Mark Sangiao Talks About Honorio Banario and Rey Docyogen’s Preparations For One FC 7


Mark “The Machine” Sangiao is one of the most quite and nicest persons in the world. He always smiles, very respectful, and friendly. He is one of the reasons why the no. 1 MMA team in the Philippines and currently ranked 3rd in Asia, Team Lakay is very successful and has been making huge waves in Filipino and Asian MMA in almost eight years now.

“The Machine” is a former SEA Games gold medalist in Wushu, who also owns a numerous regional titles in kickboxing and judo. He is also the former URCC bantamweight champion.

Since losing to Justin Cruz four years ago at URCC 15, Sangiao has concentrated himself on being a full-time coach for Team Lakay. We all saw the fruits of his labor as the Baguio-based Team Lakay produced numerous MMA champions and brought the sport into a higher level in the Philippines.

On Saturday, February 2, two of his best fighters will face their toughest fights of their careers as URCC lightweight champion, Honorio “The Rock” Banario faces fellow Filipino MMA champion, Eric “The Natural” Kelly for the inaugural One FC world featherweight championship, while the undefeated Rey “The Punisher” Docyogen will go up against a veteran in Shinichi “BJ” Kojima of Japan.

“Honorio and Rey prepares well for this fight. I hope their training will help them win this Saturday.”

Sangiao knows that Eric Kelly and Shinichi Kojima got some excellent striking and ground game, but he is confident that Honorio Banario and Rey Docyogen can trade punches with their opponents. He also stated that they worked a lot on their ground game in preparation for One FC 7.

“We worked more on their ground game, so expect a very good fight whether be it on standing or ground.”

When asked about what are the holes they saw on Kelly’s game, “For now, it’s complicated, I can only say that Honorio is more prepared for the title shot.” He said.

When it comes to Docyogen’s opponent, Kojima, Mark Sangiao is aware that the Japanese fighter has a phenomenal ground game. But he is confident that his fighter will emerged victorious on Saturday.

“As for Shinichi Kojima, Rey should watch out for his submission attempts. If Rey survives till the third round, he has a big chance on taking home the win.”

When asked on what are those things that he must remind his fighters before stepping inside the cage,

“Every fight must be important to them. They must take good care of their records. Their victory is very beneficial not only to them, to their families and team, but to the nation as well. For me, as long as they did their best in the training, they have the chance to win. I’ll just guide them and tell the possible ways how to win during the fight.”

“The Machine” always believes in his fighters, as long as they know they did their hundred percent in the gym. On Saturday, we will once again, witness Team Lakay talents, Honorio Banario and Rey Docyogen goes up against well-respected fighters in Asia, Eric Kelly and Shinichi Kojima. The pressure is always there for Sangiao, but he is optimistic that his pupils will come out victorious on Saturday at One FC 7 ‘Return of Warriors’.

Before we ended the interview with him, we asked on final question on when is he coming back or is he going to make his comeback fight this year, “I can answer that to you in secret.” He said.


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