Nicholas Mann is working on his kung fu skills in preparation for the biggest fight of his MMA career.

Nicholas Mann is full of confidence heading into his fight against Gregor Gracie on August 31st at Smart Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines.

Coming off an impressive victory over Froilan Sarenas at URCC 21 in which Mann handed Sarenas his first ever career loss. Nicholas Mann looked very well-rounded in that fight and looks to be on top of his game.

The current URCC light heavyweight champion has no intentions on giving up his four-fight winning against a very dangerous submission ace, Gergor Gracie. Even though the fight is set at 80kg, many believed that Nicholas Mann can make the weight easily and will be dominant in this new weight category.

MMA Orient: How excited are you to have the opportunity to fight a Gracie?

Nicholas Mann:

I’m excited to be fighting Gregor. He is a world class fighter and a big step up in competition for me.

MMA Orient: Are you confident you will be able to get down to 80kg?


80kg is no problem!

MMA Orient: Where are you based and who do you train with?


I’m currently based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Training out of Cross Training Kensington. I do a lot of training with other gyms to such as Team Takedown, Extinction MMA in Warragul and we are always going to other gyms for sparring.

MMA Orient: How did you end up fighting in URCC?


I began my fight. career in the Philippines. I was teaching taekwondo at the time and of the guys at the gym I was teaching out of was an MMA coach, Yogi Gunda. So I trained with him for a while and developed a bit of a taste for competitive fighting. When I decided to get serious, I switched to Hybrid Yaw-Yan I had my first amateur fight a week later. It was just a natural progress toward URCC. My first fight there was at heavyweight and was unsuccessful. The rest is history.

MMA Orient: Do many people follow your career in Australia?


I’m not sure if people outside of my training circle follow my career, but it seems unlikely.

MMA Orient: ONE FC is connected to CFC in Australia, would you be interested in for them if the opportunity is given?


If the opportunity is given, I would fight in CFC!

MMA Orient: Have you watch Gregor Gracie’s last two fights and if so, did you see any opportunities or weaknesses you could potentially exploit?


I’ve watched a lot of his stuff. Everyone has chinks in their games and you always aim to exploit them. This is an MMA fight and just about anything can happen, never be on the one plan to help you win the fight.

MMA Orient: What sort of things will you be working on in preparation for this fight?


I’m working on my kung fu skills extensively, particularly my iron palm and exploding head technique. Also summoning up my chi so his strikes and submissions have no effect on indomitable warrior spirit.

MMA Orient: How excited are you to be fighting in front of so many fans in Manila?


Always love fighting in the Philippines! Mad fans, great venues and quality training. Can’t go wrong. 

MMA Orient: How much has the URCC helped fighters like yourself to have the opportunity to build records and get signed by big promotions?


URCC is a very professional organization and are always making exciting matches. They’ve helped myself and other fighters to gain international recognition, which I think is well deserved. They’re very good at promoting their fighters.

MMA Orient: What weight class do you feel most comfortable competing in? Could we see you drop to 170 in the future?


I feel best at 84kg. I walk around 95kg and I hate cutting weight, which is why my first pro fight was at heavyweight and it was really a big mistake! (laughs) It’s safe to say you will never see me at less then 80kg.


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