Mark “Mugen” Striegl Talks About His Last Fight And The History Of Team Buffet

Photo by Sev B Jr. for MMA Orient

Photo by Sev B Jr. for MMA Orient

Mark “Mugen” Striegl is arguably the hottest property of Pacific Xtreme Combat (PXC) today. Besides of having a convincing charisma, he is a very talented mixed martial artist with an impressive record of 12-0, that is why he is widely considered as one of the top featherweights in Asia today.

Striegl’s submission game is world-class, his striking is getting better everyday as he trains at high-altitude in Baguio City, Philippines, where he also teach MMA at Fight Corps MMA.

There are rumors that he will be the next PXC fighter to be signed by the NBA of MMA, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Striegl is coming off an outstanding win over a well-respected MMA veteran, Harris “The Hitman” Sarmiento, at PXC 34 in Manila. “Mugen” submitted “The Hitman” at 2:37 mark of the very first round by way of submission (keylock).

Striegl is expected to headline PXC 37 in May. Although his opponent is yet to be determined, there are rumors that it will be a featherweight title fight against the current PXC featherweight champion, Joe “The Juggernaut” Taimanglo.

If that match-up happens, there’s no doubt that tickets for that event will be sold out in no time! I am a huge fan of both fighters; Striegl and Taimanglo are two of the best and exciting featherweights in the region today. So seeing them fighting inside a cage is must-watch not only for me, but to their fans around the globe as well.

Here’s our interview with PXC’s no. 1 featherweight contender, Mark “Mugen” Striegl.

MMA Orient: Hi Mark, how’s it going?


 I’m doing well, thanks. I’ve been training hard and am helping one of our guys Adam Cacay get ready for his next fight at URCC Baguio.

MMA Orient: Let us talk about your recent victory over a very tough competitor in Sarmiento. How important is that win in your MMA career?


It was a very important win for me. For a fighter, your next fight is always your biggest fight…but my last fight against Harris was definitely a big one.

MMA Orient: Everybody didn’t expect that the fight will end in just over 2 minutes of the very first round. What was your gameplan during the fight?


The gameplan was to strike fast and try to hurt Harris on the feet but when the opportunity presented itself, to take him down and finish him.

MMA Orient: Were you worried about Sarmiento’s striking abilities?


I wouldn’t say worried but it was definitely something I had to prepare for. Harris has great striking for MMA and a ton of experience.

MMA Orient: You obviously overpowered him on the ground. You controled him until you caught him with what you called the “Fil-American” lock. After Big John stopped the fight, Sarmiento seemed very upset about it. Did Sarmiento tapped or the referee saw his arm snapped which made him decide to stop the contest?


I know there was a little bit of confusion about what happened because of the camera angle. Basically, I heard Harris’ arm pop and heard him scream. He tapped and I then let go. I know that you’re not supposed to stop until the ref jumps in but I heard his arm pop more than once and I felt him tap. If you watch the slow motion replay from another angle, you can see him tap on my head.

MMA Orient: We know that you will be back inside the cage on May. But what we are uncertain on who’s going to be your opponent. Can you tell us more details about your next fight?


Sorry, I can’t give any details just yet. I promise it will be a big one though so please stay tuned!

MMA Orient: You are representing Fight Corps MMA and Team Buffet. Can you talk us further about Team Buffet? Because it really catches a lot of attention in Asian MMA and they want to know a brief history about it.


Team Buffet represents the lighter side of our involvement in MMA…the fun we have outside of the ring or cage.

It was created by my brother/manager Frank, our good friend Justin, and myself after my second professional fight in Taipei, Taiwan. After the fight, Frank and I asked Justin to take us to some good Taipei eateries over the next few days. For whatever reason, Justin only took us to different buffets in the city. One night when we were all heading out for drinks, we decided on “Team Buffet” as our team name. It just made perfect sense.

MMA Orient: Have you arleady started your training camp for your May fight?


I have. I don’t believe in taking much time off in between fights.

MMA Orient: There are rumors that if you win your next fight at PXC 37, a UFC contract awaits you. What is your opinion about this matter?


I hope it’s true! (Laughs)

MMA Orient: Is grappling one of the most essential tools of becoming an MMA champion?


I think so. Then again, so is striking. You have to be well-rounded these days.

MMA Orient: Do you have any belt in BJJ, if so, what is it?


I have a blue belt under Elias Gallegos. I don’t spend too much time using the gi though.

MMA Orient: What advise can you give to those young fighters who are dreaming to 
become successful in this sport?


Find a good gym with good people and quality instruction and train hard!

MMA Orient: Before we wrap this interview up, do you have any people to thank?


I’d like to thank my main sponsors Jaded MMA and Jujubees, and to all my fans, thanks for the support!

Check out Mark Striegl’s official website:


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