Unbreakable Will: An MMAOrient interview with URCC 21 Fighter, Will “The Kill” Chope

You are never out of harm’s way when you are facing this 6 foot 4 inches featherweight beast inside the cage.

Equipped with a massive reach and height advantage, with a very sharp elbows and knees, Will “The Kill” Chope is definitely a threat to the URCC’s featherweight and lightweight division.

Will “The Kill” Chope is a freelance fighter who fights in multiple Pro Combat Sports whether it be Boxing, K-1, Muay Thai, Pro Sanda, and of course MMA.

Will is an American based out of Phuket, Thailand at the fast rising powerhouse team of Phuket Top Team and also a member of Team Buffet.

Born and raised in California. Will got into MMA through his dad. His dad was friends with Kenny Shamrock, sparking his interest in the sport. When the very first UFC was broadcast, they watched it together and Will has been a fan of MMA ever since.

Will moved to Florida as a teenager and spent his High School years at Ridgeview High School, graduating at 17 years old and going straight into the US Air Force. While in the Air Force he was stationed on the Island of Guam and lived there for 2 years. During his time in Guam, when he had free time he would train MMA. He trained at the renowned Spike 22 gym and watched local fights and it hooked him. He no longer wanted to be a casual spectator or a hardcore fan; he wanted to fight.

Will’s Air Force career was short-lived and ended when he was 19 years old. After leaving the Air Force, Will began his journey to his dream and moved straight over to Phuket, Thailand. After 1 month of training he entered his first amateur MMA fight resulting in a Win due to TKO and being the fearless fighter he is, 3 days after he won that fight he also fought his first Pro Muay Thai fight. He won both.

Since Will has gone pro in Muay Thai, Sanda, K-1, and MMA he has fought over 25 times in just over a year which many PRO fighters wouldn’t even dare to attempt.

He loves fighting as often as he can, wherever he can. Will has fought in many different countries and regions already such as, USA, China, Taipei and Hsinchu Taiwan, Saipan, Philippines, Bangkok and Phuket Thailand.

At 21 years old Will is a young fast rising exciting prospect. Be on the look out for him as his career and name grows.

Will Chope is scheduled to fight yhe former URCC lightweight champion, Angelito “The Saint” Manguray on Saturday, April 28, 2012, in a highly anticipated URCC 21: WARPATH.

A win over a dangerous Manguray will definitely catapault Chope into the lightweight title contention.

Others may doubt Chope’s ability to win a title, but we can obviously see that he really wants to be a champion and he is working his way up by overcoming tough competitions and proved to his haters that he can finish fights with authority.

That’s why Chope is in a spot right now where he is just a win away from perhaps a title shot.

You can say every negative things you want to say about this kid, you can say every swear words straight at his face, but one thing is for sure, you cannnot break his spirit, especially his willpower.

MMAOrient interviews 21-year-old fighter, Will “The Kill” Chope.

MMAOrient:  You are preparing to fight Angelito Manguray at URCC 21: WARPATH on April 28. How has training been going and give us your thoughts on fighting on the main card?

The Kill:

I have been working with Dorian Price on my Muay Thai and Mark Striegl on my wrestling and ground. I am so ready I want to keep it standing of course, and feel honored to be on the main card and show case my skills to the Filipino fans.

MMAOrient: Give us your thoughts on fighting in the Philippines for the fourth time and what are you expecting from the crowd?

The Kill:

I love the Philippines! My home and heart is in Baguio City. So I am hoping I have some Filipino fans, but Angelito is a fan favorite and is like the Randy Couture of the Philippines, so I am still expecting some booes.

MMAOrient: Tell us what you know about Manguray and how do you expect this fight to go down?

The Kill:
He is a very unorthodox striker, and has very good sweeps. People think Angelito will KO me, but I expect him to try and take me down. But I will be doing everything I can to silence the doubters and KO “The Saint.”

MMAOrient: Except from your massive height and reach advantage over Manguray, What else do you think will be your biggest advantage over him?

The Kill:

My Muay Thai, I love to clinch, and using my knees and elbows. Also my new catch wrestling, I have been working my ground diligently, and really will use everything I got my lanky madness as I like to call it.

MMAOrient: You’ve been busy fighting over the past 6 months and became busier when you started Gods FC. Tell us what is the feeling of organizing an event while you are preparing for a fight at the same time?

The Kill:

It is very challenging to organize an event and also prepare for a very important fight. Gods FC was my first show and I had a small team to organize so was a lot of work but it was a lot of fun and I love this sport. I am in the greatest shape I have been in a long time not having to worry about cutting weight, so I am excited and ready for this fight.

MMAOrient: You already fought five times in just three months. How many times would you like to fight in 2012?

The Kill:

I fought 21 times in 2011, I made a New Years resolution to fight 30 times in 2012, So I still got a lot of work to do to make that goal a reality, I will be making my pro boxing debut this year in the Philippines, and will also fight Muay Thai in Malaysia & Thailand along of course with MMA everywhere. 

MMAOrient: What’s your ultimate goal in this sport?

The Kill:

I love to fight, I want to go down in history as the MMA fighter with the Most Pro MMA fights in history, and not only most pro MMA fights to me that am easy but I want to have the most wins also. (Laughs)

MMAOrient: Tell us the history behind your nickname “The Kill”

The Kill:

Early, at the beginning of my career I took any fights that were given to me at any weight.  I fought the HW WBC Muay Thai Champ Christian Bosch who had 50+ pounds over me I fought Seok Mo Kim who was a welter weight at the time when I was walking around at 150, I should have said no to these fights, and my friends nick named me the Kill. Not because I kill opponents, but because I would do anyhting just to fight and would rather be killed than turn down a fight.

MMAOrient: What type of advice would you tell young aspiring MMA fighters about the fight game?

The Kill:

For me I would say if your dream is to fight, then don’t make excuses get in the gym get ready believe in yourself and go find yourself a fight.

MMAOrient: Do you have any words to say for Manguray?

The Kill:

Your one of the few Filipino fighters I look up to, prove to me how good you are, stand and trade and let’s put on a show.

MMAOrient: Any words of wisdom or anyone out there you would like to thank?

The Kill:

I want to thank MuayFit & Fight Corps MMA Baguio. Huge thanks to Dorian Price for improving my standup and always huge thanks to my brother and fellow Team Buffet member, Mark Striegl. I wouldn’t be here with out him.

Thanks again to all my supporters and my family as well. Thank you guys so much for all your prayers and love.

Follow The Kill on Twitter: @AsiaWillTheKill

Follow me on Twitter: @zikeyorient


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