PXC inks a deal with Sherdog.com

Pacific X-treme Combat (PXC), the premier MMA organization in the Philippines and Asia Pacific Region, announced its entrance into digital broadcasting via a partnership with giant MMA website Sherdog.com. PXC 34, which takes place Nov 17th live from Manila, will be available to fans worldwide through a live streaming broadcast on Sherdog.com. The partnership with Sherdog is the latest in a series of ambitious steps taken by PXC, which prides itself as the premier talent generator for the Asia Pacific Region, to expand the profile of the promotion and its roster of fighters.

PXC is one of the first promotions to realize the potential of the Philippines as a growth market for mixed martial arts and has produced six highly rated events through its partnership with TV5, the largest television network in the Philippines. Past events have averaged over 450,000 live viewers during free to air broadcasts. PXC 34, which will feature a highly anticipated matches between current Flyweight Champ, Ale “The Young Gun” Cali and Philippine MMA Legend, Erwin Tagle plus Harris “The Hitman” Sarmiento versus undefeated prospect Mark “Mugen” Striegl. Both main events will be streamed on Sherdog.com concurrently with the TV 5 broadcast and is expected to open up PXC to a wide new audience outside the region.

“After 33 shows, PXC is finally streaming live so that the world can see the best MMA action in the Asia-Pacific region! The ability to have our shows easily available to anyone in the world through this partnership with Sherdog.com is a great leap forward for the company and just a hint of even bigger developments in the near future,” said PXC Promoter and CEO EJ Calvo.

Sherdog.com has long been a digital media pioneer in mixed martial arts and is one of the most recognizable and powerful media voices in the sport. Sherdog executive editor Greg Savage made the following comment about the growing phenomenon of sports being viewed on the Internet and about the PXC partnership,

“Digital streaming is a great way to increase the viewership of mixed martial arts beyond the traditional territorial television model. Our deals with PXC and our other streaming partners allow us to promote the sport we have spent so much time helping to build over the past 15-plus years to as wide an audience as possible. For us it brings new viewers to our brand while increasing the exposure of these regional promotions in the process. This win-win partnership also provides an avenue for the dedicated global MMA community to see the stars of tomorrow fighting today on Sherdog.com.”

PXC34 is presented by San Mig Strong Ice and Sports 5. With special thanks to E-Games, Fitness First, FHM Philippines, FHM.com.ph, Premiere Condoms, Healthway Agility Phil, Beer Below Zero, Real Sports Radio, and Loqal.ph.

For more information on PXC, check out www.pxc.com.ph or www.facebook.com/pxcmma.


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