Fast-Rising Lightweight Prospect Isaiah Ordiz Has One Goal In His Mind – To Be The Best In The PXC’s Lightweight Division

Isaiah Ordiz

Another fast-rising lightweight prospects has emerged from the Philippines. He is Isaiah Ordiz (2-0) from San Pedro, Laguna.

Ordiz is currently signed under Pacific Xtreme Combat (PXC), an MMA organization that has known for producing such top MMA talents as UFC fighters Jon “Super Saiyan” Tuck and Hyun Gyu “The Ace” Lim.

Ordiz made his pro MMA debut at PXC 33 last September against Legacy Boracay’s Kristoffer Persson. Ordiz displayed his boxing and mauy thai skills by defeating Persson via a majority decision.

His first pro debut gave him a lot of hype because he showcased his exciting fighting style in front of thousands of people that night.

Ordiz is one of those lightweight fighters who can move as if he is a flyweight. He is no doubt, one of the best technical strikers in his division. His hand speed is second to none, his timing is perfect and his cardiovascular stamina is insane; he can go 10 to 15 five minute rounds inside the cage.

Ordiz is coming off from a very spectacular split decision win over Strikforce Challengers veteran Tristan Arenal. See Ordiz vs. Arenal full fight video here!

The San Pedro, Laguna native lived up to the hype as he proved once more that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

No doubt, Ordiz is a phenom that has fired up the engine and gotten his own hype train rolling at 200 miles per hour with no intention of stopping until he demolishes the man who holds the PXC lightweight strap.

Although PXC hasn’t announced it yet, Ordiz is expected to challenge Harris Sarmiento (35-24) for his lightweight strap on February 16 at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City, Philippines for the much-anticipated PXC 35 which will also showcase top talents and names in the sport such as Alvin Cacdac (11-9), Troy Bantiag (4-1), Joe Taimanglo (17-4) and the undefeated Japanese submission expert Michinori Tanaka (6-0).

pxc 35

Here is our interview with PXC’s fast-rising lightweight prospect, Isaiah Ordiz.

MMA Orient: Tell us something about yourself.


I’m Isaiah Ordiz from San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines, just turned 26 last November 16.

MMA Orient: How did you got into the sport?


I got into MMA through a former teammate of mine Luis San Juan, he asked me to watch his fights and he teaches me some techniques in MMA like how you can use boxing , BJJ and wrestling in MMA, but I was already a big fan of MMA back then. I’ve been watching top MMA promotions like PRIDE, UFC, Strikeforce, URCC and even K1.

MMA Orient: You just started your Pro MMA debut last September but you’ve been fighting as an amateur boxer and muay thai fighter. Tell us a little bit about your experience thus far being in the fight game?


MMA is different compared to boxing and muay thai, so eventhough I have enough experience on other martial arts it is still a different thing when you are stepping inside the cage and competing as a mixed martial arts fighter because you really don’t know what’s going to happen; you dont know if you are going to be taken down, going to be submitted on the ground or it’s the shin, the knee or the elbow that is going to land in to your face; and on top of that MMA gloves is pretty much like having no gloves at all even if the fist of your opponent has it, you can still feel the knuckles right across your face. So it’s really hard.

MMA Orient: What has been the hardest part about being a fighter?


The hardest part of being a fighter for me is the training.

MMA Orient: Training hard for a fight is always important. Is there any physical and mental modifications you undergo when preparing for a title fight?


In training I’m always focused, making it sure that each day we are achieving and accomplishing something in training. But I don’t believe in rituals like other fighters do or heavy mental preparation. I just do what I do always; read manga watch anime, read comic books and watch alien conspiracy other alien or end of the world documentaries. (Laugh)

MMA Orient: Let’s go back to your last fight against Tristan Arenal. You dominated him both standing and on the ground. You showed a lot of skills that shocked a lot of people. That was just your second fight as a pro and yet they gave you a very dangerous fighter. Talk us a bit about your preparation going to that fight.


