Filipino-American, Lew “Titan” Polley To Make His Bellator Debut Against Carmelo Marrero

The sun rises over the clouds on a bright day and as a competitor awakens from his slumber only one thing lingers on their minds – the battle that awaits them.

To many, fight day is considered the culmination of months of training and self-development geared toward preparing to fight the battle ready adversary that stand in front of them. From the time they awake to their arrival at the arena, it is an event marked by reflection, anticipation, excitement, and sometime nervousness before stepping into the cage.

In a few hours, Lew “Titan” Polley will be making his Bellator debut against Carmelo Marrero in Sovereign Center, Reading, Pennsylvannia.

The former TUF assistant coach will try to get back into the winning column as he takes on a wrestler in Marrero.

Bellator 77 will feature the start of their lightweight tourney and will be broadcast LIVE on Friday, October 19th at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm ET on MTV2 and in commercial-free HD on EPIX, as well as in Spanish language on mun2. The preliminary card will begin at 6:00 pm ET/ 5:00 pm CT and streamed LIVE and FREE on

MMA Orient: Hi Lew, how’s everything going?

Lew Polley:

Everything is going well, thanks for asking.

MMA Orient: So, you’ll be making your Bellator debut on October 19 Carmelo Marrero. What do you know about your next foe?

Lew Polley:

I know he is a grinding style wrestler who does not like to strike.

MMA Orient: Does fighting a guy like Marrero who fought in the UFC gives you extra pressure?

Lew Polley:

I don’t believe in pressure. I think it’s just another competition; it’s another opportunity for me to prove myself.

MMA Orient: What do you think will be your biggest advantage over him?

Lew Polley:

I think speed and my diversity of offense.

MMA Orient: Define fighting and how it relates to Lew Polley?

Lew Polley:

Fighting for me is a war against yourself. I think its way to find out what type of person you are. I know I was born to do this.

MMA Orient: When you think about your start in MMA, what aspect about it attracted you to participate in the sport?

Lew Polley:

Simple, the competition.

MMA Orient: How has fighting affected your life on a professional and personal level?

Lew Polley:

On a personal level, people tend to assume things about you when they find out that you fight. It is hard to keep a good relationship at times just because of the requirements of the sport. Professionally, things are up and down like anything else in life. I tend to keep everything in perspective.

MMA Orient: Everyone has their own reason for fighting. What do you fight for?

Lew Polley:

I fight for a better life. I fight because it calls to me. There is nothing I would rather be doing with my time or life than fighting.

MMA Orient: Talk about the people that helped you train and how they play a role in assisting you in your fighting career?

Lew Polley:

I have great support from my manager, Mike Kogan, the team at Blackhouse and the best jiu-jitsu club on earth, team Checkmat. They help me get better everyday, they help me realize my dreams and help make them come true.

MMA Orient: What is about fighting that allows you to enter the battlefield on countless occasions with no fear?

Lew Polley:

I think the worst things that could happen, dying, losing my family, going to hell etc. It doesn’t happen in a fight. The worse thing that could happen is I lose. That is not worth the time or energy worrying about.

MMA Orient: In terms of being in the fight itself from a mental and physical standpoint, what is going through your head?

Lew Polley:

To be honest, not much. I practice the gameplan so much that everything just flows. I just let my body do what it was trained to do.

MMA Orient: In victory or defeat, how do you deal with each scenario after the battle?

Lew Polley:

I try to keep them the same. I learned a long time ago that the highs are not as high and the lows are not as low. I just treat things as if nothing happened. Win or lose.

MMA Orient: When it comes to the hurdles you go through as a fighter, what makes your goals so important that you are willing to go through these struggles?

Lew Polley:

Success is something that is relative to your position in life. So my view of success motivates me to always do more.

MMA Orient: When it’s all set and done, how would you like to be remembered as a fighter?

Lew Polley:

As a tenacious competitor who was not just good, but great.

MMA Orient: Some of your fans, especially in the Philippines doesn’t know you have a Filipino blood. Can you tell us more about your “pinoy” roots?

Lew Polley:

Yeah, my mother is 100% Pinay. She was born outside of Manila. We have family in Bicol.

MMA Orient: What are your favorite Filipino cuisines?

Lew Polley:

I have so many! (Laughs) Dinuguan, bangus with rice tomato and patis, lechon, kare-kare and tocino with rice and eggs.

MMA Orient: When did the last time you visited the Philippines?

Lew Polley:

It’s been forever, my family just came back from Manila. I am always busy with training but hopefully I can go with my cousin in February.

MMA Orient: Do you have any people/sponsors to thank?

Lew Polley:

Thanks to RYU clothing and apparel, Dr. William Kessler, my Blackhouse family, my Checkmat family and of everyone in the Philippines supporting me.


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