Team Spotlight: Juggernaut Fight Club

Juggernaut Fight Club Started in May 2011 by Arvind ‘The Juggernaut’ Lalwani.

With over 15 years of Boxing experience, Arvind ‘The Juggernaut’ Lalwani is the head Boxing Coach and Technical Director at Juggernaut Fight Club.

Juggernaut Fight Club Founder:

Having represented Singapore both at Amateur level and earning top honours since 2000, Arvind has gone on to become a household name in the local Boxing fraternity with his appointment as National Coach to the Singapore National Boxing team in 2009 and recently again in 2011. To date, he has trained 55 medal winners in both local and International competitions with 40 Gold-medal holders.

The Juggernaut’s no-nonsense style of training has been developed over the years from his early 2-month training stint in Atlanta Georgia with a former Russian Special Forces Boxing Coach, his own personal experience in the ring as the only Singaporean sparring partner for contestants in Season 4 of ‘The Contender’ and personal fight training regimes developed over his 10-year amateur fight career. In addition, Arvind’s passion for fight sports also saw him cross-training and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Mixed-Martial Arts competitions.

Arvind made his Professional Boxing debut at the 2010 Mettle Games following a 6-week training camp at the world renowned 5th St. Gym in Miami Florida. Coached by Matt Baiamonte and Muhammed Ali’s own trainer Angelo Dundee, Arvind experienced a world-class training programme that inspired him to challenge himself further both in and out of the ring.

2000 National Heavyweight Boxing Champion
2002 Asian Boxing Championships Quarter-Finalist(Super-heavyweight)
2006 Combat Academy Boxing Championships Light-Heavyweight Champion
2000-2006 National boxing team member
2008 Singapore International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Championships Open Weight(2nd place)
2008 All-Styles Martial Arts Heavyweight Champion
2009,2011-present National Boxing Coach

Juggernaut Fight Club is a premier fight training facility that embraces real fitness. Juggernaut tailored programmes will dish out a training menu that you will be able to stomach, building you up physically, and honing you mentally through martial discipline. JFC will not pander nor pamper as they get you fighting fit—the best shape you’ve ever been.

Juggernaut Fight Club international team of specialist trainers, skilled in their various martial disciplines, bring with them a lifetime of experience and knowledge in technical guidance and physical training. With their unquestionable commitment to fitness and fighting excellence, trainees at Juggernaut Fight Club will experience nothing less than the Ultimate Fight Experience.

Juggernaut’s humble beginnings
Long frustrated by the lack of competition opportunities and limitations on training programmes, Head Coach Arvind ‘The Juggernaut’ Lalwani decided to step out on his own and run a Fight Club the way it should be run; as a hard training, competition driven gym where emphasis is placed on the fighter and his or her goal.

Anything less than full commitment hurts desires and stunts dreams which saw a decline in performances from The Juggernaut’s trainees. His own professional fight career had been put on hold for want of opportunity. Politics and commercialism enshrouding the whole scene marred the essence of what fighting means – rising to challenges in pursuit of success. Push then came to shove and The Juggernaut decided to bring fight-sport back to its roots with Juggernaut Fight Club.

With the belief of like-minded supporters, Juggernaut Fight Club was created to right the wrongs of an extreme sports scene considered ‘complicated’. There is nothing complicated here, just a dedication to training and competitive excellence.

Juggernaut’s Affiliates:

JFC’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programme is proudly affiliated with Robson Moura Nova Uniao Jiu-Jitsu Association. Juggernaut Fight Club is the first Robson Moura School Singapore to teach BJJ with Robson Moura’s own philosophy and style where the love of the game and hard work are combined to hone martial excellence.

Hailing from Brazil, Robson Moura is a Seven-time World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion possessing a 4th Degree Black belt in the sport. Widely regarded as one of the best BJJ exponents to have walked the planet, Robson Moura is part of the world renowned ‘Nova Uniao’ team. He has since trained a long line of Black-belt BJJ exponents and World Champions from the Americas, Europe and Asia. Robson Moura is head instructor of his academy in Tampa Florida and also directs two other academies in Brazil. Trainers from his own team of Black-Belts teach and compete in the other elite Martial Arts raining institutions in America.

Juggernaut Fight Club has partnered with Ole ‘Iron Fist’ Laursen’s Legacy Gym from Ubon Ratchathani to bring to our members a most prestigious Muay Thai training programme devised by trainers and fighters who have a whole lifetime of experience behind them.

Owned and run by former Muay Thai World Champion Ole ‘Iron Fist’ Laursen, Legacy Gym boasts a team of world-class trainers based in Ubon, the hometown of many of Thailand’s top fighters. With the guidance of head trainer Ajarn Nimnuan, Ole has progressed on to win the Martial Combat Championship and now shares his experience and expertise with trainees. Everyone is family at Legacy, hungry for success.

*Juggernaut Fight Club are proud to be one of the only fight gym’s in Singapore affiliated with all major local combat association’s such as the Singapore Amateur Boxing Association(SABA), The Wrestling Federation of Singapore(WFS) and the Amateur Muay Thai Association of Singapore(AMAS).

To view Juggernaut Fight Club’s facilities, Click Here.

Top 3 Fighters:

1. Kim ‘The Hulk’ Hock

– National boxer

-National Wrestler

-Won his pro MMA debut at ONE FC 3 against Major Overall

Kim Hock’s Pro MMA debut against Major Overall at One FC 3: War of the Lions


2. Syafiq “The Slaher” Abdul Samad

-First Singaporean to win Asian Muay Thai Championship

-National boxer

*Started training at 15 years old because he got jumped by 14 guys with machetes and survived the attack. The best part was it was mistaken identity.

*Now 18 years old and has more then 20 amateur and 1 pro muay thai fight and soon will be making pro MMA debut at Gods Fighting Championship on April 14.

Siyafiq mma fight:

Asian Muay Thai Fight Video:

3. Eilleen ‘The Predator’ Forrest

-Muay Thai world champion

-Fought Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA

Visit for more information.

Check out Juggernaut on Facebook:


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