Kevin Belingon: “There’s a possibilty that I will go back and fight as a flyweight. But for now, my aim is to win the bantamweight belt. “


Every person is born with a purpose. No matter what occupation they fall under filling that significant void allows humans to live their lives to the fullest despite the challenges encountered during their pursuit.

Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon is from the top MMA fight team in Asia, Team Lakay. He is known for being a powerful striker with excellent conditioning. Belingon is the owner of a left hand punch that knocked out Yusup Saadulaev out cold during their fight at One FC 6 – Rise of Kings.

Like his team mates at Team Lakay, Belingon is packed with serious power on both of his hands, deadly kicks, and has a solid ground and pound game.

Although he lost at the hands of Japanese leg lock wizard, Masakazu Imanari and to the current One FC bantamweight champ, Soo Chul Kin, Belingon never lost his passion to become one of the best in the game, instead,those losses made him more hungrier to get into the top of his division.

The current URCC flyweight champion is slowly climbing up the One FC bantamweight ladder by qualifying in the semi-finals of the Bantamweight Grand Prix. He is set to fight Thanh Vu on April 5th in Singapore at One FC 8 ‘Kings and Champions’ and looks to advance to the tourney final.

one fc bw grand prix

Check out what Belingon has to say about his last fight, the current One FC bantamweight champion and his next opponent:

MMA Orient: Hi, Kevin, how’s it going?


I’m doing great! I am back in the gym training.

MMA Orient: Let us talk about your latest triumph over a very dangerous opponent in Yusup Saadulaev. When you fought Saadulaev, he is considered as one of the top bantmaweights not only in Asia but also in the entire globe. Can you tell us what came to your mind when One FC officials informed you that you will be facing Saadulaev at One FC ‘Return of Warriors’?


Feeling nervous is always there, it is natural. But of course, I always train hard at the gym to prepare myself for battle. I didn’t ignore the fact that he is I think no. 24 in the world bantamweight rankings. I really trained hard for that fight and expected to finish him in the later rounds, but the opportunity to knock him out came early in the first round.

MMA Orient: What special training did you do during your preparations for your fight against Saadulaev?


I pretty much trained all aspects of my game, but we really gave some extra time workin on my wrestling because I kow that Saadulaev’s a world-class wrestler and I know he will take me down and I am happy that I came up as the winner in that fight.

MMA Orient: Your team has added another belt, and this time, it is the very significant belt that a Team Lakay fighter has ever achieved, as your team mate, Honorio “The Rock” Banario was crowned the first-ever One FC featherweight world champion when he beat Eric Kelly at One FC 7. How improtant is Banario’s win for your team and what is the impact of it to you as his team mate?


We are happy for him because he got the blet. That win really inspires me and my team mates to train harder to get the other belts. I am really working my butt off every single day at the gym with one goal in mind – to get that One FC Bantamweight belt and add elegant belt into our collections.

MMA Orient: One FC announced that you will be fighting Than Vu on April for the One FC Bantamweight Semi-Finals. What can you say about his latest win over Moud Fouzein at One FC 7?


I didn’t have the chance to watch his recent victory. But I think I can beat him, I just need to train hard.

MMA Orient: What do you think of Than Vu’s game?


I didn’t watch any of his fights yet, but I am always ready to fight whether be it on the ground or on the feet. But I think I have the edge on the striking department.

MMA Orient: This fight is very important for you because a win over Vu will move you closer to the bantamweight title picture and you will face the winner of Pulver vs. Ueda match-up. What do you think is your biggest lead over your fellow bantamweight semi-finalists?


Team Lakay fighter is known for being a hard worker, so I think my biggest advantage to them is that I am always focused every time I am in the gym or having my roadwork and I am always pushing myself to the limit.

MMA Orient: On April  5th at One FC 8, aside from your match-up with Thanh Vu, there will also be another bantamweight semi-final fight between the former UFC lightweight champion, Jens Pulver and Japanese MMA sensation, Masaktus Ueda. Who do you think has the advantage on that fight?


I think Ueda has the advantage over Pulver. I am not taking away from Pulver, but I think he is getting old now and I think Ueda’s reach advantage will be the key to this fight.

MMA Orient: Let us say that you already won the One FC bantamweight belt. Do you have any plans on dropping to the flyweight division to also get the belt? Because you are still the current URCC flyweight king. Are we going to see you fighting as a flyweight in URCC soon?


There’s a possibilty that I will go back and fight as a flyweight in the future. But for now, my aim is to win the bantamweight belt. After that, it’s all up to the One FC officials.

MMA Orient: What can you advise to those aspiring MMA fighters who have a dream to fight in One FC in the future and to become a respected MMA champion like you?


My advice is that they need to train hard and if they’re in the gym, they must stay focused. Also, self-discipline is essential to become an MMA champion and if you’re still in college, do not ever fail your grades.

MMA Orient: Before knocking out Yusup Saadulaev last ____, you lost to the current One FC bantamweight champion, Soo Chul Kim in Manila. What lessons have you learned from that fight?


That loss really teached me a lot of things. I was quite surprised when he took me down early in the fight. I and my team learned from it. During my training camp for that fight, although we worked on improving my ground game, we focused much of the time to polish my striking skills. So since that loss, we are balancing our striking and ground game training.

MMA Orient: Do you have any message for Thanh Vu?


See you inside the cage.

MMA Orient:  Any people you want to thank?


I want to thank the people who are always there to support our team and praying for us. To coach Mark Sangiao, my team mates and our sponsors, thank you very much.


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