After a very impressive win last weekend, Mitch “The Dragon” Chilson wants to get back inside the cage A.S.A.P

ONE Fighting Championship: ‘Destiny of Warriors’ was a historic moment for Malaysian MMA with the 10,400 capacity Stadium Negara completely sold out. The audience did not go home disappointed as the show delivered some spectacular fights and one of the winners was Mitch Chilson.

Chilson is based in Singapore and trains and fights out of Evolve MMA, widely regarded as the best camp in Asia. He was submitted by Pinoy fighter Eric Kelly at the first ONE FC event but got the win this time when he tapped out Malaysia’s AJ Mansour.

He is one of the most exciting fighters in ONE FC’s featherweight division and he spoke to MMA Orient about his recent fight and his plans for the future.

MMA Orient: Were you surprised when AJ Vaa was able to take you down so early in the fight?


Yes, I was planning on striking with him the first round. I heard the corner tell “shoot” and I thought they were playing mind games. But sure enough he shot in. 

MMA Orient: You were able to work your way to your feet almost immediately, was that something you had practised a lot in training?


Every day I train with the best martial artists on the planet. I get taken down a lot and have to get up. His takedown caught me off guard and I was shocked that was his game plan. I am very comfortable on the ground. I have been working wrestling everyday with the legend Heath Sims. Once I realized what he was doing everything came very naturally. 

MMA Orient: You landed some solid looking knees in the build up to the finish, do you think they hurt AJ and possibly helped open up the submission attempt?


I think one of them landed well. I am not sure if they opened him up. I just think they got him thinking about something else. 

MMA Orient: It seemed you capitalized on a small opening very quickly to lock in the rear naked choke, can you talk us through it?


AJ really wanted the double leg. His first attempt was successful but I was able to pop back up. Once I was able to secure the clinch I was able to land a takedown of my own. I passed to mount and he recovered 1/2 guard. Then he surprised me again by just standing up. I locked in a Muay Thai clinch and delivered a knee. He pushed me back into the cage and went for another takedown. I locked the clinch in again and shot up another knee. I stopped another takedown by sprawling and went to a front headlock. I dropped one more knee to the head and spun around to the back. I locked in the RNC and secured the hooks and he tapped. 

MMA Orient: It was very similar to the way your last fight finished when you were submitted by Eric Kelly in a similar situation, did that make the win even more satisfactory?


No I don’t believe it was more or less satisfying. I just wanted to get back in there and perform well. I try not to let past failures or successes affect my current preparation. I wanted to get back in the cage and put on a show. 

MMA Orient: When are you fighting again and who would you like to fight against?


I am not sure. I would like to get back in the cage ASAP. My injuries are healed and I am ready to go again. 

MMA Orient: Did you see Eric Kelly’s fight with Bae Young Kwon and if so what did you think, did it play out like you thought it would?


The Kwon vs Kelly fight was tough. Kelly’s back defense was spot on. Kwon landed some good takedowns and took his back. Kelly toughed it out and got the decision. I thought Kwon was going to win by submission but I was wrong. 

MMA Orient: Tickets were changing hands outside the stadium for three times face value, were you conscious of the fact you were making Malaysian MMA history and did it surprise you to see so many people attend the first major MMA show ever held there?


No, I am not surprised. One FC is doing a great job with marketing and promotion. Each event grows bigger and more successful. I am proud to call myself a One FC fighter. 

MMA Orient: After having nine months to reflect on your loss how relieved are you to be back to winning ways again?


Losing at the first One FC event was hard and I have had to live with my mistake for almost 10 months. However it did pushed me to train and push a little harder. I became a better martial artist because of it.

MMA Orient: Will you be taking a break after this or will you carry on training?


No I was back in Evolve MMA fighters program on Monday afternoon.

MMA Orient:Who are your training partners at Evolve MMA and what sort of things do you work on with them?


I have many incredible training partners. The Evolve MMA Fight Team is filled with Muay Thai, BBJ and wrestling champions. Every day I am pushed beyond my comfort level and forced to improve all areas of martial arts. We have the complete package at Evolve. I want to thank my all my coaches and teammates for all their help and support.

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