Our PXC 34 Main Card Predictions!

After staging their first event in the Philippines a year ago, Guam-based MMA promotion is already poised to become one of the largest and most exciting MMA promotions not only in the Philippines but in Asia as a whole.

PXC helped not only the up-and-coming fighters to make name for themselves, but it also lifted the Filipino MMA into a whole new level.

PXC will put on their biggest event yet at the historic Smart Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines for PXC 34. This event will feature some of the best fighters in the region and it is regarded by many as the most stacked card PXC has ever given away in free TV.

Ale Cali (4-1-0) vs. Erwin Tagle (1-1-2)

The main event fight will feature one of the most feared striker in the business as the current PXC flyweight champion will defend his title for the first time against an ever-dangerous Erwin Tagle.

Both Cali and Tagle are the two most explosive fighters in PXC . Skills-wise, they are the same but I guess it will all goes down to who has the best stamina between the two fighters.

We’ve seen Ale Cali’s fights in the past and he has proven to us that his cardio is better than anybody else in his division. In the case of Erwin Tagle, although he hasn’t fought for six years, he never fails to train whenever he can. The 33-year-old Tagle owns Submission Sport Philippines, he is one of the instructors there and he is also making his name for himself in the field of MMA commentary.

There’s a chance that Tagle can beat Cali between the first and second round; Tagle’s a phenomenal fighter, there’s no doubt about that but his age will surely play a big factor for this fight.


Ale Cali via 2nd rd. TKO

Mark Striegl (11-0) vs. Harris Sarmiento (35-23)

Aside from the explosive match up between Cali and Tagle, another insane match up is set to rock the “Big Dome:” on tomorrow as Filipino-American fighters, Mark “Mugen” Striegl will go up against the the PXC lightweight champion Harris “The Hitman” Sarmiento for a non-championship fight in the featherweight division. This bout is one of the most anticipated match ups of the night.

We all know that Harris has the best hands in the PXC; he can put you to sleep with just one punch, he has been in the business for quite some time and he has faced and beaten some of the best lightweights in the world. His stamina has been tested many times and he doesn’t get tired in a fight.

In the case of Mark Striegl, you probably all know that this MMA phenom is an undefeated fighter (11-0) who has a very scary ground game in his arsenal. He has been training in Baguio for almost a year now so we can expect a more stronger and faster Striegl for this fight.

Harris Sarmiento has a big chance of winning this fight but if Mark Striegl overpower him in the early rounds and impose his gameplan, Striegl might steal the show.


Striegl via split decision.

Guy Delumeau (8-0) vs. Dustin Kimura (16-7-3)

Speaking of stealing the show, Hawaiian fighter Dustin Kimura is known for it. The undefeated Kimura (8-0) will be making his PXC debut against a veteran fighter in Guy Delumeau.

Kimura is known for his very good ground game and he has been undefeated 2008. There is a lot of hype around Kimura going to this fight as he is expected to continue his winning streak and stay unbeaten in his pro MMA career.

But standing in Kimura’s way is a guy who has no quit on him, a guy who will give everything to win a fight and that is Guy Delumeau.

Delumeau is known for his knockout power and iron chin. He is a sure threat to anyone who will face inside the PXC cage.

Kimura and Delumeau will definitely give us an amazing fight tomorrow night. Two finishers will try to impress the fans and will try to bring himself closer to title contention.

I like both guys but I’m giving the edge to Kimura because of his age and because of the fact that he is really a talented fighter. But Kimura needs to keep his hands up or else Delumeau will put him to sleep.

Kimura via 3rd round submission.

Eugene Toquero (3-0) vs. Jerome Wanawan (3-0)

I may have said this many times already, but this fight is really going to be a fight that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

When you put two euqally talented fighters inside the cage in front of thousands of fans, you can expect a quick and brutal fight.

Both Toquero and Wanawan are known for being so athletic and aggressive. This fight is very intriguing because two of the best strikers in Asia to date will battle it out to prove that even though they are the lightest guys in the card, they can throw heavy punches and kicks that will surely entertain PXC fans around the world. Only one fighter will leave the PXC cage undefeated.

I think whoever wins this one will fight the winner of Tagle vs. Cali bout.

Prediction: –

Michinori Tanaka (5-0) vs. Russell Doane

Another undefeated fighters will go to war tomorrow night at PXC 34 as Russell Doane of Hawaii battles Japan’s own Michinori Tanaka.

Shooto veteran Tanaka is a guy who studies his opponent’s game very well. Tanaka is not a brawler, he loves to pick his opponent apart slowly but surely. He is going to make his PXC debut tomorrow against a fighter who hasn’t been defeated in four years, Russel Doane.

Doane made his PXC debut two months ago at PXC 33. Doane showed early in the fight while he is undefeated. If I’m going to fight this guy, I will not stand toe-to-toe with him because this guy got some serious power in both of his hands.

I honestly can’t wait for this and completely expect fans to be on the edge of their seats.

Prediction:  Tanaka via UD

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