PRO MMA Fighting 7 Results

PRO Fighting MMA 7 Full Results

Florian Garel vs Rocky Liu – Florian Wins viaSubmission (Anaconda Choke ), 1st Rd.

Frogman vs Stone Shih – Frogman Wins via Submission (RNC), 1st Rd.

Sunil Raj vs YuJen Jeff-Machine Huang – Jeff Huang Wins via KO (punches), 1st Rd.

Seok Mo Kim vs Isamu Himura – Seok Mo Kim Wins via TKO, 1st Rd. 

Jung Won Lee vs Daniel Gray – Jung Won Lee Wins via Submission (Armbar), 1st Rd. 

Hagan Cooper vs Cheng Ming Quay – Cheng Ming Quay Wins via KO 1st Rd. 

Dae Myung Kim vs Will “The Kill” Chope – Will Chope Wins via Unanimous Decision

Hanz Olsen vs DongXing Wu – DongXing Wu Wins via KO, 1st Rd. 

Jj Ambrose vs Dong Sun Choi – JJ Ambrose Wins via KO, 2nd Rd.

Nick Leconte vs Brad Terrey – Nick Leconte Wins via TKO 1st Rd.


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