DARE’s statement on getting banned in Thailand

Welcome to Thailand

DARE is doing great in their previous events and grown tremendously in popularity in Thailand. They are showcasing numerous exciting fights and fighters, but this past weekend has been a nightmare for DARE.

The government of Thailand banned the Bangkok based mma promotion which is the first organization to use the octagonal cage that is now MMA’s trademark. There are no clear reasons why the Thai government banned the promotion but there are speculations that  one of the main reasons why they prohibited DARE (or mixed martial arts in general) is to preserve their cultural heritage or in other words, they are protecting the national sport of Thailand which is Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is kind of popular fifteen years ago, but we must admit that some of us don’t have any idea what muay thai is until mixed martial burst into the scene. MMA encouraged us to know more about different martial arts discipline such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, catch wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, etc.

Is the Thai government frightened about DARE because it is gaining tons of popularity in Thailand and it can really be a big threat to their national sport? I honestly do think so, yes. Because if you look at the bigger picture, many Thai fighters are getting hooked into mma and in fact, most of them are Muay Thai world champions who, because of poverty, are encouraged to work overseas and teaches muay thai in several foreign mma gyms. As I have observed, those who do best in mma are those fighters who has a very good muay thai background. Muay Thai is very essential into the sport of mixed martial arts because it is proven to be very effective.

I think if the Thai government will support mixed martial arts in its own country, we will definitely see loads of Thai mma world champions in the future.

Here is DARE’s statement about getting banned in Thailand:

The ban on DARE by the Sports Authority of Thailand was obviously a big surprise for the rapidly growing martial arts community of Thailand.

What ever the reasons behind the ban might actually be, it turned out to be the greatest expansion opportunity for DARE as we have since received numerous new invitations, partnership requests and business proposals from all directions.

We are rollin!


As one of the safest and fastest growing combat sports in the world, once more audience and officials are being educated about Mixed Martial Arts it is inevitable that MMA will grown into a mainstream sport. Wether the events are held here in the Kingdom or not.

Rathti Thitidonpipat


Dare Fight Sports

So what will happen to those fighters who already advanced to the One Million Dollar Prize tournament?

Stay tuned for the latest updates guys.

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