Will Chope: ” I know winning this fight would make me the real no. 1 contender. I just pray the URCC thinks the same way I do.”

The concept of fighting in competition sports revolves around the idea of a test of skills between two athletes wanting to prove their superiority over one another. Many fighters in mixed marital arts carry with them their own narrative that is told through their fearless performances in the cage.

Some fight for fame while some fight for the love of competing. Nevertheless, whatever purpose they carry with them is for the greater good of bettering one’s self toward obtaining an ultimate goal that consumes their core.

Rising prospect, Will “The Kill” Chope is a fighter that has no uncertainty about his abilities to reach the top in MMA. Looking inside his very being, the combatant steps into the flames of battle for the pure aim of attaining glory and acquisition of rewards this sport has to offer.

Chope will be making his fifth appearance in URCC against Rex De Lara tonight in Bacolod. “The Kill” looks for an impressive win over the Filipino De Lara and hopes that URCC will give him a shot at Ricardo Sapno’s title.

6’4 Chope vs. 5’7 De Lara during URCC Bacolod Brawl weigh ins.

MMA Orient: You’re fighting tonight for the fifth time in the Philippines’ longest running MMA show against a very game opponent. Tell us how you feel right now.

Will Chope:

Feeling really awesome to be back in the Philippines, to win this fight is so important to me right now, so much is on the line. Just very pumped!

MMA Orient: You’re on a tear right now with an impressive 7 fight win straek and you’re 4-0 inside the URCC ring. Do you think a win over De Lara will make you the no. 1 contender for Sapno’s title?

Will Chope:

I know winning this fight would make me the real no. 1 contender. I just pray the URCC thinks the same way I do.

MMA Orient: You’ll be fighting in your opponent’s backyard. Did that gave you more pressure going to this fight?

Will Chope:

I am a white westerner that has been living and fighting in Asia nearly my whole career, (laughs) I am always in my opponent’s backyard or hometown. It makes me more motivated to perform my best and win over the crowds love every fight. So that is what I will continue to try to do.

MMA Orient: We are almost 8 hours away from URCC Bacolod Brawl, what goes through your mind hours before your fight?

Will Chope:

Just resting and relaxing. I don’t get nervous or anxious until I get to the venue. When at the venue I know that is when I will get quiet and not talk to anyone and just focus on the fight and beating my opponent.

MMA Orient: What do you think will be your advantage over De Lara aside from your massive height and reach?

Will Chope:

Experience for sure. This is my 41st professional fight if you combine my MMA, boxing, muay thai, K1 and Sanda fights together. He has only 3 MMA fights in his whole career, this is my 9th MMA fight this year. So definitely I think that is my biggest avantage.

MMA Orient: What camp did you trained with in preparation for this fight?

Will Chope:

I started out at Phuket Top Team then went to Shanghai for 1 month and fought 2 K1 fights and 1 Sanda fight. While in China, I trained at Fighters Unite Shanghai. All in all was great camps the fights definitely helped improve my stand up game more.

MMA Orient: I know your focus right now is beating De Lara. You’ve been around in Asia fighting and beating guys and it seems that you have no plans on taking a short vacation from it. Do you have an up coming fights after this one?

Will Chope:

Yeah, next weekend, October 26th, I have another K1 fight in China, I wish I could stay in Bacolod a couple more days but due to this fight, got to go fly back right away.

MMA Orient: You are really the busiest fighter I’ve ever seen. Any finals words for De lara and for your fans?

Will Chope:

For De Lara, I just expect a fun fight. For all my fans, I love all you guys, and will continue to stay busy this year. Hope to give you all 10 more fights before New Years. Bakbakan na!


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