Mark Striegl: “I can eat 50 McDonald’s chicken nuggets in 5 minutes.”

Mark “Mugen” Striegl will be making his PXC debut when the promotion travels back to the Philippines on September 1st for PXC 33.

The Filipino-American fighter is currently 10-0 as a pro. He has a very balanced approach to his fights, admitting that his game plan is normally to stay away from an opponent’s strengths and attack their weaknesses. Striegl has shown he has all the tools to be successful in MMA. He has the skills to submit them, the power to knock guys out, and has been to decision only twice.

As he prepares to face Robert Wusstig, Striegl will be tasked with coming up with a plan for an opponent with few weaknesses. Wusstig is a strong dude and got some serious power on his hands. Although his MMA record is not that impressive, Wusstig can definitely submit or knock someone out inside the cage.

This is an exciting match-up as featherweight prospect, Striegl puts his unbeaten record on the line against Robert “The Real Deal” Wusstig.

MMA Orient: Hey Mark, how’s training?


Training’s going great, right now I’m doing my final preparations for the fight. 

MMA Orient: It’s been almost five months since your last fight. What was the reason why you didn’t took any fight for that span of time?


I’ve fought 4 times already this year and I felt that a little break would be good. On top of that, I wanted to find the right fit for my next fight. My mind and body are well-rested and I’m ready to go. 

MMA Orient: You are set to make your PXC debut on September 1st. Tell us your thoughts on fighting under the PXC banner. 


PXC is a well-respected organization that has been around for quite some time. I’m happy to be fighting for them and even happier to be fighting for them in the Philippines.

MMA Orient: What do you know about your next opponent, Robert Wusstig?


I know that he’s a well-rounded fighter with some big wins and that he’s a game opponent. I expect a tough fight.

MMA Orient: What gym are you training with in preparation for this fight?


I’m training in Baguio at Fight Corps MMA.

MMA Orient: Can you tell us more about Fight Corps MMA?


Fight Corps MMA is located in Trancoville near the Baguio Ice Plant. We have a great group of guys and we’re a tight-knit group.

MMA Orient: AJ Pyro is helping you for your preparations for PXC 33. Can you tell us more about your training partners?


AJ is a good friend of mine and he’s been a great help this training camp. AJ’s been helping me specifically with my strength and conditioning program. I’ve also been training with pro fighter Adam Cacay lately.

MMA Orient: Earlier this week, you stated that you’re gunning for the title. How confident are you going to this fight against Wusstig?


Everyone wants a shot at the title but that doesn’t mean I’m overlooking Wusstig – I’ve got to get past him before anything. Of course I’m confident (as a fighter you have to be) but I expect him to put up a big fight.

Streigl (L) facing off with Wusstig (R) during PXC 33 weigh ins

MMA Orient: If you win this fight in an impressive way, do you think PXC will give you a shot at Baby Joe’s title?


You’ll have to ask them.

MMA Orient: You are an undefeated fighter with 10-0 record. You probably defeated some of the best 145 lbs. fighters in the region. How’s the feeling of being an undefeated fighter?


It feels great. Nobody likes to lose and I’m no different. (Laughs)

MMA Orient: Let us talk about your past opponents. In your opinion, from those fighters that you’ve already beaten, who was the toughest one and why?


Bae Young Kwon is probably one of the toughest guys I’ve fought. He was very physically strong and it was a long and grueling match. Koreans are tough fighters.

MMA Orient: You are fighting in front of your home crowd. Does this fact helps you motivate to train more in the gym?


Absolutely. Fighting in Manila in front of my fellow Filipinos definitely gets me excited.

MMA Orient: Tell us something we don’t know about you.


I can eat 50 McDonald’s chicken nuggets in 5 minutes.

MMA Orient: Are there any point in your career where you struggle making weight before the fight?


Right after eating those chicken nuggets! (Laughs)

MMA Orient: What can PXC fans expect from “Mugen” on September 1st?


They can expect a new and improved version of myself. Mugen 3.0

MMA Orient: Do you have any message for your fans?


Thank you everyone for all the support…it means a lot! If you’re in the area please come to PXC 33 at Ynares Sports Arena on Sept.1st and if you’re not, you can catch the action on AKTV live.

MMA Orient: Any people/sponsors to thank?


I’d like to thank my family and close friends. I’d also like to thank my sponsors Jaded, Jockey, SNAP Japan and Jujubees.

PXC 33 Preview


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