AJ Pyro Is Ready To Fight Jian Kai Chee On February 2 At One FC ‘Return of Warriors’

aj pyro

The concrete purpose of mixed martial arts has always centered on the theory of athletes pushing themselves to reach their ultimate potential in the ascent to the top.

Training hard is always on the top of the list for AJ “Pyro” Vaa Mansour, that’s why he has this amazing physique and incredible knockout power. AJ will be making his second One FC appearance on 2 February 2013 against a fellow Malaysian fighter, Jian Kai Chee for the Malaysian National Featherweight Championship tournament at One FC 7 – ‘Return of Warriors’.

AJ is one of the massive featherweights in the region and is arguably one of the strongest fighters in his division. He has a tremendous striking ability and a very durable grappling that made him more dangerous to anyone he faces inside the cage.

“Pyro” is so pumped to get back inside the cage and scrap with Jian Kai Chee. He is coming off a two-fight losing skid, but it didn’t stop him from tirelessly refining his skills in the gym and staying hungry to be on top.

MMA Orient: I know you are a known fighter in Malaysia, but for the sake of ONE FC fans outside Asia, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

AJ Pyro:

I’m from Kota Kinabalu Borneo Island, east Malaysia. (Yeah very close to Philippines) I started martial art when I was 10 with Pencak Silat (Malay’s martial art), competed and won some tournaments and fights when I was 16-18 (competed in senior level even I was a junior). I trained a bit of karate during my university. Trained and fought pro muay thai around Thailand, Australia and Malaysia .Enjoying BJJ and wrestling tournaments and now fighting MMA in One FC.

MMA Orient: On Feb. 2, you will be making your second appearance inside the One FC cage against Jian Kai Chee and we all know that whoever wins this fight will advance to the tourney and get himself a step closer to become the Malaysian featherweight champion. Tell us something about your preparations for this fight.

AJ Pyro:

I spent one month in Thailand for solid muay thai training brushing up my technique and conditioning. Now training with my Team Buffet team mate Mark Striegl and Adam Cacay in KK Borneo.

MMA Orient: Who is your biggest inspiration?

AJ Pyro:

My biggest inspiration is my 83-year-old mother. She’s a warrior, a single mother and she worked very hard to raise me and another 8 of my siblings. We came from a poor family.

MMA Orient: I know you’ve seen some of Kai Chee’s fight videos. What holes do you see in his game?

AJ Pyro:

Me and my team knows that there are holes on his game but I believe he is training hard to perfect it.

MMA Orient: What do you think will be your biggest advantage over him?

AJ Pyro:

I’ve been training hard for this fight; learned, improved and trained more stuff. You will see my advantage when I fight him in the cage on February 2.

MMA Orient: Can you share your secrets on how did you achieved your solid-rock body?

AJ Pyro:

Secret of solid body?  Fight or without fight, I always train every day and everywhere I go. Sweats make me happy and I enjoy workouts. Eating healthy is my lifestyle and I am very happy doing it.

MMA Orient: What separates you from any other fighters in your division

AJ Pyro:

I train hard like other fighters but I’m willing to learn and train from below. I train with the best coaches and I also listen and learn from my students, white belts, beginners and other fighters.

MMA Orient: What gym are you training with in preparation for this fight?

AJ Pyro:

One month muay thai training in Phuket,Thailand and now train with my Borneo Tribal Squad MMA with the great addition of Mark Striegl and Adam Cacay in KK Borneo.

MMA Orient: What can your fans expect from you on Feb. 2nd against Kai Chee?

AJ Pyro:

My fans will witness the rise of “The Pyro!”

MMA Orient: Before we wrap this interview up, do you have people/sponsors to thank?

AJ Pyro:

I would like to thank One FC CEO, Mr.Victot Cui for believing in my talentand giving me the chance to fight.Thanks to TuneTalk as a major sponsor, All Fit KK Gym my training base and also for Borneo Tribal Squad fighters, MadNutrition.com.my, 2ndSkin and of course MMA Orient for this interview! Maraming salamat!


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