Zorobabel Moreira is Evolving from one dimensional to a more complete mixed martial artist

Evolve MMA Fighter Zorobabel Moreira

Zoro outclassed Felipe Enomoto last Saturday night at One FC 3: War of the Lions. His striking has tremendously improved since he joined Evolve MMA in Singapore in 2010. The 2nd degree BJJ practictioner fought like he is a natural muay thai fighter landing some wicked front kicks, elbows and knees to his foe at will.

In fact Zoro can take the fight into the ground if he wanted to, but he is confident in his improved striking which made him more complete and dangerous mixed martial artist.

There are moments where Zoro rocked Felipe and dropped him into the canvass and follows it with some vicious kicks that made the fans cheer for him. The Brazilian also landed a savage foot stomp to Felipe’s face which made the fans to get up on their seats. In the 3rd and final round, Zoro’s teammate and UFC lightweight fighter, Rafael Dos Anjos instructed him to take Felipe down by faking it with a jab. Moreira did what Dos Anjos commanded him, he took Felipe down with ease and worked his way to the side mount position. Moreira submitted Enomoto via arm bar at 1:04 mark of the the 3rd round.

Evolve MMA played a crucial role in Zoro’s much improved mixed martial arts game. With the help of Muay Thai champions training and teaching at Evolve, we will surely see more improvement from Moreira’s game in his future fights.

Zoro is currently an Instructor at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore. He is a Mundials World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with over 18 years of experience.  He has won numerous regional and national titles in Brazil.  He is also a professional MMA fighter with a 6-1 Zoro is a 2nd degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the legendary Carlos Gracie Jr of Gracie Barra.

Zoro and Chatri on ESPN “SportCenter Asia”

Zoro Vs. Andy Wang (One FC 1) Fight Video Part 1

Part 2

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