Know more about Legend FC 10’s Rolando Dy

The most impressive stretch within the young career of Rolando Dy could reach new heights tonight, August 24th, in Hong Kong as hard-hitting Filipino squares off against New Zealand standout Ev Ting.

Following a slow start to his mixed martial arts career, Dy has hit his stride having rattled off first round TKO victory over Ryan Taclan last October of 2011. Rolando fought twice in Pacifix Xtreme Combat (PXC) and has gone 1-1 before being signed by Legend FC.

Rolando Dy will try to make a statement in LFC’s featherweight division as he takes on a fellow prospect in Ev Ting.

Dy vs. Ting will be the first bout of the night as two hard-hitting featherweights will try to impress the fans.

MMA Orient: Tell us something a bit about yourself.


I am Rolando Gabriel Dy. My first martial art is BJJ. When I was 18, first year college in Davao, I fought my first MMA fight in Butuan Extreme Combat. I won the fight via unanimous decision, but something happened to me that’s why I stopped training for almost a year and a half.

MMA Orient: Who introduced MMA to you and why did you chose it over boxing?


I was just an MMA fan before. But there’s this one day while I am walking in the streets of Davao, I saw a gym and I entered there. I saw some people doing BJJ. Since that day, I am saving 10 pesos everyday just to train every Saturday.

I choose MMA over boxing because I love fighting since I am a kid. I love fighting in the streets, in the classroom, anywhere. I feel some happiness and thrill every time I am entering a fight, and MMA in my opinion, is a street fight with rules.

MMA Orient: You’re the son of the former world boxing champion. With that being said, do you feel some pressure every time you enter inside the ring/cage?


Of course, I feel some pressure because people will think that I am that great fighter because my dad is a former champ, but I believe that I am not.

MMA Orient: Who is your biggest inspiration?


My inspiration is GSP because he is my number 1 hero.

MMA Orient: You’ll be making your Legend FC debut on August 24th in Hong Kong against a very durable opponent, Ev Ting. Is this your first fight outside the Philippines?


Yes, It is my first fight outside the country and I am very nervous and excited at the same time.

MMA Orient: What do you know about your next foe?


All I know is that he is a more experienced and more complete fighter than I am. But I will do my best to fight and take the win.

MMA Orient: What gym are you training with in preparation for this fight?


My coach, Marciano Basas, has a private gym and I train there every day.

MMA Orient: Can you tell us a bit about that gym?


It’s just a simple gym, but all equipment I need is already there; the weights, bags and the ring.

MMA Orient: What do you think will be your biggest advantage over Ev Ting?


I don’t have a belt in BJ, I don’t have a record in muay thai, I don’t have a record in boxing. But I know everything and I can mix it all.

MMA Orient: Are you a full time fighter or do you have other jobs aside from fighting?


I am a 2nd year student of legal studies in the Lyceum University of the Philippines. I am staying the house of my coach that’s why my training is always adjusted according to my class schedule.

MMA Orient: How does if feel being signed by Legend FC?


I feel a little bit nervous and excited. But I am ready.

MMA Orient: What can Legend FC fans expect from you on August 24th?


Expect me to win and give Ev Ting a headache.

MMA Orient: Do you have any people to thank?


First of all, I would like to thank coach Basas and his wife for allowing me to be a part of their family and for giving me all the knowledge. Thank you also to my manager, Ed Dames for giving me this opportunity and for supporting me. Also, to master Biagtan who first taught me how to kick, to Saliog clan and Dy family for supporting me. I will try to win. I am also bringing back all the praises and honor to our great God!


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