The Toughest Game You Ever Played – An MMAOrient interview with Arnaud “The Game” Lepont.

Arnaud Lepont

Let THE GAME Begin!

Every fighter that has stepped into the cage has a story. Whether in triumph or defeat, their tale is displayed in battle and showcased through their unlawfulness for putting their mind, body, and soul on the line in order to move one step closer to achieving their goal.

Examining a fighter’s heart is like solving a physics equation: meaning you have to work through numerous layers to get to the answer. The heart is what keeps a person mobile, vital, and heavily focused along the journey.

Nevertheless, through triumphs, pitfalls, and uncertainty it is the fortitude embedded in one’s heart to go through these scenarios that will ultimately breed success within the individual.

Arnaud “The Game” Lepont (8-1) is a rapidly rising fighter who trains out of the MuayFIT gym in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While most fighters have been documented for their work ethic in the gym, Lepont’s entire life defines what it truly means to work hard. Overcoming many obstacles put in front of him, his life story has contributed to his growth as a martial artist and desire to become the best.

With his aggressive and fast-paced game, the French native is no doubt, a definite up-and-coming fighter in Asia. Lepont has fought twice in Asia particularly in Thailand, winning both of his fights by 1st round stoppages. He is alleged to make his appearance in Asia’s biggest MMA promotion, One Fighting Championship, on June 23rd in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Although the name of his opponent has not been confirmed yet, one thing is certain about this fighter, and that is he never fails to impress fight fans.

Here’s interview with rising MMA fighter, Arnaud “The Game” Lepont:

MMAOrient: For the sake of some fight fans who don’t know much about you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

The Game:

My name is Arnaud Lepont, aka “The Game”, I am a French MMA fighter. I have been based in South East Asia for several years. I first began learning Karate when I was five years old. At the age of 25, I won the French Pancrase Championship as an amateur which inspired me to turn pro. I went on to fight for Gods of War promotion in Germany, where I am still the current Welterweight Champion. I moved to Thailand and started fighting for Dare Fighting Championship. I am 2-0 in this organization and I just defeated Cris Haja in Dare 2/12 last month.

MMAOrient: How did you get into the sport of mma?

The Game:

When I moved from my hometown to Paris in France, I went to train with the European Vale Tudo Champion in his academy. He opened my eyes and shared to me his knowledge on fighting. After winning the French Pankration Championship, I decided to turn pro. I was winning four in a row until the European BJJ Champion, Samuel Judes caught me with an arm bar. That was my only loss in my professional fighting career that pushed me to become better fighter. Since that, I am on a five-fight winning streak. 

MMAOrient: How has training been going, who have you been training with?

The Game:

Training is going better and better. I have trained in camps such as Free Fight Academy (FFA )in Paris, 13Coins and Q23 in Bangkok, Tiger Muay Thai and Phuket Top Team in Phuket, but now I am part of an Elite Fight Team at MuayFit in Malaysia. I have the chance to train with such an awesome guys like Eric Kelly, Mark Striegl, Dorian Price, Will Chope and Allamurad Karayev. They always motivate me everyday to be unstoppable in the cage.

MMAOrient: Your moniker, “The Game” is probably one of the best nicknames in the business today. Can you tell us the history behind it?

The Game:

I have that name because I have a bad habits of spitting water in the air like the famous wrestler in WWE, Triple H (I actually had the chance to meet him, and he is such a great guy). I am always in the gym but it seems like everybody’s finding it hard to remember my name. So they tagged me with the nickname “The Game”. I think I am well rounded fighter, I have the whole package, the whole Game, so yeah, I that is why my nickname’s “The Game”.

MMAOrient: You have also been working with Eric Kelly who is one of the top featherweights in the region. Have you learned much from him?

The Game:

Eric is an amazing guy, he is like my brother. For me, no doubt, he is in the top ten fighters in asia in his division. I would love to see him fight a guy like Kawajiri at One FC. We share techniques and drills together. But the best part of training with Eric is that he showed me everyday the real meaning of humility and respect. I learned a lot from him.

MMAOrient: Are you officialy a One FC fighter now? If so, when is your next fight and who are you fighting with for your One FC debut?

