Folayang Vs. Laursen II?

Get ready Manila!

Fight fans all over the world are eager to see a second fight between two Filipino MMA icons between Ole “Iron Fist” Laursen and Eduard “Landslide” Folayang.

Laursen and Folayang met inside the ONE FC ring last March 31 at ONE FC 3 “War of the Lions” in Singapore. Laursen won via split decision, leaving Folayang and some fight fans wondering why the judges gave the W to Laursen.

Folayang and Laursen after their very entertaining fight at ONE FC 3

I think it’s time to settle all the issues behind their first fight, I think the fans, most especially the Filipino fans, are excited to see these two warriors hitting each other inside the biggest and most prestigious cage in the region.


8 thoughts on “Folayang Vs. Laursen II?

  1. yeah!lets get this goin…wow held in d philippines.i hope d main media capture dis big event and put phil. on d map..can’t wait for dis event.

  2. Naku yung dating MMA yung platinum ring of fire (correct?) in 2007 nilangaw 😦 Sana mapuno nila Araneta Coliseum

    • oo napanuod ko din yung ring of fire na yun.. Sa tinging ko mas maraming Pinoy fans na ang may alam sa MMA kaya I expect na magiging okay yung attendance on Aug. 31st..

  3. Honestly, I think Coach Eduard lost the fight. There were no issues there. It was plain to see. I was expecting Coach Eduard to out wrestle and take Ole down but I was surprise to see the opposite. Furthermore, I think our coaches (no offense) should change their game plan against sir Ole. With due respect to sir Ole, aside from him learning Wrestling and BJJ, his striking is still the same as years ago. I mean sir Ole should have adapted his Muay Thai style into a more MMA style.

  4. I’m playing devil’s advocate with this statement but this is just my opinion. I’m a die-hard fan of Coach Eduard and will always be and I am a proud Team Lakay member and student under Coaches Eduard and Coach Mark and our senior coaches and fighters since 2006. But I have to hide under a pseudonym to be able to express my opinion out of respect to them. I do not wish to be disrespectful to our Coaches but I want to avoid a hard sparring session at the gym if I ever they knew who I was. LOL!
    I do hope ONE FC can bring in Vuyusille Colossa to fight Coach Eduard Folayang as that is the only fight I know that is even more controversial than Laursen and Folayang’s fight last year.
    Coach Eduard lost that fight to Colossa given that Colossa’s striking was more accurate and crisp than both Coach Eduard and even Laursen’s. Vuyusille outmatched Coach Eduard’s striking thereby racking up striking points way ahead of Coach Eduard.
    ONE FC bring in Vuyusille Colossa to compete against Coach Eduard after the Laursen vs Folayang 2 fight.
    That would be an awesome fight and will surely improve Coach Eduard to be the best among his weight division.

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