Deep Fighting Championships Opened Its Official YouTube Channel

Deep logo

DEEP Fighting Championships, a fight promotion founded in 2001, has partnered with Google and opened an official DEEP Fighting Championships channel on YouTube.

The organization known for executing many experimental approaches to promote the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), DEEP Fighting Championships is doing exactly same on the cyber space.
There is going to be comments from DEEP founder / owner Shigeru Saeki on every fights uploaded on this channel, and all of these comments are available in three different languages – English, Japanese and Portuguese.
In addition, on every Friday of the week, DEEP Fighting Championships is going to uploading many footage on this channel including best bouts from the past shows, fighter’s interviews, clips from fighter instruction videos, and round girl auditions.
And, many more surprises are being planned for the near future.

To kick off the first week, all of “Best Bouts” from DEEP 1 to DEEP 12 are now available for viewing, along with all bouts from last year’s DEEP flyweight tournament, and also, a retirement bout of Atsuhiro Tsuboi in 2011.
Now, the fans can enjoy great bouts from DEEP Fighting Championships early era such as Ryo Chonan vs Hayato “Mach” Sakurai, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Tsuyoshi “TK” Kosaka, Dokonjonosuke Mishima vs Masakazu Imanari, Royler Gracie vs Takehiro Murahama, Ricardo Liborio vs Ikuhisa Minowa, Ryan Bow vs Joao Roque, and at the same time, witness the birth of a new hero like a current DEEP flyweight champion Yuki Motoya.

About DEEP Fighting Championships:
Founded in 2001 by the promoter Shigeru Saeki, DEEP Fighting Championships (DEEP FC) is a championship Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) series dedicated to not just showcasing the top MMA athletes in Asia but also promote the sport with many interesting and experimental approaches – resurrect the careers of big-name stars, provide athletes from other sports such as kick boxers, sumo wrestlers, pro-wrestlers, and ex-pro baseball players, the opportunity to test their skills in MMA, promote both ring and cage events, include Kick Boxing and Shoot Boxing rules fights, establish a league for amateur fighters, etc.

Operation based in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan, DEEP FC is one of the longest running premier MMA promotions in the world.

In addition to MMA series, DEEP FC also promotes grappling series named DEEP X, kick boxing series named DEEP KICK, and senior series named DEEP HERO and “Oyaji” DEEP.


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