Bae Yong Kwon to Honorio Banario: “Not only am I going to hand him the first loss of his career but I’m going to make it unforgettable.”

Filipino fighter Honorio Banario is making his featherweight debut at ONE Fighting Championship ‘Battle of Heroes’ in Jakarta this Saturday night and is up against top ranked Korean Bae Young Kwon.

His opponent had some choice words for the reigning URCC Ligthweight Champion. He is not impressed by the training at Team Lakay and is promising the Filipino fighter it will be a short night:

“Not only am I going to hand him the first loss of his career but I’m going to make it unforgettable.  I will be the strongest fighter Banario has ever fought against; he has never fought anyone like me before.”

Kwon is coming off a win against another highly rated Korean, the previously unbeaten Brian Choi but says that he was very disappointed with his performance in that decision win at Road FC 5 last December,

“Brian Choi is a good fighter but I am very disappointed that I could not knock him out. I wanted to finish him with strikes or a submission but he only wanted to wrestle with me, I think he was afraid of my power. I am happy I won but I am not proud of that fight at all because it went to a decision. I want to finish fights.”

Kwon claims he does not know much about Banario as a fighter but watched his Team Lakay team mate Eduard Folayang win at ONE FC 1 and believes his next opponent will have a similar style,

“I saw Eduard Folayang’s fight with A Sol Kwon and I expect Banario to have a similar style because they are team mates but I think Folayang is a bit more powerful. People can talk about Team Lakay and how they have amazing stamina but I am not impressed by that, at Team Posse we train harder than they do and I am better prepared than Banario and want the win more.”

Eric Kelly was the original opponent but he had to withdraw from the fight something which Kwon says didn’t bother him at all, although he did express a willingness to face Kelly in a future One FC show. For the time being he is fully focused on Banario and issued the following warning,

“I love the feeling of hurting an opponent with my punches and kicks and that’s exactly how I expect to be feeling on Saturday night. I am going for the knockout and my message to Honorio Banario is this, ‘please keep the fight standing so we can put on a show for the fans.’  I have prepared for every sort of fight though, standing or on the floor it doesn’t matter, I will beat him.

Here’s a proof of Kwon’s power:

Kwon was delighted to get the call up to come and compete on Asia’s biggest mixed martial arts show and is determined to put on a display which will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience at the BritAma Arena,

“I know that there hasn’t been a show in Indonesia for a long time and I want to show the crowd what MMA is all about by knocking my opponent out and putting on a performance to remember. I want to show that Korean fighters are the best in the world.”

ONE Fighting Championship ‘Battle of Heroes’ is scheduled to get underway at 7:30pm local time (GMT + 7:00).. MMA fans can catch the action online via live streaming on the following websites;

Under card is available for viewing free of charge.

Main card is available for pay-per-view at just US$9.99


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