Why ONE FC Is So Important?

ONE Fighting Championship is the premier Asian MMA promotion. It is the number one promotion in Asia and has the number one fighters in all of Asia as well. Although primarily focusing on Asian fighters is does also have many other talented fighters from across the world. This is the most significant thing to happen in Asian MMA since PRIDE FC and now is even larger than PRIDE was. To have such a great league around is a very important thing.

ONE FC gives many fighters the exposure they deserve but never received before. There are many talented fighters throughout Asia and not in the UFC in general who do not get much attention because they are not in the UFC.

ONE FC has presented these fighters with a platform to compete on that gives them great amounts of attention and exposure thus allowing their fan bases to grow vastly across the world instead of only a local fan base.

This extends beyond just fighters and includes gyms as well. Knowledge of the fighters ranging from China, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, and all across Asia is growing very tremendously due to this promotion.

Despite being Asia’s largest promotion and having increased it’s reach pretty far, it still has much growing it will do. The more it continues to expand or grow the more events they will continue to put on. This creates more opportunities for anyone wanting to be involved in the sport.

Fighters who did have many opportunities to compete will now be having more shows to compete on. More shows will increase the popularity of MMA and therefore more gyms will likely open up as a result thus giving more opportunities for people to start training in MMA and other martial arts which will produce some more talented fighters. ONE FC creates a great wealth of opportunities for people interested in becoming involved in MMA or upcoming fighters seeking more opportunities to fight.

Zorobabel “Zoro” Moreira scored a brutal soccer kick knockout over Roger “El Matador” Huerta at ONE FC 4 – Destiny of Warriors. Photo by ONEFC.COM

We also get to see a very different type of MMA action in ONE FC. In ONE FC the rules allow for soccer kicks and knees to the head of a grounded opponent, although only when the referee allows it. These rules allow us to see a very different type of action that keeps the pace going. Having an organization with different rules is always an important thing as it keeps things fresh and allows us to see MMA fights in a different way meanwhile providing us with new types of finishes to watch as well.

ONE Fighting Championship is a very important thing to have in the sport of MMA. It gives fighters the attention they deserve, creates new opportunities for anyone wanting to be involved in MMA, and gives us a fresh and different way to watch fights. This promotion continues to gives us great events. Hopefully it will continue to gives us many more.

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