PXC 35: Harris Sarmiento to Isaiah Ordiz “He Is In My Way And I Am Going To Run Him Over.”


On February 16, one of the most anticipated MMA events in Asia, PXC 35 is going to rock the Ynares Sports Arena as two of the most gifted athletes in the PXC lightweight division will meet inside the cage to prove who the baddest man on their division is.

MMA veteran, Harris “The Hitman” Sarmiento will be placing his lightweight title on the line against a fellow Filipino fighter, Isaiah Ordiz.

This fight will be Sarmiento’s 60th pro MMA fight since started his career in May of 2002. If you checked Sarmiento’s resume, he has already fought and beaten some of the toughest guys in the fight business. He and his team mate, Ron Jhun are the two most experienced fighters in the PXC roster.

Sarmiento is known for his punching power and his aggressive style of fighting. His boxing skills, timing, and very durable endurance have been the major factors on why he is such a dangerous fighter. He will be tested once more on February 16th as he will try to defend his title against the young and very hungry Ordiz.

“Ordiz is a good fighter i have nothing against him. I am not takin him lightly. I’m training hard, concentrate a lot on everything. I also have a different boxing coach working a lot on my hands. When it’s time to get in that cage, I’m going to turn it up, finish this fight, and retain my title.”

Sarmiento knows that his next foe won’t be a walk in the park for him. He knows what Ordiz can do inside the cage. Sarmiento doesn’t want to talk trash, he wants his fists to do the talking inside the cage.

“Anyone steps on that cage is always dangerous; he has an opportunity to show his skills and he is really hungry. He is a threat.”

Sarmiento, as always, trains at 808 Top Team in Hawaii, the home of some of the best fighters in Hawaii to date. It is where Sarmiento spends most of his time refining his skills to become a more complete MMA fighter. This fight against Ordiz, he is turning the intensity a little bit because he knows that defending his belt is always a tough task to do.

“Preparing for this fight is a little different compare to my last fight. I changed my boxing coach; now I have a pro boxing coach working a lot on exchanging punches. I have been spending a lot of time on my jiu-jitsu. I am also working a lot with wrestlers. I have never been more prepared. He is in my way and I am going to run him over.”

One thing Sarmiento is known besides of being such a tough warrior is that he devotes himself to the sport. His fans, families, and friends are also some of the reasons why he is so successful in his MMA career.

“What separates me from everyone else is that I work really hard and dedicate my self into this sport. I want to keep fighting in Manila in front of my people. Just fighting in front of my family and where I was born is to show that hardwork pays off. Just thinking about fighting in the motherland is what gives me the drive to keep working hard.”

Before he was the PXC champion, Harris started from scratch. He just pushed himself everyday at the gym, made himself believe that impossible is nothing and that determination together with serious hardwork will bring you to the top of your game.

“Being a fighter is a way of life; you eat, sleep and breathe fighting.”

Being a champion is not measured on the moment you win fights, being a champion is best measured by how you handle the situation after losing a fight. Sarmiento’s recent loss against Striegl at PXC 34 didn’t make him cranky, that stumble made him stronger inside and out. The most important thing about that loss is that he learned from it.

“My fight with Striegl, I got too confident took him lightly because I know that I’m better than him in any aspect of the game. I got careless. I just wanted to beat him on his own game but anything can happen in a fight. In my fight career I have been fighting at 155 lbs. and higher because I’m really comfortable on that weight. Only recently I started fighting at 145 lbs., it’s new to me, I just gotta get used to it.”

On what is his thoughts fighting as a PXC fighter and fighting in front of his homeland, “PXC is one of the best promotions I ever fought in. I want to keep fighting for them for long time, especially in the Philippines. I love fighting in my motherland. (Philippines) Just being there and fighting in front of the people, friends and family, is what really motivates me the most. Because to show that I came from a poor family and how hard I wored to get where I’m at – just gives my family, friends, and whoever out there has a dream…it gives them hope to follow their dream and that they can do anything in the world as long as they put their mind, body, and soul together.”

On what can PXC fans expect from him on fight night, “The fans are going to see a lot of fireworks.”

“I just want to thank those people who support PXC; without your support, it would not be like this. Salamat po!” added Sarmiento.


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