Fil-Am Fighter AJ Matthews Gears Up For Upcoming Bout On Bellator Fighting Championships

Matthews is a very promising striker who looks to keep his fights standing. He shows a nice straight right, good kicks from both legs and is a heavy handed puncher with definite finishing power on his feet. Currently working on his standup at California Kickboxing with Joseph Del Real, Matthews holds exciting potential in his MMA striking game.

AJ Matthews is a 23 year old Filipino/English/American fighter that has been around MMA for more than 10 years. He first was exposed to MMA when he moved away from his family in Rapid City, South Dakota for Carlsbad, California at age 15. His older brother Brian lived a separate life from AJ and jumped on the opportunity of having his younger brother move in with him and they could begin a relationship as brothers.

Brian had been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for years at the Harris Academy in San Diego under the guidance of professor Roy Harris. AJ, being new in town didn’t have much to do besides work, school, and soccer, so Brian introduced him to Jiu Jitsu. The two brothers would drive to Oceanside, California to their Matt Stansell’s garage which had wrestling mats and one side of a fence to train. For $10 dollars a session Matt taught jiu jitsu every Sunday and they would always have a good group of training partners including Former UFC fighter Jason Lambert, KOTC champ Manny Rodriguez, and sometimes, Roy Harris himself. This group of training partners turned into a fight team, and this forced AJ to learn wrestling and kickboxing to become a better training partner.

Years have gone by, AJ graduated college from CSULA as a dual sport NCAA athlete in soccer and track while becoming 4-0 as a professional MMA fighter. After recovering from a shoulder injury and his only defeat in MMA, AJ took his first professional boxing match and won via 3rd round KO. AJ was names a Sports Illustrated as top prospect in MMA by Josh Gross, and has created a buzz behind his name. This buzz caught the attention of Bellator FC and AJ signed a deal with this organization. Now 1-0 in Bellator, AJ aims for his second straight Bellator win against Charlie Raider on May 25th for Bellator 70.

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