Honorio Banario to Bae Yong Kwon: “He is tough but I am tougher than him and it is impossible for him to have trained harder than me.”

Honorio Banario (6-0-0) is a Filipino mixed martial artist. He is a Wushu fighter and the reigning lightweight champion of the URCC, the biggest MMA promotion in the Philippines. He is a member of Team Lakay Wushu in Baguio City where he trains with fellow URCC champions Kevin Belingon, Eduard Folayang and Roy Docyogen and has a perfect record of 6-0.

Tomorrow night, Banario will be facing his toughest opponent to date in Bae Yong Kwon for the co-main event of ONE FC 2: “Battle of Heroes”.

Considered as one of the top lightweight prospects in Asia, Honorio Banario is dropping down to featherweight division for his ONE FC debut against the no. 3 ranked featherweight fighter of South Korea.

MMAOrient:Bae Young Kwon says he is the best fighter you have ever faced, do you agree with that?

Banario: Maybe yes because he is one of the best featherweights in Korea but it doesn’t bother me.

MMAOrient: He says he has trained more and wants to win more, what do you think?

Banario: He is tough but I am tougher than him and it is impossible for him to have trained harder than me.

MMAOrient: You have never fought at featherweight before, how do you think you will do?

Banario: I feel ok, I am very confident I can win the fight, I think probably KO or decision but if he gives me the chance I will submit him.

MMAOrient: Do you think your future is fighting at featherweight?

Banario: I will see if I am good at this weight for now. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

MMAOrient: How do you feel about fighting outside of the Philippines for the first time?

Banario: I am very, very excited and I know a lot of people will be watching in the Philippines and will be watching on ESPN and I want to show that my skill is improving.

MMAOrient: You stepped in to replace another Filipino featherweight, Eric Kelly. Would you be willing to fight him?

Banario: It is up to my coach and up to One FC. If they want it to happen and my coach Mark Sangiao is ok with it then why not.

MMAOrient: Do you have a gameplan?

Banario: My plan is to stay standing but if I hurt him maybe I will take him down afterwards. I am confident in my Wushu and my striking is better than his. He is a good fighter, good on the ground but I am not scared of his power because I saw one of his fights and his opponent overpowered him. I plan to do the same thing and I can fight for three rounds no problem. If the fight goes into the third round I will have a big advantage.

MMAOrient: Are you proud to represent the Philippines in an international competition?

Banario: I am very happy and very proud but I don’t feel any pressure. I am relaxed and confident and looking forward to fighting in the cage for the first time.

ONE Fighting Championship ‘Battle of Heroes’ is scheduled to get underway at 7:30pm local time (GMT + 7:00).. MMA fans can catch the action online via live streaming on the following websites;




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