Smoker Fight 10 is set on October 27 in Davao City, Philippines

What is Smoker Fight?

First of all this is what smoker fights are not:

  •  Fights that are held between smokers.
  •  Fighters’ clashing in a gladiator-like throwdown in basements or social clubs.

Smoker fights are a great way for amateur fighters to actually compete and fight against another fighter, usually from another gym or dojo, as these types of events offer them a way to actually experience an actual match in a more toned down level of competition.

Though on paper, smoker fights appears to be simply a class higher than sparring, they still offer a lot of the same excitement, danger, and experience that an actual fight would.

It is an amateur fighting competition that would give a newbie fighter some ring time. It would help fighters control those pre-fight shivers and develop confidence once they step on the ring the next time they compete. A way of preparing fighters to go on mainstream fighting be it stand up or mixed martial arts. And after the fight, the fighter would be able to evaluate his skills and know his strengths and weaknesses.

In 2008, Dr. Vincente Rey. N. Vicente and his team mates were invited to compete for a smoker fight competition in Indiana. It was his first exposure to the said event. The concept made a big impact to him that when he went back to the Philippines on the later months of 2009, he decided to organize a smoker fight event in his place. On 2 May of 2010 the first smoker fight competition in Davao City, Philippines was achieved; there were only 3 matches. Currently Smoker Fight in Davao City already had 8 events with increasing number of fighters who are more than willing to participate and test their skills coming from different  gyms as far as Kidapawan, Cotabato, Philippines.

Know more about Smoker Fight by visiting their official website:

Smoker Fight’s 10th installment is set on October 27 in Davao, Philippines with ten exciting match-ups.

Visit: for more info.


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