ONE FC 2: Gustavo Falciroli all set to win his biggest fight to date

Gustavo Falciroli is a second degree BJJ black belt with a 11-3-2 record who has never been stopped in his MMA career. He is the CFC bantamweight champion and the number one ranked 135 lbs fighter in Australia.

With only 11 hours to go until his fight with Korean prodigy Soo Chul Kim at ONE Fighting Championship ‘Battle of Heroes’ he was in the process of recovering from a successful 20 lb weight cut when he answered these questions.

How are you finding Jakarta?

I haven’t really been out but the hotel is good because I have a swimming pool and a sauna, it’s everything you need, you don’t want to have to leave the hotel to lose the weight and get food. Here I don’t have to worry about anything.

How are you feeling?

My whole preparation is done, that’s all you can do, just prepare yourself to put on a show and I have done that. It’s a different show, a different crowd, a different experience and it’s the first time my friends and family are going to be watching me live so it’s a big pressure. I have never fought on a show which has been streamed or shown live.

Knowing so many people are going to be watching and that it’s going to be on ESPN does make me nervous but that’s before the fight, once you get in the cage it all goes away and the fun starts.

What are your thoughts on your opponent Soo Chul Kim?

I don’t care about my opponent, he’s a professional and I’m a professional, we are both here to do a job, but I don’t care about him. All I need to worry about is my performance, all I need to do is perform well and do my best and you can be sure I am going to do that.

Will you be looking to use your BJJ and maybe go after that submission of the night bonus?

I don’t just want to take the fight to the floor I am looking to use all my skills because the better show I put on the more opportunities I will have in the future. I am confident in my stand up, I’m an MMA fighter so I’m confident everywhere if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be fighting.

I don’t think about winning bonuses I just want to put on a good fight but you can’t go in thinking ‘I am going to get the ko of the night or the submission of the night’. The last fight I lost I was wanting to knock him out and I believed I could knock him out and that sapped my energy because it wasn’t my natural game and I tired myself out and ended up losing the fight.

If it comes, the submission, the knockout whatever… it comes natural. If you think about money you will lose the fight, you fight for your family, friends, supporters, the public, yourself, if you fight for the money you shouldn’t be there. It’s just a consequence of success.

You lost to UFC lightweight Bernardo Magalhaes very early in your career. Can you tell us about that fight?

The only reason i was fighting at 155 at the time is that there weren’t many Austrlians who would go below so I couldn’t find opponents at 62 or 66 and I was just beginning so it was pretty hard to find fights.

My fight with Bernard was the first time I fought three rounds and I was pretty much a BJJ guy.  I couldn’t really understand MMA and I fought too much from bottom position. He took me down and I didn’t worry about it too much but he won the fight because of it. Even though one of the judges scored it a draw I think he won that fight. His strategy was better than mine, he did a good job and he won. You can’t live for the judges, if you lose, you go home and train more and win the next.

A lot of Australian fighters like Magalhaes are being signed up by the UFC, is that something you think about?

I just want to keep training and improving my skills, if we get to the day of the fight and the other guy beats my best then he has done his job properly, he’s the winner. My focus is just to be a good fighter, it doesn’t matter who I am fighting with.

if you are going to get in the UFC it will come naturally but ONE FC is a big show and I am happy to be with ONE FC but if the UFC comes it would be difficult to say no. All I can do as a fighter is train and try to improve and if it happens it will happen naturally as a result of my improvement. The opportunity is not going to just drop down on me though, I have to keep winning.

I just moved to Melbourne after living in Perth for four years  and the UFC can’t even come there because MMA is legal in Melbourne but only in a ring not a cage. It’s a shame but what can you do? I’m not a politician.


ONE Fighting Championship ‘Battle of Heroes’ is scheduled to get underway at 7:30pm local time (GMT + 7:00). MMA fans can catch the action online via live streaming on the following websites;

Under card is available for viewing free of charge.

Main card is available for pay-per-view at just US$9.99

Main card

Ole Laursen vs Felipe Enomoto

Honorio “The Rock” Banario vs Bae Young Kwon

Rustam Khabilov vs Rodrigo “Ximbica” Ribeiro

Gustavo Falciroli vs Soo Chul Kim

Rolles Gracie vs Bob Sapp


Victorio Senduk vs. Raymond Tiew

Alex Silva vs. Geje Eustaquio

Irshaad Sayed vs. Jessie Rafols

Ngabdi Mulyadi vs. Peter Davis

Zuli Silawanto vs. Agus Nanang

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