ONE FC 6: Aoki vs. Lepont – Pros Pick

French fighter Arnaud “The Game” Lepont and Japanese warrior Shinya “Tobikan Judan” Aoki will square-off on 6 October 2012, in the 12,000 plus seating capacity Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore for the highly-anticipated ONE FC 6 “Rise of Kings”.

Both men are well-known for finishing fights in a remarkable way and they really hate to let the judges decide for the result of their fights. In other words, both men love to throw haymakers after haymakers, relentless on their feet, on the ground and looks to submit their opponents in a brutal fashion.

Aoki is arguably the most dangerous fighter when it comes to the ground. “Tobikan Judan” can break your arms, ankles, knees and your will in his chosen time, that’s how good this guy is. Aoki currently trains out of the biggest and very accomplished MMA gym in Asia, Evolve MMA.

I think we can definitely see a more complete and dangerous Aoki on October 6th against Lepont due to hours and hours of training with world-class muay thai coaches at Evolve MMA. Aoki admitted a few years back that he really hates to train his muay thai, but after suffering a couple of losses due to his lack of striking capabilities, he made the decision to train muay thai and transformed himself  to a true student of muay thai.

“Lepont is a tough warrior with a huge heart. For sure, he will be looking for the KO. Aoki is one of the greatest lightweights on the planet and he will be ready to show the world again why he is. This fight will not go the distance.”Yodchatri Sityodtong

Lepont in the other hand is a young, hungry and dangerous at all times. “The Game” is 10-1 in his pro MMA record winning 10 of his 11 fights via submission. Lepont in my opinion can defend Aoki’s submission attempts by throwing heavy punches from the top. Lepont has this never-say-die attitude that made him loved by his fans around the world.

Lepont will surely come out of his corner guns blazing as he looks to finish Aoki quickly to make a major statement that he is one of the best lightweights in the world. Lepont respects Aoki a lot, but there will be no feeling out process for this warrior when he faces his toughest opponent to date in Aoki.

“It’s a great opportunity for Arnaud. To have the chance to fight with one of the best lightweights in the world is a great opportunity for him. Arnaud does not feel any pressure, he is just going to go out there and do his best.”Paul Teo

This fight between Lepont and Aoki will not disapoint because many believed that this is one of those fights that you don’t want to miss. I urge you to don’t blink when this fight finally happen, because if you do, you might miss someone getting knocked or choked out.

I don’t think this is an easy fight for Aoki; Lepont has all the tools to beat Aoki, he just needs to work hard in the gym and come up with a better gameplan. Lepont has the heart of a champion and he will surely bring his “A” game on October 6th.

ONE FC CEO,Victor Cui stated, “This is the biggest fight of Lepont’s career and he is facing one of the toughest opponents possible in this weight class but on the flipside, Lepont has everything to gain and nothing to lose. If you are an MMA fan, then you already know the genius of Aoki and the cult-like following he has from fans around the world. Expectations will be high for Aoki to walk away with a win on his debut ONE FC fight.”

This is going to be a quick but brutal fight between two of the well-respected lightweights in Asia.

Can Lepont pull an upset or will it be a walk in the park for Aoki? Let’s here what these guys have to say about this match-up:

Arvind “The Juggernaut” Lalwani

It won’t be an easy fight for Aoki, but once Aoki has got Lepont figured out he will pull out a submission win. Aoki for the win.

Andrew Leone

I am very happy for Lepont, he’s got a great opportunity here. Let’s see what he can do with it. But if we look at it on paper, we got ourselves a mis-match. I respect Aoki and his record a lot and to say Lepont doesn’t have a chance would be silly because there’s always that overhand right, but if we look at who they both fought, who they proved themselves against side by side, I think we can manage an acceptable answer on who’s going to win.

Aoki, 1st round.
JJ “Superman” Ambrose

 I think stylistically this is a nightmare for Arnaud. Most of his wins have come by submission, having only had one TKO, he’s not known for his punching power. His limited wrestling won’t be enough to give Aoki much trouble with takedowns. However, it is a fight, and with the newly added Pride rules, anything can happen, one soccer kick later and it could be an upset. Best of luck to both fighters, but I see this ending in Aoki’s favor by way of submission, 1st or 2nd round.

Pete “The Professor” Brooks

Definitely not a walk in the park for Aoki. From the fights I’ve seen of Aoki, he is just a jiu jitsu guy. With the evolution of MMA, jiu jitsu by itself and without striking, is very ineffective. I’ve also talked with Eric Kelly, who trains with Lepont, and he said many positive things about Lepont. So I’ve got ‘The Game’ by 2nd round TKO.

Will “The Kill” Chope

This is definitely going to be a fun fight, 99% chance we see a cool crazy submission from the Japanese bad boy Aoki. But you never know with Lepont sometimes that guy is crazy, and he never gives up and turns the most technical fighters to brawlers when they fight him.

Lepont is a real fighter that never backs down and you better believe he will be coming out right at the bell marching at Aoki throwing bombs to test his chin. Going to be great fight, we either see another cool Aoki sub which I think is most likely or we just might see Lepont shock the world and be launched to super-stardom.

Ev Ting

Lepont seems well-rounded, but Aoki has my respect and definitely has the edge on the ground. Aoki by submission in early 2nd round.

Majee Overall

With new soccer kick rules in effect, I have to say that it is anyone’s ball game. Arnaud has been labeled the comeback kid recently, although most of his comebacks have been via submission. While a submission on Aoki is highly unlikely, this is a fight and anything can happen. My prediction is that Arnaud will come out swinging and clip Aoki early sending Shinya in desperately for a shot without a proper set up. This will be “The Game’s” chance to finish the fight early in sprawls and soccer kicks.

I got Arnaud pulling off the upset of the year via KO!


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