, we didn’t hold back by bringing in high quality fighters to battle in front of thousands of loyal PXC fans. We will also be upgrading production of the show and expect to sell out. It should be a historic night at the UOG Fieldhouse!

This card features the best up and coming MMA fighters in Guam, Saipan, Hawaii, Japan and Korea. Look out for new PXC fighters making their debut, including Josh Calvo and Toby Misech from BJ Penn’s camp in Hawaii.” Said Eli Monge, PXC VP & Head-Matchmaker.
PXC 36 Fight Card:
pxc 36 fight card
Main Event: Trevin Jones (Guam) versus Kyle Aguon (Guam) – Bantamweights

Kaiyana Rain (California) versus Kailin Curran (Hawaii) – Strawweights (Female Bout)

Roque Martinez (Guam) versus Mylo Lassiter (Saipan) – Heavyweights

Josh Calvo (Guam/Washington) versus Chris Cisneros (Hawaii) – Welterweights

Michinori Tanaka (Japan) versus Caleb Vallotton (California) – Bantamweights

Toby Misech (Hawaii) versus Seung Hwan Jo (South Korea) – Featherweights

Ricky Camp (Guam) versus Ian Dela Cuesta (Hawaii) – Bantamweights

Tyrone Jones (Guam) versus Koshi Matsumoto (Japan) – Lightweights

Robert Wustigg (Guam) versus Nate Quiniola (Hawaii) – Featherweights


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