Preparation for the Tristan Arenal fight by far for me is the hardest one to be honest. Our team has leveled up the training because of him. We had to do a lot of crazy things like hill sprints, cross fit and heavy lifting things that I haven’t done before but it was so much fun even though sometimes you are going to hate your coaches and teamates for punishing you. We did that because my opponent is a high-caliber fighter. Again, I keep on telling this to a lot of people Tristan Arenal is no joke, that guy is a juggernaut, I felt his power a couple of times while standing up and on the ground; for me, he dominated the rounds 1 and 2. Actually, the funny thing is that no body noticed it but I was actually out in the second round for like a couple of seconds, It’s just that I’m well conditioned and determined to win that night.

MMA Orient: How has things changed for you after that win over Arenal, did people recognizes you more?


After that fight people that I know are so happy. There are some people that I don’t know but approached me, congratulated me and  shook my hand . The feeling is awkward to be honest, I’m an anti-social person, I’m not used to mingle with high society class of people. I rather hang out or to be sorrounded by people that I already knew since childhood,high school ,college,work mates, teammates or people that already has mutual connection with me. For me fame and recognition are the things that will stop you from getting what you want. Right now, my goal is to be the best and that is only my concern.

MMA Orient: I’m sure that win over Arenal has put your name closer to the title contention. I know there are a lot of talented lightweight fighters that you want to fight, but if PXC were to ask you who do you want to fight next, who would it be?


I dont know. (Laugh) I mean, I dont know their names but I think I deserve to fight the top 5, 4, 3 , 2 in our division. It is still PXC’s call who would be my next opponent.

Zike: Is there any chance in the future that we’ll see you fighting as a featherweight?


Featherweight, why not?! If PXC wanted me to go there drop down to 145 pounds, sure, I will go for it but I am going to be skinny as hell if I am going to be on that division and its not going to look good but who knows, it is still the decision of our team.

MMA Orient: How do you cut from walking around weight to your fighting weight, which is 155 lbs.?


Well right now I am 175 pounds, which is my walking weight so I am going to shred 25 lbs. from my body. I don’t do any serious weight cutting techniques I know how my body works, just a little diet, and our team has ways how to cut weight safely with out jeopardizing my strength and stamina on the actual fight.

MMA Orient: As you make your ascent up the ladder what are some of your future goals?


My Goal right now is to win and marry my long-time girl friend Marie Jun Ponce.

MMA Orient: PXC has really helped you build your name in this industry. How has PXC changed your in general?


PXC changed my life a lot since now that I’m a professional fighter, that simply means I need to be more extra responsible with my actions outside the cage because I’m already representing their name. 

MMA Orient: Do you have any heroes in this sport, who are they?


That would be Manny pacquiao in boxing, Giorgio Petrosyan in muay thai and kick boxing, and of course in MMA “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit. “ve been watching Condit since his WEC days, he is MMA hero.

MMA Orient: If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?


Of course it would be Carlos Condit.

MMA Orient: Finally through the highs and lows this career has thrown at you why do you feel the daily grind is worth the struggle?


For me choosing to become an MMA fighter quitting my day job is all worth it, there is no day in my life that I regret on taking this path I am enjoying every single moment my life right now Im just so blessed to have Lord God Jesus Christ in my life, Having wonderful Parents supporting me making each day a happy moment inside our home, my brothers and sister who are always excited each time i fight. my nephews and nieces who are what my say that are my prayer warriors, my JIU JITSU team HEVTEK UNITED ANCHETA BJJ who always make it sure that they support me all through out.

MMA Orient: Would you like to give any shout outs before we end this interview?


My Jiu Jitsu coaches, Prof. Mike Ancheta , Mark Entrata, Ken Noda and Manny Jimenez who always pushing and reminding me that I need to stay hungry and focused. To Fight Works MMA our little team here in San Pedro, Laguna, thanks to coach Brandy Quiocho the brain the master tactician and my best friend, to Pete Brooks he is like our Zen Master and our adviser. And of course to Marciano Basas and Erwin Marinias for the wrestling. Special shout outs to my sponsors TRANSTAR shipping, Club COCO, Decobake, Verve Gym, Empire Boxing Gym, and of course SAFE HOUSE GYM
home of the champions.


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