MMAOrient interviews TUF Veteran and ONE FC 3 Fighter, Richie “Hell Boy” Whitson

Richie Whitson. MMA Record: 11-2-0

Richie “Hellboy Hunter” Whitson (born February 11, 1986) is an American professional mixed martial artist training out of Team Quest. He stands 5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm) tall and fights in the lightweight division (155 lbs.).

Whitson is a  former lightweight contestant on The Ultimate Fighter: United States Vs. United Kingdom.

TUF 9: Team USA

Richie Whitson made his professional mixed martial arts debut at the Alaskan Fighting Championship on March 7, 2007. He defeated his opponent, Joe Degroff via rear naked choke in 2:48 of round 1.

Just over a year later, Whitson returned to the ring defeating Jesse Kueber via majority decision after two rounds.

Whitson followed that victory with two TKO victories in May of 2008 over Schon Ellis and Ray Cooper.

In late 2008, Whitson was selected as a lightweight contestant for the ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter, The Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom. He earned his spot in the TUF mansion with a rear naked choke submission win over Dan Jamesin 3:11 of round 1.

Whitson was eliminated in the quarter final stage of the competition when he was submitted with an armbar by Ross Pearson in the first round who later became one of the season’s Ultimate Fighters.

Life must go on for Whitson who continued fighting after his unsuccessful run in the TUF show. He fought Emiliano Vatti on July of 2009 winning the fight via submission (rear-naked-choke) in the very first round. Since then, Whitson has won six of his eight fights, four via stoppages and two by way of decisions which made him one of the best fighters in his division.

Whitson Vs. Vatti fight video

He now looks to bounce back from his MFC 31 submission loss at the hands of Kajan Johnson by taking on a very good striker in Danny van Bergen in One FC 3: War of the Lions happening on March 31, 2012 in Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore.

MMAOrient: For those fight fans who will be seeing you fight for the first time on March 31st in Singapore, could you tell us a bit about yourself?


My name is richie whitson. I’m a 26 year-old professional mixed martial artist that trains out of Team quest in Temecula, California. Originally from Sitka, Alaska. My Professional record is 11 wins with 2 losses.

MMAOrient: Tell us the history behind your moniker “Hell Boy”.


A friend gave me the nick name because of my fighting style and because of how red I am. I have red hair and my skin turns red very easily so it was a fitting nick name that just stuck.

MMAOrient: This will be your first ever mma fight in Asia. Do you think Asian MMA is tougher than Western MMA, if so, why?


I wouldn’t say that it is tougher. I think there is tough people all over the world. No matter where you go to fight in mixed martial arts its gonna be tough and if you’re gonna fight you better always be ready for tough fights.

MMAOrient: I wouldn’t say that it is tougher. I think there is tough people all over the world. No matter where you go to fight in mixed martial arts its gonna be tough and if you’re gonna fight you better always be ready for tough fights


He is a Dutch fighter that seems pretty well rounded and seems like he always comes to fight. I don’t know a hole lot about him, but I know he is tough and just like every fight I need to be ready for a tough fight.

MMAOrient: Can you tell us something about your preparations going to this fight against van Bergen?


For this fight with van Bergen I have been doing my training camp with Evolve fight team right here in Singapore. My manager Heath Sims, a former co-owner of Team Quest is living here in Singapore working with Evolve so I thought it would be a great opportunity 
to get some different training with a great fight team and also get acclimated to my surrounding before the fight.

Richie Whitson trains at Evolve MMA in Singapore.

MMAOrient: Do you see and flaws in Van Bergen’s game?


Yes, just like everybody he has flaws and strengths. I have to make sure I play more to my strengths and to his weaknesses.

MMAOrient: What do you think will be your biggest advantage over him?


I think I’m a little better everywhere. I think I will have to feel it out during the fight to see where I can take advantage the most as the fight is happening.

MMAOrient: What do you think will be the key factor for your victory against van Bergen?


I think putting a pace on him that he isn’t used to and being better then him in all areas.

MMAOrient: You are training at Team Quest in Temecula, California with with Dan Henderson and Tarec Saffiedine.What is it like for you to be a part of a such a great team?


I have alot of great team mates and its been a honor to train with those guys.

MMAOrient: Could you tell us more about Team Quest’s Fighters program and how it has elevated your averall game?


Just like most other gyms, we practice all the disciplines of mixed martial arts and we have great trainers and great training partners and when you have that you’re gonna get better. It’s a great team.

MMAOrient: How has being with Team Quest changed you as a person and as a fighter?


I’m the same person I was when I got to Team Quest just a better fighter. I’ve picked up alot of skills in all areas of fighting that I didn’t have when I got there.

MMAOrient: What’s your ultimate goal in your fighting career?


Like most people that fight I would like to be a UFC champion. That is the ultimate goal, but for now my goal is to win my next fight.

MMAOrient: If you were not a pro fighter, what do you think you will be doing for a living?


Before I started fighting I was a commercial fisherman in Alaska so I would probably still be doing that.

MMAOrient: We all know that all fighter have a busy schedule but for sure there are things you love outside the gym and cage. What does Richie Whitson do in his free time?


I like hanging out outside doing things like hiking, running, or skateboarding. When i’m not being active I like to hang out with friends and family or watch documentaries.

MMAOrient: What’s your favorite Submission/Strike to use in any fight?


I don’t have a favorite. I like the move that wins the fight, be it strike or submission.

MMAOrient: Who is your biggest inspiration?


I wouldn’t say I have a biggest inspiration.

MMAOrient: If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?


I don’t have a particular person i would want to beat up. My dream fight would be fighting anybody for the UFC championship.

MMAOrient: What can your fans expect from you March 31st?


If people have watched other fights of mine before then they should know that I get myself in alot of all out wars in the cage and so that should be something to look out for.

MMAOrient: Any message to van Bergen?


No message till fight time.

MMAOrient: Any people/sponsors you would like to thank?


I would like to thank Evolve for letting me do my training camp at their gym. I would like to thank Team Quest, Clinch Gear and always my parents and the rest of my friends and family that are always there for me win or lose.

Whitson’s MFC 28 Fight Video

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