Team Spotlight: Full Contact International (FCI)

Founder: Ed Dames

Year Founded: 2012

Full Contact International is an events and fight promotions company founded by advertising veteran Ed Dames (who spent over 20 years as creative and events director of Basic Advertising, McCann-Erickson and Leo Burnett).

FCI’s corporate vision is to discover, train and promote the best Filipino MMA artists for international competitions. It maintains a pool of proven fighters from all over the country who are given extensive training in striking (boxing, Wushu, Muaythai) and grappling (Brazilian Jiujitsu, Greco and Freestyle Wrestling) plus special workshops in Core Conditioning plus handling interviews and cinematic fighting. “The idea is to prepare them not just to become champion fighters but as total fight entertainers and product endorsers.” FCI will launch its own events this year featuring both local and international fights.

FCI Fighters:

1. Agustin “Tamasak” Delarmino, Jr.

  • Legend 7 winner (KO in 42 sec, Rd 1) over Sung Ming Yen
  • “Best of the Best” Champion 2011
  • URCC Superfight Champion (2011)
  • URCC Visayas Champion (2011)

He will be featured in Legend 8 (Jakarta, March 30) Vs. Jo Nam Jin.

2. Leonard “The One” Delarmino

  • Muay Thai and Wushu veteran
He will be fighting in Legend 8 (Jakarta, March 30) Vs. Wu Chengjie.

3. Adamson “Lapu Lapu” Torbiso

4. Richie Redman

5. Ruel Catalan

6. Philip Delarmino

7. Razzi “The Crazy Iranian” Jabbari

8. Robin Catalan

9. Ereneo “Toro” Galindez

10. Emmanue “The Animal” Sabrine

12. Richard “The Flash” Sabrine

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