PXC 35: Isaiah Ordiz “My Goal Really Is To Fight All The Best In The World, To Become Number One.”

Isaiah Ordiz

For many that compete in mixed martial arts, mastery centers on one’s commitment to their duties of becoming great fighters. Practicing, testing, and learning are all a part of the stages of development helping in the ascension.

Since starting his fight career Isaiah Ordiz seems to fit this analogy perfectly. Driven, hungry, and humble these attributes have allowed him to excel rapidly up the ranks in his ultimate quest to reach the top.

It is true that the sport of mixed martial arts is one of the more intriguing athletic competitions capable of leaving many individuals wondering just how far they could take their talents. But not all athletes enter the cage with the desire and work ethic to become an MMA champion.

Isaiah Ordiz is a talented fighter from San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. Ordiz is currently signed in PXC as a lightweight fighter and will make the most important fight of his career on February 16 at PXC 35 as he aims to dethrone the current lightweight champion, Harris “The Hitman” Sarmiento.

“Ever since i started doing MMA before going to pro this was already my goal to become a champion, but I really never thought  that im going to have a shot for the title this early , but if the PXC thinks that im ready, then im ready lets do it.”

After successfully making his pro debut last September, Ordiz made a decision that might change his life forever; he decided to quite his day job to be a full-time MMA fighter. I think he made the right choice because after quitting his day job and focused himself in training, he quickly proved to people that he is a force to be reckoned with in the PXC lightweight division when he defeated a well-known fighter, Tristan Arenal at PXC 34 in November which made him the no. 1 contender for Harris Sarmiento’s title.

“Competing in PXC is very important for our team because this motivates our young fighters to strive hard so that they can also make it to the big leagues like PXC, One FC and URCC.”

Ordiz may not be the scariest physical specimen in his weight class, but this kid has a lot of potential to become a world champion. He is a true example of a new breed of fighters who trains hard everyday in the gym to reach their dreams.

“My work ethic brought me to where I am right now. I am not the most talented figher in PXC, but I am sure that I am one of the hardest working fighters in this business.”

At this point in his young MMA career, he knows that fighting Sarmiento for the belt is a hard task to do, but he also realized that this opportunity comes very rare for an up and coming fighters like him. That is why he is doing everything he can to get himself ready for PXC 35.

“Being a title holder or a champion is every fighter’s life long dream, but for me my focus is not getting the belt or being a champion, my goal really is to fight all the best in the world to become number one. The training for this title fight is still the same as always, but we just raised the intensity because I’m going to fight for 25 minutes. Preparing for this fight is really hard. I have to push myself physically and mentally to the outer limits but my coaches still makes it sure that training is still fun.”

When asked on what are the adjustments he made for this fight, “Just wait for February 16th, you will see. (Laughs)

Looking back to the moment Ordiz left his job to be a full-time MMA fighter, he never regrets choosing MMA over his former job.

“Everything is worth it. Now I have the chance to fight for the title so it’s up to God on what’s going to be His plans for me. You can expect a new Isaiah Ordiz on February 16th.

Ordiz never talked trash to his past opponents. He admits that he is a quite person who would choose to mingle with the people he already knows than hanging out to strangers. According to him, fighting a guy like Sarmiento is a huge honor for him.

“Harris is a well-rounded fighter. His striking is good as well as his wrestling and submissions. He is very experienced fighter. He has faced some of the greatest fighter out there who are already fighting in the UFC, so fighting Harris is already a huge honor for me.”

Ordiz doesn’t just fights for himself; he fights for his family and his team mates. He wants to motivate younger fighters by showing them that they can be extra ordinary fighters if they work hard.

“I will be dedicating this fight to all Filipino fighters out there. Tuparin niyo lang ang pangarap niyo kahit gaano kahirap, huwag na huwag kayong aayaw. Iba sa inyo ayaw sa akin pero sana magsilbi akong inspirasyon sa inyong lahat. (Just follow your dreams even though it’s hard, never give up. Some of you don’t like me, but I am hoping that I will be an inspiration to all of you.)”

Isaiah Ordiz is going to be one of the faces of Filipino MMA in the future. He has all the attributes of a great MMA champion. On February 16th at PXC 35, he will be making his third MMA fight against a world-class lightweight fighter and the PXC lightweight king, Harris Sarmiento. Although Oridz lacks experience, he will never be short of determination, hardwork, passion and heart of a warrior.


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