Harris Sarmiento Calls Out Mark Striegl For A Rematch After Retaining His Lightweight Title at PXC 35


Harris Sarmiento retains his PXC lightweight title against Isaiah Ordiz in PXC 35.

Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City was sold out as PXC 35 delivered another adrenaline-filled MMA fights. It was a crazy night of mixed martial arts action as some of the most talented MMA fighters in the region showcased their unbelievable talent in front of the Filipino crowd.

Everybody was quite surprised when PXC 155 lbs. champion Harris “The Hitman” Sarmiento took the fight to the ground early in the fight. Everybody expecetd a brawl between Sarmiento and Ordiz as both warriors are known for their deadly striking skills. But the veteran Sarmiento simply implemented his game plan and showed us that he isn’t the Harris Sarmiento that we used to know; instead, he is a much upgraded version of himself, a much dangerous and scarier dude.

Sarmiento, during the weight-ins, looked like he really prepared to defend his title when some of the guys in his camp told us that he had no problems reaching the 155 lbs. In fact, Sarmiento weighed in at 154 lbs. and still looked physically  ready for Ordiz’ challenge.

Since his last fight against Striegl at PXC 34, it is very obvious that Sarmiento’s ground game has tremendously improved in just a short period of time. He controlled the much taller and bigger Ordiz on the ground, then submitted him via Kimura from the full mount position in the very first round.

After the fight, Sarmiento called out the man who recently defeated him, Mark “Mugen” Striegl, and told him and PXC officials that he wants another fight against the Filipino-American fighter.

We spoke with EJ Calvo, PXC CEO, and he told us that in May at PXC 37, Louis Smolka will go up against Ale Cali for his title. Also, Calvo hinted that Striegl might fight Taimanglo for the featherweight title, but it all depends on the recovery of Taimanglo’s injury. If Taimanglo’s injury won’t heal until May, they might set up Sarmiento vs. Striegl II.

EJ Calvo also told us that they will add more talented and explosive Japanese MMA fighters in the future as well as some Strikeforce fighters who didn’t make it to the UFC.


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