Ale Cali Talks About His Last Fight, New Management And Fight Team


During their PXC 34 fight, Flyweight champ Ale Cali taunting Erwin Tagle - Photo by AKTV

During their PXC 34 fight, Flyweight champ Ale Cali taunting Erwin Tagle – Photo by AKTV

For the PXC flyweight champion, Ale “The Young Gun” Cali, a simple formula to become a successful MMA fighter is diligence, willingness, passion and faith to God.

Born and raised in Davao City, Philippines, the 22-year-old PXC champion once dreamed of becoming a world boxing champion, but I guess the saying is true that you cannot get all you want. Although he did not succeed as a boxer, he made a history in Filipino MMA as the first-ever home-grown PXC champion at only 21 years of age.

Some might misunderstood his character and fighting style, but the Davao native got two goals in his mind whenever he fights; to beat his opponent and to entertain his supporters. Cali is coming off an impressive 3rd round TKO against a respected fighter, Erwin Tagle in November of 2012.

“That last fight against Tagle, people may say that I went to cocky on that fight but I just used that to buy some time because in the very first round, I injured my left hand and my foot. So if people misunderstood me the last time I fought, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to let anybody down, especially those people who are supporting me. I know my action inside the cage sometimes makes me like an arrogant, but all I want to do is to entertain the fans and to give them a nice show. Next time you see me fight inside the cage, you’ll see a new Ale Cali, I promise you that.”

Cale also told us that he already changed his manager and his team as well,

“I had some management issues long before fighting Tagle, that’s why right after that fight, I made a decision to change my manager and to leave Beefit Pythons Pit. Of course, I will be forever grateful to my former manager and team for their support. I am who I am because of them, but there will come a time in our lives that we need to make a tough decision for us to be a better person. In my case, I moved to a new management and team to become a better fighter.  I respect my old managers and thank them for what they’ve done in my career. As I’ve said I while ago, I am with a new team now and I like it because I have the chance to learn more how to defend take downs, polish my ground game and improve my muay thai.”

Since making his first PXC fight in 2011, he never lost a fight inside the PXC cage, stopping 3 of his 4 opponents by way of TKO and the other’s by way of UD. His fighting style is very unique because he uses a lot of faints and utilizes his excellent footwork to set his offense and confuse his opponents. The reigning PXC flyweight champion said that joining the PXC has made a huge impact in his life.

“PXC has really changed my life, most especially in the financial aspect. Popularity-wise, a lot of people do recognize me more, especially after I beat Tagle. We all know that Tagle’s quite popular in Filipino MMA. I am a happy PXC fighter.”

Cale is back in the gym preparing for his next fight because he always strive to be on the top of his game everytime he enters the cage.

“I will be defending my title in May, but I don’t know who will be my opponent yet. I don’t care who will put in front of me as long as we’re in the same weight class. I just go out there to put on a show for PXC fans around the world.”

Despite of being busy in training and having some personal issues, what motivating Cali to train harder is his girlfriend who is currently working in Japan.

“I have a special someone in my life right now, she is in Japan. I am thanking her for supporting me and trusting me even we’re far away from each other. Her name’s Gemalyn and I want her to know that I am always here for her to support and love her. I promise to God that she will be the girl I want to marry.”

“I want to thank God for the talent that He bestowed on me, to my major sponsor, Safehouse MMA gym and to my family who are always there for me.” Cale added.

Catch PXC flyweight champion, Ale “The Young Gun” Cali tomorrow at PXC 35 as he will be in attendance to watch the event and and watch the Smolka vs. Cacdac match-up very closely as the winner of that bout will challenge him for his title.

“Both guys are tough dudes. They are talented fighters, so I need to watch that fight to study their games.” Cale added.


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