3 Big match-ups we want to see at ONE FC 5: Pride of a Nation

ONE Fighting Championship announced earlier that some of the biggest names in the sport will compete in their fifth installment in Manila.

There are few gigantic match-ups that has been already confirmed by ONE FC; Jens “little evil” Pulver vs. Eric “The Natural” Kelly, Soa “The Hulk” Palelei vs. Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski, Gustavo Falciroli vs. Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes and Gregor Gracie vs. Nicholas Mann. But despite of these exciting bouts, I am pretty sure that you guys are pumped to know the full fight card for this gigantic event. But Victor Cui said during the presser that the full fight card is yet to be announced in the coming weeks.

I know a lot of ONE FC fans have their own dream matches for this event. That’s why I asked some hardcore ONE FC fans on what are those match-ups they want to see on August 31st.

I got three match-ups who garnered a bunch of votes from ONE FC fans. I hope Victor Cui will give the fans what they want.

Shinya Aoki vs. Jorge Masvidal

Shinya Aoki doesn’t need an introduction anymore because he already has this popularity that is bigger than any other MMA fighters in Asia.

Aoki has been the face of JMMA and Asian MMA as a whole. Whenever this guy is in the cage, he never fails to bring it; that’s why this guy has a tremendous fan base around the globe. We want to see this freak of nature go up against Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal.

Masvidal is a Strikforce lightweight fighter who trains at American Top Team. Masvidal’s record includes notable wins over Yves Edwards, Joe Lauzon, Satoru Kitaoka, Ryan Schultz, Billy Evangelista and K.J. Noons.

Gamebred has been fighting for almost 10 years now and proved that he belongs to the top 155 fighters in the world. Masvidal possess a heavy hands and an unbelievable cardio. He just recently won his fight via split decision against Justin Wilcox in Strikeforce – Rockhold vs. Kennedy last July 14th, 2012.

Masvidal has a perfect style on giving Aoki a headache; so if this fight happens, it will surely bring fireworks on August 31st in Manila.

Eduard Folayang vs Felipe Enomoto

Speaking of fireworks, we want to see two of the most talented lightweights in Asia today go up against each other. Folayang vs Enomoto will be one of those match-ups that will surely bring the Filipino fans up on their seats.

Folayang is an MMA icon in the Philippines, a very accomplished Sanshou fighter who loves to utilize heavy leg kicks and punches to his opponents. Folayang is widely considered as the no. 1 lightweight fighter in the Philippines to date. He is also one of those Filipino fighters who brought the Philippine MMA into a whole new level.

Eduard is willing to fight whoever ONE FC puts in front of him.

Ellenberger’s ground game is quite different, he does have submissions as a part of his arsenal, he would prefer to keep the fight standing.

If this fight will happen, Felipe Enomoto will have a slight reach and height advantage over the Filipino fighter. We have already seen how dangerous this guy is on the ground when he submitted Ole Laursen at ONE FC 3: War of the Lions in Indonesia.

These two warriors obviously got some differences on their styles, but both of them have one thing in common; both of them got a heart of a champion which I think, the most important recipe for an explosive and thrilling fight.

It will surely be a heck of a fight!

Mark “Mugen” Striegl vs. Mitch “The Dragon” Chilson

Striegl and Chilson are arguably two of the best good looking guys in the business today. They possess a charisma that never fails to attract female fans. In other words, these two fighters got swag on them. No doubt about it (no homo).

Anyway, I want to see this fight happen because I know that both men are always looking to put on a good show and loves to finish their opponents as quick as possible.

Striegl is undoubtedly one of the fastest rising featherweight prospect in Asia. The Filipino-American Striegl has an unblemished MMA record of 10-0 (8 by submissions and 2 by decisions). Striegl looked very sharp in his recent fight against Alcer Lozada in URCC 21 last April 28, 2012, submitting Lozada in the first round via rear naked choke.

Mitch Chilson is an accomplished Muay Thai fighter and is a certified Muay Thai instructor under Kru Yodtong Senan, 1 of only 7 non-Thai instructors in the world.

Chilson is coming off from a very impressive win over Striegl’s teammate, Aj Vaa in ONE FC 4: Destiny of Warrios. Chilson showcased his BJJ skills by submitting Vaa via 1st round submission (RNC), making his record improved to 3-1.

I think Striegl has never faced a high caliber striker like Chilson and as for the Evolve Fight Team warrior, I think he never faced a guy as versatile as Striegl.

UFC is heading to Macau this November, so If ONE FC doesn’t make a move on Striegl, maybe we will likely see him making his debut on November in the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

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8 thoughts on “3 Big match-ups we want to see at ONE FC 5: Pride of a Nation

  1. “Folayang is widely considered as the no. 1 lightweight fighter in the Philippines to date.”

    But didn’t Ole Laursen beat him?

  2. Pingback: MMA in Asia » QUICK COMBO:

  3. I know Ole beat Folayang fare and square, but it’s not that impressive to make Ole a fan favorite here in the Philippines. I respect Ole Laursen, he’s a great and dangerous fighter. I think if Folayang wins this August 31st, he’ll be facing Laursen of a rematch in Singapore…

    • But don’t you see the fallacy in your statement?

      I just think it’s hard to be the no. 1 lightweight fighter in the Philippines if you had been beaten by another Filipino in your last fight

      Reasonable, no?

      • yes its reasonable

        it says widely considered no. 1, not claiming as no.1. and it says in the philippines, is ole based in the philippines?, does he fight for the philippines? no…

        so maybe your just one of the few who don’t consider, cos you’d rather root for fil-foreign players/fighters than pure blood Filipinos.

        and that fight, ole didnt beat eduard, he may have won but not convincing, its a split, could have gone the other way around. and look at ole’s face.

        both fighters are great, and respect for ole raising eduard’s hand.

      • Actually, Ole is based in the Philippines and lives on Boracay; owns a gym there. He was also born in the Philippines. So….

        I also don’t think you both understand the judging criteria for One FC. Go read it, then re-watch the fight. For ex, judge the fight as a whole, not round by round, more pts for trying to finish, etc.

        I do agree with you though, on it being a great fight

      • Ole is a MIXED race, Born in PH. OLE didn’t fight representing Ph on his previous fights. He just recently change and represent Ph when he saw how really a full blooded filipino fight.
        Review fights of OLE in any event and always representing DENMARK…. Didn’t succed to defeat BWAKAW in Muaythai.

        Ole vs. Edward, no comment, the game is already passed. judgement already done. OLE wins as a result of the fight but in the heart of a true fighter.. OLE didn’t WIN. and he himself told that EDWARD is tough and even raise Edward’s hand just after the match because he feels he didn’t win.

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