The Game:

Yes, it’s true. I have an offer from Victor Cui and I immediately grabbed the opportunity to fight in the biggest MMA promotion in Asia. One FC is a great promotion with top level fighters. I can’t wait to step inside One FC cage. I have to be honest; I don’t know when is my next fight or who will be my next opponent, but one thing is certain for now and that is me joining One FC and  I will entertain fans. That’s for sure. I will let One FC bosses decide for me. I hope to be on the main card of One FC Kuala Lumpur on the 23rd of June. I want to fight as a lightweight.

MMAOrient: It seems like the fight fans want to see you fight Eddie “The Magician” Ng. If One FC offers you a contract to fight him, will you accept it?

The Game:

If the fans want to see me fight Eddie, so be it. I think he is a future star and Victor Cui is doing great to build him. I respect Eddie as a fighter. He is part of one of the best gyms in Asia.

He told in an interview that he has a perfect gameplan to beat me. My previous opponents also said they got a good gameplan against me, but I always end up tagging them with my fists. I will fight whoever One FC decide to put in front of me. I am not scared of anybody. But I agree that this possible fight with Eddie will be a good one.

MMAOrient: What do you think of Eddie’s last performance at One FC 3: War of the Lions?

The Game:

What performance? No disrespect to him or to what he has done, but I am not impressed with his performance. It seems like Kai was not mentally there. My understanding of the word “Fight” is a non-stop brawl with both fighters going for the kill everytime they throw punches. Look at Folayang Vs. Laursen, that was a real fight!

MMAOrient: . If the fight happens between The Game Vs. The Magician, what do you think will be your biggest advantage over him?

The Game:

My smile for sure, I can also drink 6 bottles of beer and won’t get drunk easily! (Laughs). Seriously, I have been through hell in some of my fights, but in the end, I always managed to walk away with my hand raised. I have more heart than anybody else in this business,  no doubt about that. I am a father; I fight to raise my son. Anyone who steps inside the cage with me is like trying to rob the food from my baby’s mouth. You’ll be a dead man if you do that.

But I honestly think Eddie has never faced a guy like me. He has never been tested in my opinion. The combined record of his last three opponents is 5 wins and 25 losses. 
He definitely needs to prove himself. Why don’t put Eduard Folayang? the guy just lose a hell of a war, for sure Eduard would be a good test for Eddie.

MMAOrient: What is the feeling of being signed by the largest mma promotion in Asia?

The Game:

It is very nice, I feel respected for what I’ve done in my caeer. But let’s be honest, this is just the beginning for me. I am a Dare FC fighter like Zoro Moreira, so every time Zoro fight in One FC, he’s representing DARE and hopefully on June, I’ll have my chance to represent DARE FC inside the One FC cage. One Fighting Championship is a bigger stage now and I will do my best to showcase my talent for my fans. I won’t be a stepping stone for anybody.

MMAOrient: What are the reasons why you chose to fight here in Asia?

The Game:

Not a lot to say about it. I just love Asia and its people. After couple of holiday trips to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, I decided to move and stay in a country I love. Now I am in Malaysia and I love it here.

MMAOrient: You have a very solid team down there in KL at MuayFit gym. Do tell us something about MuayFit gym and the reasons why you chose to train there instead of training somewhere else in Asia.

The Game:

MuayFit is more than of a training camp, it’s a family. Have a look at our website: We all work together to build better fighters. I will always be greatful and I thank God for bringing me all these amazing fighters as my sparring partners. I really think that if we keep working like we do, we will gonna be on the top 5 Asian MMA team. It’s just a matter of time and dedication.

MMAOrient: What can One FC fans expect from you in the future?

The Game:

I am not the best fighter in the world; I know it and admit it. I always find someone in front of me in the cage with a better boxing level or a better BJJ level than mine. But one thing’s for sure, no human being can break my will.  For you to be able to beat me, you will have to break my arms or kill me. I will never let my family and friends down. My son is all I have. I have more respect for a good father than of a good fighter. Love me or hate me, this is who I am.

MMAOrient: Any people/ sponsors you would like to thank?

The Game:

I would love to thank my sparring partners at MuayFIT who pushes me everyday and try to kill me on the mat (laughs), to Jussi of DARE for bringing me back from hell and put inside a cage (laughs), to God who has given me the best wife and the most handsome son on earth., Paul Teo for being a such good friend to me, and to my sponsors: Aggression Z, to my family, to thosefans who supports me in every fight, Victor Cui for giving me an opportunity to showcase my talent in One Fighting Championship soon. I am really excited to fight in the biggest MMA promotion in Asia.

The Game’s Highlight videos:

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