Gustavo Falciroli to Bibiano Fernandes, “I see him as a complete fighter”

MMAOrient: How are you man, how’s training?


Very good thank you, training has been good so far.

MMAOrient: We all know that you’ll be fighting in Manila on August 31st against Bibiano Fernandes. Give us your thoughts when ONE FC called you and offered you to fight Fernandes.


I was willing to have a fight soon so it worked out pretty good as I took the fight right away after the offer.

MMAOrient: What do you know about your next opponent?


He’s a good one.

MMAOrient: Do you see any holes in his game?


Not really, I see him as a complete fighter.

MMAOrient: What gym are you training with in preparation for this fight?


I have been going all around Melbourne to get ready for this fight, I have been training at Absolute MMA, Kaizen Fitness, No Limits Martial Arts, Dominance, Companhia Paulista Australia, Maromba Australia, Australian Jiu-Jitsu Elite Team, Kimekai and Skamma gym.

MMAOrient: Do you expect him to stand and trade punches with you, or do you think he’ll take you down early?


Fight is a fight, we only going to see what’s gonna happen after the bell.

MMAOrient: This is your first fight in Manila and it will be in front of 16,500 plus screaming fans. Do you fell any pressure going to this fight?


Not really, more people, more enjoyable is gonna be the show.

MMAOrient: Let’s talk about your family. Do you allow your kids and your wife to watch your fights? If so, what are their reactions every time you ho home after a fight?


Yeah, I allow them to do it as long as it’s on TV. My kids are too young to understand the moment but my wife, well she is my inspiration she supports everything I do and is always happy to see me back home.

MMAOrient: Many considered that this fight against Bibiano is your toughest to date. Tell us what you think about it.


Every coming up fight of mine is the toughest one, so, they are probably right.

MMAOrient: What is your biggest advantage over Bibiano?


Do you really believe I would tell you?

MMAOrient: How does it feel fighting under the ONE FC banner?


It feels great, ONE FC is very professional and they always look for me, so it’s all good.

MMAOrient: What is the biggest thing that MMA did into your life?


Made me a professional athlete where I can finally call it a job to provide for my family and doing what I love to do.

MMAOrient: Any advise to those up and coming fighters?


Keep training and believing so that one day ONE FC will knock on your door.

MMAOrient: What can ONE FC fans expect from you on August 31st in Manila?


A great show, that is what I always do when I step inside that cage.

MMAOrient: Do you have any people you want to thank?

There is many people to thank, I won’t say names to don’t forget anyone, I wanna thank all my family, friends and fans that supports me for real, I really appreciate their support.

Falciroli vs. Fernandes preview

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